123Movies.is Rebrands As ‘GoMovies.to’

123Movies.is Rebrands As ‘GoMovies.to’
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Since the early twentieth-century moving pictures have brought us an incalculable amount of enjoyment.  From the beginning, they have allowed us to view an incredible amount new and exciting perspectives and events.  With the dawn of networking and the expansive reach of the internet, it is now possible for us to have all of that history and innovation at our fingertips.  As with most services, this normally comes at a cost.  With the predominance of paid subscriptions, such as Netflix and Amazon, being the general norm many people have accepted this cost as an acceptable one.  There are however alternatives, 123movies.is is a free service that offers up the latest in TV and Movies, along with an extensive library of older films and series.

By simply logging on to 123movies.is their complete library is available, at no charge.  With well over ten thousand titles to choose from it is easy to find an exciting solution for your viewing pleasure.  Old time classics are intermingled with the latest releases, and little known independent films are joined by the biggest blockbusters.  Populated with a wide variety of television series, from the latest Walking Dead episodes to eternal masterpieces like The Twilight Zone, the massive assortment of entertainment is truly impressive.  Interspersed with the largest box office draws and most popular series are hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

123movies.is – Watch free movies online

Every fan of movies needs a go-to website for their fix of great movies. Today, there are thousands of potential websites which could become your prized website. On the other hand, there are also thousands of free movie sites which are unreliable, virus-filled and just not up to standard. Today, in this post I have laid out for you the great website that is 123Movies. This website is currently one of the best (if not the best) websites for free online movies. With new movies added to the site on a daily basis, this site has much to offer. It is also one of the most user-friendly websites you will find on the net.

Without much further talk, here’s the important, in-depth analysis of 123Movies. I have included all aspects of the website, including both the positives and the negatives.

Site: https://123movies.is/

The internet is rife with free movie streaming websites – some of which are better than others. With a super-abundance of free movie websites, you can find anything from websites which are reliable cornucopias of free movies to sites which can financially rob, infect and ultimately ruin your computer. In other words, finding a decent free movies site is sometimes a tricky business. However, the internet does pump out some dependable sources. In this case, along came 123Movies and all seemed right in the online world. People from all over could enjoy (and did take full advantage) of the free movie streaming services provided by this website. 123Movies.com quickly became a popular choice and a solid favourite for many people. But, of course, good things just never seem to last.

Recently, 123Movies has suffered the same fate as many other free movie streaming sites. The site was shut down after crumbling under piracy allegations. Following its close, many imitators popped up in its place – malicious imitators. However, with so much devoted fans of the site left without a go-to movie streaming site, it was only a matter of time before 123Movies resurrected itself. And here’s the news – 123Movies has indeed returned in the form of ‘GoMovies’.

The new form, GoMovies, aims to replicate the previous glory achieved online with the famous 123 sites. Furthermore, the new reboot intends to eliminate the aforementioned malicious imitators who dragged the website’s name down after its official closing. It’s good news for fans of free movies, but it can be extremely difficult not only to keep a solid reputation online but to actually remain online unphased by the law, considering how tough the law can be on pirate sites these days. The website operators are hopeful to rise as high as they once did, but to do so, the necessary precautions are being taken.

Why the Name Change and What Will Happen To the Old Domain Names?

The previous name was well-recognised, so why have the people behind the website decided on a name change? It seems that the operators thought the name had grown stale. With a new name at the front of a new website, the operators are enjoying a lease of new life. In addition, the operators wanted to distance their website from the old domain name due to the many imitators. In other words, with so many false (and dangerous) 123 movie websites, it seemed reckless for the operators to return to their old name.

However, that doesn’t mean that the old domain names are being simply left out there in the realms of the net. The website operators of GoMovies have instead decided to link the old domain names to the new website. In quick time, previous domain names such as the .to and .is websites are now directing users to the new GoMovies website. With this, many users may not even realise that the previous website had shut down. It’s business as usual with this free movie streaming website at the moment, with little or no trace of the website ever being closed.

However, the operators believe that they may be comfortable only for a short time. It is expected that they may have to change domain name yet again in the near future.

What Does This New Site Look and Feel Like?

As the previous website was undoubtedly one of the most popular free movie streaming websites, users are feeling sceptical towards the new look and feel of GoMovies. However, GoMovies has managed to maintain much of the 123Movies spirit. In fact, in many regards, it is practically the same site. GoMovies has kept much of the parts and information which were part of the previous site. This way, dedicated users are essentially receiving the old website, only with a hint of the new. If anything, GoMovies may very well be an improvement of the previous site. If all goes to plan, this new website may indeed rise higher than the previous success. Ultimately, there is nothing much to worry about regarding the nature of this new site.

Already Facing Malicious Competition

It has only been a matter of days since the online creation of GoMovies. Nonetheless, it is reported that there are already GoMovie imitators arising. Just like the previous website and its success, other sites are leeching from the rising success that GoMovies seems to hold. In a predictable move, many of the 123 imitators have since changed their domain names to GoMovies-related titles.

The Law Is Never Far Away

Hundreds, perhaps thousands of free movie streaming websites are created by the day, and likewise, just as many are shut down due to copyright infringements. It’s a tough world for online movies, and GoMovies is no exception to this crackdown on copyright. Since GoMovies’s creation, copyright holders have already placed the site under their radars. Naturally, due to the site’s previous success, GoMovies will quickly become the one to be watched. Furthermore, the site is allegedly already blocked by UK ISPs. The US Government’s Trade Representative also deemed the site and its peers as one of the most ‘notorious’ online piracy markets. Lastly, the US ambassador to Vietnam has called for action on the website operators, who allegedly live in Vietnam.

Welcome To A World Of Free Cinema: Is 123Movies That Good?

No complications or sign-ups, hidden fees or scams, there are many great things to say about the website. Here are a few of the big things worth mentioning:

  • Usability

First of all, 123Movies poses no problems in the way of usability. I firmly believe that anyone can get the hang of using this website within seconds. The homepage is laid out nice and clearly, with subheadings to allow smooth and specific navigation. You can choose to browse the many genres – action, sport, romance, history, to name a few – or browse by country and IMDb ratings. Furthermore, if you want to view all that this great site has to offer, dip into the A-Z List.

In the expansive A-Z list, the movies are laid out quite clearly. There are thumbnails/icons, year, quality status (often HD), country, genre, and the official ratings from the IMDb website. Besides this great amount of valuable information, there are also great amounts of free movies. To be more specific, there are 26 different sections here (being an A-Z list) with many separate pages for each letter. In other words, there are thousands of movies on the 123Movies website for you to browse through.

On the homepage, you can browse the featured movies section which is regularly updated. Here you will find many new, Hollywood blockbuster releases. Also, there is the ‘latest movies’ section, the ‘requested movies’ section, and finally the ‘latest TV-series’ section, which leads me onto my next point of mention …

  • Not Just Movies! (despite what the title suggests)

It’s quite straight-forward, 123Movies also offers a plethora of free TV-series. To find the TV goodies, you can use the simple way – the website search bar – or browse the latest TV-series section on the homepage, or click the TV-series heading. Just to count and let you know, there are 114 pages of TV series on offer. There are 40 TV shows per page. That makes a total of around 4,560 separate TV shows for you to choose from. That number is more TV than any one person can watch. Furthermore, each TV show has an icon which tells you of how many episodes are currently available. You will also be able to find many of the best and most recent TV series with 123Movies. Ultimately, this website offers you the best of both visual worlds – both great cinema and amazing TV.

  • Are There Any Limits On How Much I Can Watch?

Quite simply, no, there are no limits as to how many movies you can consume with 123Movies. There are no sign-ups or secret fees for your movies here. Simply choose your movie, sit back and relax. Ultimately, if you want to watch dozens of movies or TV series on a regular basis, there’s nobody here to stop you from doing so.

  • Are There Any Special/Additional Features Worth Knowing About?

One of my favourite features on this website is the ‘begin from where you left off’ feature. What this feature does is it allows you to recommence from exactly where you stopped watching. Say, for example, you started to watch a movie, but you fall asleep within 15 minutes and go to sleep. The next day, you want to finish that movie, but you want to begin from where you quit. Fortunately, 123Movies will keep track of the precise moment you quit, saving you time and effort.

Also, 123Movies makes it quite clear as to what quality a video is. Each and every icon will have either an HD, CAM or SD icon attached to it. We all know what HD means, but CAM means the video has been recorded by camcorder, and SD means it’s a Standard Definition video. Standard Definition, it goes without saying, is not quite as good as HD. Overall, most of the videos on this website, TV series or movie, are available in HD.

Another interesting characteristic on the 123Movies website is the latest news feature box. Here, you can find a lot of interesting and valuable news on all the happenings in cinema and TV. This feature box is easily found on the homepage. You can also request movies on the ‘request’ page, and these movies can be seen on the requested section on the homepage. Lastly, if you want to explore free music, 123Movies offers a link to their musically-equivalent website on the homepage headings.

History and The Struggle 123movies.Is Faced to Reach This Level

With many of the offerings in HD viewing the latest releases is vivid and captivating.  Adjustable picture quality also allows for continuous streaming without annoying lags and buffering.  For the most recent offered on CAM, there is no need to wait for the open distribution of the hottest releases.

Keeping up with the latest amusements is only a click away with 123movies.is news feed.  With the most current topics explored, and hottest issues reported, it is informative and enjoyable to stay up to date on the current news in the entertainment world.  From what to look for in the upcoming future to the latest reviews this is a simple and effective tool in understanding the prevailing trends.

All of this is, of course, available through different services.  The multitude of paid subscriptions offer many of these same services and are widely available.  These sites, however, come with considerable cost.  Whether purchasing on a pay per view basis or a recurring payment, the price can quickly add up.

A common issue with many of these free websites is the risk and inherent danger of malignant programming.  With 123movies.is this is not a problem, as a hosting service the feeds are streamed through private servers, largely eliminating the risk of malware affecting your system.

Made possible by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the DMCA amended Title 17 of the United States Code to extend the reach of copyright, while limiting the liability of the providers of online services for copyright infringement by their users.  The service is completely legal for viewing and downloading content.  123movies.is diligently upholds copyright laws and actively protects copyright owners.

There is only one minor caveat.  The site must obviously have a revenue source, as there is no charge for viewing, the service utilises paid advertising to subsidise the cost.  Understandably necessary,  the promotions are timely and relevant, and unlike many of these free services are not overly domineering.  Useful ads and promotions are quick and unobtrusive, with many being incredibly beneficial.

Final Words

It’s not going to be an easy road for the people at GoMovies. Of course, this is not news to such experienced website operators. Given the information on the law and their grip on piracy, GoMovies may enjoy success, but for how long that success will last, is questionable.

As for the actual site, GoMovies is essentially 123Movies reborn, a twin of the previous online movie streaming giant. There shouldn’t be many complications regarding the use of the site. Furthermore, the site pledges to deliver the same quality as it did before, whilst keeping things importantly free. For the users, it will be wise to be wary of imitators of the site. Given the plans for GoMovies to potentially change its domain name, this may be tricky.


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