Stream High Quality Anime Shows & Movies For Free On

Stream High Quality Anime Shows & Movies For Free On
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Hi friends, today we have another excellent Anime streaming website to recommend to you. We’ve recently come across 9Anime. Read on to find out more.

This site allows you to watch Anime shows online for free. They aim to provide high quality streaming links and downloads. If there is a show you want to see, but it isn’t featured here, you can make a request.

Is This Site Legal?

First of all, you may be wondering is it legal to use this site? Well, the website assures us that the website is legal, and you aren’t breaking the law by visiting the site. They do not host the streaming content directly on their servers. Instead, 9Anime.To searches the web for streaming links, and provides these links on the website. The shows you watch on the media player on this site are streaming from a third party source.

Often, of course, this third party is streaming copyright material illegally. However, that does not put you at any great risk. The third party is most likely to bear responsibility for breaking the law. There are lots of websites now that use this model. The main function of sites like this one is to test the links to make sure the quality and stream is good and then to update broken links that have been taken down by copyright holders.

How to watch

Watching Anime with this site is very simple. Simply click on the title you want to watch, and you will be taken to a separate page with the embedded media player. Here you can press play to begin viewing. You will find the Anime tends to load fast and they have good quality high definition streams.

How to change quality

To know which version of the movie you are watching, move your mouse over the thumbnail of the film and you will see its version (HD 720p/ HD 1080p)

At the bottom right-hand side of the media player, you can see the quality of the stream. You can adjust this for most shows and films. Sometimes it is a matter of toggling HD on or off. Other times you can choose between a range of HD options.

For slower connections, it is best to go for lower quality to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted stream.

How to download

Downloading films from this site is also surprisingly simple. At the bottom of the media player scroll over the download button. Right click “save as” and you can store the film or episode in high quality to view offline. Downloading your favourite Anime shows has never been easier.

Subtitle Control

For most of the shows and films here you have full control over the subtitles. You can turn English subtitles on and off by clicking the [CC] icon in the control bar of the player.

If the movie has no subtitles, you won’t see this icon appear.

It is also possible to download the film from this site and watch it with subtitles in VLC media player.

Broken Links

Any of the shows and movies that we have tested so far all stream with no issues whatsoever. In fact, we have been pleasantly surprised with how refreshingly straightforward is to use.

However, if you come across a stream that doesn’t work, there are usually some other streaming servers that you can select from.

Check the bottom of the page, and you can see you will have some options to choose from. This is also useful if you are encountering a show or movie that is slow to load.

Failing this, they have an easy to use reporting system where you can report broken links.

Advertisements, pop-ups, redirects.

I am browsing 9Anime.To using Firefox browser without the Adblock installed to test how intrusive the advertisements are.

Happily, I can report that 9Anime.To keeps annoying advertisements to a minimum. On the main page, there are none. Later when you click through to a link, you will see a few advertisements at the bottom of the page. These typically feature the typical pictures of beautiful ladies to entice guys to click. These can be easily ignored, however.

Unlike other sites, does not plague you with hordes of pop-ups the minute you press play. In fact, thankfully, there are no advertisements, pop-ups or nasty website redirects when you use the built-in media player. This makes the website a joy to use – and keeps it running fast. This website is designed for Anime fans.

Stream Quality

Most of the movies and shows are available in beautiful crisp high definition, which allows the visuals of these Anime to pop out from the screen and look as intended. You won’t find blurry low definition streams here.

Stream Speed

This website streams incredibly fast. You will rarely encounter issues with streaming speed, or halt playback. Streaming from this website is just like watch a film on TV or at the cinema. Expect the smoothest experience.


This site appears to be popular with Anime fans, and it’s easy to see why. Below each movie and show, you will see a comment section where there is usually active discussion. This is great to share your thoughts and feelings about what you are watching.


The selection of shows and movies here is massive. They have old and new titles and are constantly updating their directory which is excellent. With an active user base that continues to request new shows and movies, expect this site to remain up to date.

Safety and Security

This site is totally safe. You are not going to encounter intrusive pop-ups or malware here. Some of the films and shows may be more adult orientated. If you have young children, consider supervising their use of the site.

Verdict is simply put, one of the most excellent streaming sites for Anime films and TV shows. It rarely gets in the way, which means you can enjoy your entertainment uninterrupted.

We also love the download feature. Never has it been this easy to access high-quality Anime for free. 10/10

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