4Shared and Its Millions of Free Files Prove That Sharing Is Certainly Caring

4Shared and Its Millions of Free Files Prove That Sharing Is Certainly Caring
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4Shared, in its most basic form, is a free file sharing and storage website. Millions of people use this site on a daily basis to upload and store large amounts of personal items. Entire gigabytes of files are uploaded by the minute, making 4Shared easily one of the most popular files storing sites on the entire web. Next, to similar websites like Google Drive and Dropbox, 4Shared stands tall amongst the pack, boasting of its millions of followers.

One of the best things about this site is the wide array of files which are being shared. With 4Shared and the tonnes of free files floating around its gigantic storage space, you can find pretty much any desired file. For example, millions of people will flock to this site for free music files, videos and images. Ultimately, this website harbours a universe of free files, free for anyone to pop in and grab a new song, popular video, and more. So, whether it’s uploading or downloading, this site is sure to have something for you.

The following is a complete review of the 4Shared website. I have scanned the entire site, highlighting all the features and picking out all the good and bad things (if any). Furthermore, I have also included some information. So, let’s get reading!

Do I Have To Sign Up To Use the Site?

When it comes to both uploading and downloading from this website, signing up is mandatory. Don’t worry though, for signing up is free and easy, taking only a matter of seconds to complete. There is no ask of personal details other than an email address, meaning registration with this site is hassle-free. Shortly after creating this free account, you will have to verify the account via email which, again, will only take a few seconds.

What Files Can I Find On the Site?

As mentioned above, this site harbours almost anything your device desires. On entering the site, you will find options to search for either: music, videos, apps, pictures, books, or all files. With a simple click, you will enter the 4Shared area, in which millions of files are available for browsing and downloading. Alternatively, if you have something already in mind, just use the website’s large search bar. Down below, you will also discover what’s trending in music, apps, videos, and so forth.

How Do I Download Files?

First, make sure you have created an account. Files cannot be uploaded onto or downloaded from the site without a free account. Once you have selected a file you want, you will be given many options, such as the options to share (via social media), add to a playlist, embed on a website, and finally, download. You can download the file in a few ways, by either a direct download from the site or via your desktop program. To download via the program, you will have to, of course, download the software onto your computer. There are links to this software within site, so if this is something you’d like to pursue, this site has you covered.

Do I Have To Pay To Download Files?

As you may have already gathered, everything on this site is completely free. No file uploaded on this site will, in turn, cost you money to download. Each and every file on this site has been uploaded with the intent of free sharing, making it thus legal and completely free. Also, the account and the software (if you choose to download it) is also free. All of this is precisely why this site is the popular website it is today.

What Are the Best Features About the Site?

What strikes me most about the website is how easy it is to use and find things. Within a few seconds, I had all the options at my fingertips. Navigation of this site couldn’t be more simple, thus making it a great site in which to go hunting for free files. Furthermore, the range of files on this site is excellent. Besides the obvious files like music and videos, you will also find free book files and software programs.

You can sort your search by choosing the most viewed files (from this month or all time), the largest or smallest files, name from A-Z or Z-A, and by most recently uploaded files. Also, and the icing on the cake is that it is all free.

Are There Any Negatives Regarding the Site?

Honestly, there isn’t much to argue with here on this site. Besides a few pop-ups, this is a website that should be used by all. I found no major faults with the site, thus making the overall experience very positive. If you enjoy using the site, you should also check out the app, which I will now talk about briefly below.

Get the App!

Like many great websites, there is an app to accompany the site. In fact, the 4Shared app is one of the most downloaded and highest rated apps out there. With the app, you can do pretty much everything the website offers. You can upload all of your files from your phone onto your storage cloud within a few seconds, all for free! Furthermore, you can also download music, video, image files and more directly onto your phone with this app. According to the Google Play website, the app currently holds an overall score of 4.3 out of 5 stars based on more than 4 and a half million reviews. Visit the app store to download the app now for free!

Closing Remarks

This concludes the review on the website. If you enjoyed this review and you’d like to know more about similar websites, please feel free to browse the rest of our posts. We have several posts on websites in which you can download free files, most of which mention the 4Shared site.

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