5 Great Ways to Make Extra Money Online

One thing that the vast majority of us are interested in is making some extra money. These days, with living expenses on the rise, many people struggle on their regular income. Making ends meet can be difficult, so it is a case of cutting right back on your outgoings or increasing your income. The good news is that increasing your income is much easier these days than it used to be. Why? Well, this is largely due to the availability of high-speed internet in the home. This has opened up many new windows for those that are looking to boost their income by making money online.

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You will find a huge variety of ways to make extra money online. You can do this on a temporary basis while saving for something specific. Alternatively, you can do it on a long-term basis to bring in a regular additional income – the choice is yours. All you need to decide is the best method to make extra money online, and this will be based on your skills and capabilities as well as the time you have available.

Five great methods to make money online

Okay, so you’ve decided that you could do with a little extra money to make life more comfortable. The next step is to look at the various options available when it comes to making money online. Make sure you take everything into consideration. This includes how much time you can commit, where your strengths and skills lie, and what sort of income you can expect. Some of the popular methods that you can use include:

Sell items you don’t want

If you are looking to make some money as a one-off, you can sell some of your unwanted items online. Let’s face it, we all have items lying around that we no longer want, need, or use. This could be anything from DVDs and old mobile phones through to clothing, furniture, and more. Selling it via the Internet is a great way to make some money online. The added benefit is that you also get to clear your home of items you no longer require.

Offer your services

If you have certain skills and talents, you can sell your services online. This is a great way to make money online on a regular basis once you get a client base. For example, you could offer writing or web design services if you have the necessary skills. You could offer baking services for those looking for special occasion cakes. In fact, you can offer pretty much any services you want as long as you have the skills and capabilities necessary. You can offer your services on a range of specialist sites depending on what you will be doing. You can also offer them via social media sites or through companies such as Fiverr.

Sell regularly online

Those looking to make extra money on a regular basis can look at selling regularly online. You can set up your own eBay store and sell a range of products to consumers. Once you get up and running, you can make a considerable amount of money doing this. Many people have been able to not only supplement their income but switch to doing this full time for a decent income. All you need to do is decide what you want to sell and then purchase the goods wholesale at discounted prices. Try not to go for a market that is already saturated, as this means that the competition will be tougher.

Join survey sites

Although this is never going to make your rich, it is a means of earning a little extra money now and then. It also doesn’t require any specific skills other than being able to take a survey online. The more surveys you do, the more you can earn. You won’t earn much per survey but the small amounts add up over time. It is also a decent way to pass the time if you have nothing else to do. You will find various survey sites that you can sign up to. Once you sign up, they will start sending surveys direct to your inbox.

Become an assistant

Another thing you can do is become an online assistant. Demand for virtual assistants has increased due to the number of people now working remotely. As a virtual assistant, you can undertake various admin and organizational tasks for your clients. You can do all of this from the comfort of your own home. At the same time, you will be earning money and enjoying the flexibility of doing this work from home. The pay varies depending on your skills and your clients. However, you can make a decent wage from this type of work and you can even consider doing it full time once you have enough clients.


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As long as you have access to a computer and an internet service with decent speeds, you can make extra money online. You do need to be committed and dedicated if you are offering services, but this can really pay off. If you already work full time, you don’t have to worry because all of these things can be done at a time that suits you. So, you can fit your online moneymaking activities around your normal work hours.

You will be amazed at how much money some people make by utilizing the Internet. With more and more people going online to look for both goods and services, you can quickly build up a client or customer base. Of course, other than if you are selling your unwanted items or taking surveys, you should do some marketing to advertise your services. This will give you more exposure and boost your chances of getting clients and customers. You don’t even have to worry about blowing money on advertising, as you can do a lot of it free of charge through social media channels and word of mouth.

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