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The ways in which we listen to and buy our music has changed forever since the dawn of the internet. These days, with a device and an internet connection, you can have a whole album at your fingertips within seconds, without leaving house or dipping into your wallet. It’s amazing to see how much things have changed, and today, we have thousands of free music download sites to be accessed with a click of a few buttons. On focus, today is the free mp3 downloading and streaming website, 123Music ( This website has been dishing out free music for quite some time, drawing in thousands (and perhaps millions) of music lovers online. As far as appearances go, the site has one of the most attractive displays and features than most other free mp3 sites. It is also easy to use, meaning you can get the hang of it quickly.

One interesting characteristic of this site is the fact that it does not “store any files on its server”. All of the music files featured on this website are provided by “non-affiliated third-party websites”. If you are interested in the lawful practice of this site, 123Music isn’t breaking any rules, nor will you by visiting the site. In regards to the tonnes of great free music on this site, 123Music draws them in from all over the internet. This means you can now practically surf the hundreds of mp3 download sites and all their material under one domain. It goes without saying that this will save you a lot of time and effort.

Now that we have a fair idea of the 123Music website let’s get a closer look. The following is a thorough review of the website and what it can do for you. We have highlighted all the best features and the negative aspects (if any), which should hopefully answer any questions you have regarding the website.

Do I Have To Sign Up To Use This Site?

There is the option to sign up to the website (which is free), but you can nonetheless do a lot without an account. With no account, you can stream and download the music. On the other hand, by signing up to the site, the site states “When becoming members of the site, you could use the full range of functions and enjoy the most exciting music”. These additional features include creating online playlists and liking music. The choice is entirely yours.

Will Anything On This Site Cost Me Money?

With free registration and the free downloading and streaming of music, I don’t see any price tags on anything here. This website claims to be all free, and at some point should anything cost you money; you have every right to be suspicious.

What Kind Of Music Is Offered To Me On This Site?

123Music has one of the largest online music libraries on the net. The site mostly offers the best of the most recent, but you can also find some older classics if that’s what you’re into. As for the recent hits, you will find all the big tracks fresh off or currently still on the charts. You will also find the most popular artists’ albums. On the website’s headings, you will find the genre section, as well as the billboard, album and artists sections. To list a few of the featured genres, you can browse country, indie, blues/jazz, rap/hip hop, folk, pop, rock, soul, electronic/dance, instrumental, and more. On the billboard section, you will find the top song, top artists and top albums. There is also a request section for you to request music which isn’t featured on the site.

All things considered, you will find almost anything on this online musical library. From Beethoven to this weeks no.1 on the charts, you should find what you’re looking for with 123Music.

How Do I Download An MP3 File?

Downloading with this website is very straight forward. Once you have found a track that would like to download, you will see a few options on the streaming feature. One of these is a download option displayed as an icon (a downward pointing arrow). With a click on this button, you will be asked whether to download this MP3 in high definition or a lower definition. Once chosen, your download will then begin on your browser. It’s all as simple as a click or two.

Does the Site Offer More Than Just Music?

Besides the abundance of MP3 tracks ready to be streamed and downloaded, you can also find a news section, as well as a wide array of information on albums, tracks and artists. In the news section, you will find all the latest articles on some of the most popular musicians all over the world.

What Are The Best Features On the Site?

The overall simplicity of this website is paramount to its success. You can track down a song and have it played within seconds. Furthermore, downloading the track will take just a short period. Besides the ease of use, the plethora of information on tracks featured on this site is worth mentioning. Another thing worth mentioning is the billboard top 10 section, which displays the top 10 tracks, and another table for the top albums, today, this week, and this month. You can also browse new songs and hot songs on the homepage, and this section is regularly updated. There is also a strange and unique feature on the streaming page. This enables you to add bird sounds, rain sounds, waves sounds, and more, for that atmospheric feel.

Are There Any Negative Aspects Regarding the Site?

After a thorough scan of the site, I haven’t found much wrong with it. There are no pop-ups or irritating ads. Ultimately, this great site is clean.

Closing Remarks

123Music may very well be in the top 10 most popular music streaming and downloading websites. Considering this, I would also advise you to consider using it. Make it your one-stop place for all your music today!

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