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No invention has changed the modern world as we know it more so than the internet. Along with the ability to keep in touch with friends, shop online and watch movies all with the touch of a button, we can now also cater to our musical needs thanks to the internet. Today, the internet is an incredible place to find music lessons, tips and inspiration, as well as actual instruments and sheet music. Many people these days also teach themselves music without having a teacher. Thus, the internet in many ways has become a music teacher in itself, with millions of online people sharing lessons and free music. Today, we are taking a look at the great website that is 8notes ( This music site caters for many musical instruments, many styles of music and ultimately gives many musical materials and resources.

The 8notes website was founded back in 2001 by the English company, Red Balloon Technology Ltd, which specialises in music and technology. Since its inception, thousands of musicians have used the site for their musical needs. Many have sought and found lessons, tips and bundles of great, free sheet music. The main objective of the 8notes site is to deliver free sheet music. But over the years, the site has expanded, and today it does more than just that. At the moment, 8notes offers tuners, free lessons, chord charts and more, earning it a high spot in the ranks of the best musical websites on the net.

Bearing all this in mind, let’s now take a closer look at the actual website. The following is a thorough review of the 8notes website, in which we have analysed every area, highlighting the best features and the negatives of the site (if any), which should ultimately answer any questions you have regarding the website.

Do I Have To Sign Up To Use the Site?

Not necessarily, for you can do quite a bit on this site without an account. With no registration, you can view the sheet music and learn it by playing along. You can also access the many online lessons which can boost your music theory and your playing. However, by registering with the site (which is free), you can create an online profile, post to the forum and receive notifications on the newest sheet music for your instrument. There is, also, another option, that of subscribing to the website. Subscription to the website will cost you $20 per year. This will allow you to practically access every feature of the site. For example, you can download the sheet music in PDF and other formats, and have unlimited access to any number of sheet music files.

Will Anything On This Site Cost Me Money?

As mentioned above, a subscription to the website (which is optional) will set you back $20 per year. However, registration is free and the owners of the site claim that around 90% of the website is completely free. The features which are not free will require a subscription.

What Instruments Are Featured On This Site?

The list of applicable instruments is as follows: guitar, piano (all keyboard instruments such as organ and harpsichord), mandolin, violin, cello, flute, saxophone (all types), voice, clarinet, trumpet, viola, double bass, bass guitar, banjo, ukulele, harp, tuba, french horn, trombone, euphonium, baritone horn, oboe, bassoon, recorder, tin whistle, drums, orchestral percussion, harmonica, accordion, and handbells. The instruments also come in groups. These groupings include orchestral string ensembles, wind bands, French horn quartets, and much more. Ultimately, there is no instrument here which doesn’t get a feature.

What Exactly Does This Site Have To Offer?

The simple answer is this – lessons and sheet music. There is however much more. In the individual pages for the instruments, you can view improvisational pieces, random sheet music picks, latest sheet music additions, and more. There is also a great play along page which allows you to choose tempo, download, find out more info about the score, and more features.

Tell Me More About the Sheet Music/How Can I View and Download It?

The sheet music is interactive and available for download in the traditional form of a sheet of paper. In other words, for every piece of music, there is an online track which can be listened to which accompanies the actual sheet music. This allows for great play along interaction, in which you can adjust the tempo, making it faster or slower, or add a metronome. Downloading the sheet music will require an account of a subscription. You can also request the sheet music in different keys. All of these arrangements are a product of the site’s founder, who graduated from the London College of Music with a masters degree.

Who Benefits From This Site?

Pretty much every kind of musician, from classical to popular, who plays no matter what kind of instrument, can benefit from the many lessons and sheet music files featured on this site. 8notes is designed for all music, and it certainly does a good job in satisfying everyone.

What Are the Best Aspects Of the Site?

The best aspects of this site are the fact that all musical areas are covered. Whether you’re classical or popular, beginner or expert, you are sure to find something here which will interest you. My favourite aspect of the site is the interactive player. This lets you view the sheet music while the track is playing. Furthermore, the fact that most of the website is free is always a great factor.

Are There Any Problems With the Site?

The only downside I guess is determining what exactly is not free. If you are not interested in a yearly subscription of 20 dollars, you may find some things which will cost you money. Nevertheless, the website is easy to navigate and has a cornucopia of musical sources for musicians from all walks of life.


So, whether you’re a serious classical pianist or a beginner rock guitarist, 8notes will have something for you.

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