The Beginning of the Fun Madness In Adventure Time Season 1

This is an American animation series that was originally titled Adventure time with Finn and Jake which started production in 2008 and is now in its 8th season which was released on 23rd January 2017. This animation follows the life of two childhood best friends Jake who is a 28-year-old dog who has magical powers and Finn who is a 12-year-old boy. The action follows the two as they undertake a surreal journey to traverse a land which is filled with mystical animals. The place they travel in is called Ooo and is built for adventure, and as they go through their journey of exploration, they are assisted by bizarre characters. The word bizarre almost sums up the zaniness that is Adventure Time.

Adventure Time Season 1 Episode List and Plots

Adventure Time Season 1

Season one has a total of 26 episodes and is based on Finn and Jack who has powers that allow him to shrink and grow as they journey in the magic land of Ooo and try to rescue Princess Bubblegum from the Ice King. Along the way, on their adventures, they battle monsters such as Marceline who is the vampire queen as they try to help other people in the land who are oppressed by these monsters. In this season, Finn also tries to understand why he is attracted to Bubblegum.

Episode list of Adventure Time, Season 1

1. Slumber Party Panic

Here, Finn and the Bubblegum Princess must battle candy zombies that they created to protect the candy kingdom from a zombie apocalypse. They succeed in their war.

2. Trouble in Lumpy Space

Jake has contracted lumps from the Lumpy Space Princess during Bubblegum’s tea party, and Finn must travel to Lumpy Space to find the cure. While in Lumpy Space, the two are required to attend a weekly promcoming.

3. Prisoners of Love

The Ice King in this episode is discovered to have kidnapped a host of princesses that he sees as potential brides. Finn teams up with the prisoners so that they can create a plan to set them all free.

4. Tree Trunks

Finn and Jake are joined by Tree Trunks who wants to fulfil a long-time desire of picking a legendary apple called the ‘crystal gem apple’ in the evil forest. They find what they were looking for and Tree Trunks eats the fruit only to explode and be magically transported to the mystical crystal dimension.

5. The Enchiridion

Jake and Finn want to prove that they are righteous heroes. To do this, they go on a quest to find a magical book that will prove them worthy. After a tough journey, Finn finally acquires the book that is talked about in legends.

6. The Jiggler

Finn has a nice singing voice which attracts a strange creature that they decide to keep as a pet. However, the creature soon starts falling ill, and they discover that it needs its mother’s care and return it to its nest.

7. Ricardio the Heart Guy

8. Business time

Finn and Jake are starting to become lazy and do not want to go on adventures. They delegate this work to some businessmen that they thawed from ice. This turns out to be a disastrous idea that puts everyone in danger, and they have to freeze them again.

9. My Two Favourite People

Jake has a new girlfriend who is known as Lady Rainico. He feels that his girlfriend and Finn do not know each other well and he introduces them so that they can know each other better. Soon, Lady Rainico and Finn get too close, and Jake starts feeling jealous.

10. Memories of Boom Boom Mountain

The mystery land has a violence hating mountain. It creates problems for the inhabitants of Ooo and Finn who is motivated by childhood memories that are upsetting to him tries to confirm that he still has the desire to help other people.

11. Wizard

Finn and Jake are convinced by a Skeleton man who lives in Ooo to join a magic course which they pass and become full wizards. They soon discover that they were duped and were stopping an asteroid for eternity. Finn is not happy and changes his loyalties to avert an impending crisis.

12. Evicted

Marceline takes over the tree house that Jake and Finn live in and they start searching for a new house in Ooo. The vampire queen in the end relents and returns the house because she thinks the duo is cool.

13. City of Thieves

Finn is confronted by the Tree Witch about the high standard of morals he has. To prove it they enter the city of thieves to get a flower basket stolen from Penny. Staying pure in the city proves harder than Finn expected.

14. The Witches Garden

Jake is stripped off his powers by a witch, and he loses his spirit of adventure. When Finn is kidnapped by a mermaid, however, he tries to get the power back and realises he has to apologise to do so. He does it and regains his powers.

15. What is Life?

Finn builds a machine that throws never ending pies. The Ice King tries to corrupt the machines conscience, but in the end, it remains loyal to Finn.

16. Ocean of Fear

Finn and Jake are in the sea when Finn realises he is afraid of the ocean. The sea monster taunting him doesn’t help matters, and Jake determined to help gets him to overcome the fear by crossing the ocean in a submarine.

17. When Wedding Bells Thaw

The Ice King tries to wed a suspicious bride and convinces Jake and Finn to throw him a ‘manlorette’ party. During the wedding, they discover the bride has a cursed ring from the king and stop the ceremony.

18. Dungeon

Finn decides to explore a dungeon in 11 minutes. This causes a rift between him and Jake. They reconcile and go into the dungeon to find the crystal eye but are nearly killed until an angry Bubblegum saves them.

19. The Duke

Finn turns Bubblegum green by mistake and is in a moral dilemma of whether to tell and be hated for life or let the princess accuse the Duke of Nuts.

20. Freak City

Finn is transformed into a foot by Magic Man, and he goes to live with a band of misfits. They soon discover that together they can defeat the magic man. He eventually returns Finn to his original form.

21. Donny

Finn and Jake try to help Donny who is a grass ogre to change his attitude without realising that it is necessary for the environment. On discovering their mistake, they let him be.

22. Hench Man

Marceline needs a new henchman, and Finn takes up the role. Marceline pranks him by giving him jobs that look evil but are good. They become friends after Finn saves her from a vampire slayer called Jake.

23. Rainy Day Daydream

Finn and Jake are indoors due to a knife storm when they discover Jake’s imagination can come alive. This causes chaos in the house. Finn realises that to stop the imaginations, he must turn his own on.

24. What have you done?

Bubblegum convinces Jake and Finn to capture the Ice King for interrogation. On interrogation, they think that he is innocent and try to correct the right the mistake they made.

25. His Hero

Billy, the great warrior, convinces Finn and Jake that violence is not always necessary but old habits prove hard to leave. They eventually convince Billy about the necessity of violence sometimes.

26. Gut Grinder

A creature called the Gut Grinder is wreaking havoc by stealing gold. Jake suspects he might be the culprit himself. They find the creature however and battle him to return all the stolen gold.


Adventure time is an action packed and funny animation series that is sure to keep you glued to the screens. The animation has more episodes in the second season and is still being released. Tune it to adventure time to catch a ride with Finn and Jake in their mysterious and adventurous journey in Ooo.

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