Thousands Of Custom Shirts At Low Prices With 6DollarShirts

Shopping has certainly changed forever with the invention of the internet. Clothes that people could never get their hands on are now available with a simple click. There was once a shopping street in your town that had to be sufficient for all your needs. But now, with an Internet connection and a device, the entire world of shopping is literally in your hands. Some of the world’s leading clothing brands are now within reach, which makes for more personalised shopping. With the entire sartorial world at your fingertips, you can pretty much buy and wear whatever you like. On the flipside, clothing companies are becoming more unique, knowing that there is a much broader audience out there for their items. Thus, all things considered, we now have the opportunity to shop for whatever we like, whenever we like, wherever we like.

Along the line of personalised clothing, we at TechWhack would like to introduce you to 6DollarShirts ( If you have a funky taste for fashion and you want to maintain that quirky look, 6DollarShirts have thousands of customised shirts (and other things) that will help you stand out from the crowd. The company is based in Gainesville, Florida, and have been in business for more than 30 years. Over these three decades in professional shirt printing, the company have served millions of people with unique clothing. Also, these guys are passionate about their work. How do we know this? By selling shirts at only 6 dollars each, they don’t make a lot of money. But despite this, the show goes on, the printing proceeds, and the company continues to proudly boast of its expertise.

“T-shirts are our passion. We wear t-shirts, sleep on beds of t-shirts”, claims the website themselves. Furthermore, the 6 Dollar Shirts company have hundreds of artists working on clothing designs on a daily basis. You won’t find more dedication or a more personal creative process than this. If you would like to know more about their unique services, this review should answer everything you need to know about their official site. What ensues is a careful look at each area of the 6 Dollar Shirts website, in which we have pointed out the best aspects and all the fine details you should know.

6 Dollar Shirts: Thousands Of Custom Shirts At Low Prices

Do I Have To Sign Up to Use This Site?

Without an account, you are still free to roam the site and view everything they have for sale. Purchasing from the site is also fine with no account. However, with an account, which is free, you can shop much faster, follow the status of your order, and keep track of your order history. (You will find the sign-up options by clicking the shaded person on the top right corner of the homepage).

Are There Any Other Clothing Items For Sale Besides Shirts?

Despite what the website title suggests, yes, there are more than just T-shirts on sale here. First of all, let it be known that 6DollarShirts accommodates both men and women. As of right now, there are around 1,076 shirt designs “and counting”. Now that we’ve cleared that up, you will find the range of items on the homepage. These items are kids tees, hoodies, guys tank tops, girls tanks, sweatshirts, and prints. Below this heading, you will find all the categories for the shirts. Some of these categories include music, pets and animals, politics, pop culture, funny, food, science, and much more. Lastly, you can see the whole array of T-shirts from the homepage. Scroll this unique mosaic of funny, cool and altogether unique T-shirts, and you are sure to find something that’ll catch your interest.

What Are the Prices For All the Clothing Items?

As you may have already guessed, most of the shirts featured on this website are only 6 dollars. Then again, I did say most, which contradicts the whole idea of 6 dollar shirts. Nevertheless, the vast majority are 6 dollars, and the most you will pay for a T-shirt here is around 12 dollars. These shirts are not very common, buy you can find them. As for the other items, the hoodies cost around $18.95. The kid’s tees cost around $9.50. The sweatshirts cost around $14.95. The tank tops (for both men and women) cost are $11.95. There is also a unique deal with this website, in which you can purchase 10 T-shirts for $50. The website has promoted this to make shipping that bit easier and to ultimately pay the artists/designers more.

Can I Purchase From This Website If I Do Not Reside In the United States?

Yes, you can, for 6DollarShirts ship anywhere in the world “if the payment is made via PayPal”. If you intend to pay through their internal card processor, shipments can only be made to Canada, the UK, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

How Long Will It Take To Deliver My Order?

For American customers, the delivery time will depend on which state you reside in. The website has provided an image of the state times which I have inserted below this paragraph. As for international customers, shipment will take around 7 – 12 working days. However, it could take longer depending on how your country handles international shipments.

Can I Return An Unwanted Item and Receive A Full Refund?

The 6DollarShirts company are right behind you when it comes to refunds. First of all, contact them to initiate the return process. You can contact them here: If you are unhappy with your order and you want to return it, make sure it is returned within 30 days of the delivery date. Furthermore, please ensure that your item(s) is unworn and unwashed. The company will not accept items for refund if they have been worn and washed.


In sum, if you want a T-shirt, hoodie or item of clothing that will get you recognised, 6DollarShirts have a cornucopia of items guaranteed to do just that, and at a very low price.

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