The Online Animal Pharmacy AlliVet, Looking After Your Pet’s Health

Animal lovers and pet owners everywhere will do anything to keep their furry friend happy and healthy. Just like we humans, animals too require their health measures, which also comes at a cost. Some cats, dogs and other animals despite visiting the vet, and likewise, we humans can hate visiting the vet for other reasons – namely financial reasons. In short, the vet can be expensive. The medication that follows can also set you back a long way. Then again, as animal lovers, we’d do anything to ensure our pet’s perfect health. Nevertheless, medication for your pet doesn’t have to such a financial strain. Just like how you can find online pharmacies for your medication, you can also find great online websites which deal with animal medication. One particular website that delivers great online health to pets is AlliVet (

AlliVet has been in business since 1992. For more than two decades, this company has supplied millions of pets and pet owners with quality medication, tools and supplies at a great price. The company is fully licensed and legitimate, with their supplies all passing the mandatory governmental checks. Also, and as a testament to their excellence, the company has been awarded the vet-VIPPS certificate of approval due to their exceptionally professional standards as a pharmacy. In sum, you can place your complete trust in this company and their site. With years of experience and excellence in the bag, you can turn to their team of highly-trained chemists to treat your pet with care. (Most of their chemists are also pet owners themselves).

Today, the company headquarters are based in Hialeah, Florida, USA and business are better than ever. Now that we have a good all-around perspective of what the company is about let’s now get deeper into their actual website. What ensues is a full inspection and review of their official website. We have scanned every inch of their website, picking out the best parts and the negative characteristics, if there are any, which will ultimately answer any questions you may have regarding the site.

The Online Animal Pharmacy AlliVet, Looking After Your Pet’s Health

Do I Have To Sign Up to Use This Site?

You can use this site and purchase medication for your pet without an account. On the other hand, by signing up to the site, which is free, you can gain some advantages. With a registered account, you can save time by checking out quicker and easier, view and manage your order history, and also potentially receive discounts and gifts. The choice is yours.

Is This Site Only For Americans?

If you are not an American, then, unfortunately, this site is not for you. Based in Florida, USA, AlliVet only ships their goods across the country. (You will find that when checking out, the website will ask for your American zip code).

How Much Will the Medication Cost/Will I Save Money?

You will find that the vast majority of medications, tools and supplies featured on this site are discounted. You can ultimately save a huge fraction on what you would normally pay for the same medication in a veterinarian pharmacy down the street. Furthermore, as a long-term, loyal customer, you can gather up all your discounts and points to receive even further price slashes. In sum, this site will save you money on your pet’s medication. It’s as simple as that.

How Do I Buy Medication With This Website?

It’s very simple. You can browse the website headings if you’re not quite sure what you are looking for. The headings include horse care, dog care, cat care, the pet pharmacy, and more. If you do have something in mind, just use the website’s search bar up top. When you have found the medication or item you want, you can then view the details, select a strength of the medication, and choose a quantity. Following this, all you have to do is check out. At the checkout, you can view all the shipping details and the costs.

You will also find similar medication at a discount price beneath your selected item. This site has thousands of legitimate medications for sale. Besides chemicals, you will also find pet food and grooming tools for sale.

Will the Goods Be Delivered To Me – How Long Will It Take and Cost To Deliver?

During purchase, you will be asked for your zip code, meaning the goods will be delivered to you. Most of the items featured on the website qualify for the free ground shipping option. This applies to orders costing more than $49 that are also eligible for the free shipping. It should take 5 – 7 business days for your free shipping, $49 order. It will also take 5 – 7 business days for orders under $49, at the cost of $6. 95. Some deliveries you can receive the following day. Ultimately, it all depends on where you are and what you order. For more in-depth information on shipping and delivery, visit their page with this URL here –

Can I Return Unwanted Or Unsatisfactory Goods? How?

If what you have ordered is unsatisfactory or the wrong order, you can return it for a refund. This site offers a 30-day guarantee on all medications. If you are unhappy with your items, you must return them in the correct packaging, unused and undamaged. On the other hand, you cannot return prescription drugs or vaccines.

To return unwanted items, first, call the Customer Care on the following number – 1-877-500-9944 – and receive your authorization for a return. Then, return your unwanted order to this address:

Allivet – Returns

480 West 83rd. St.

Hialeah, FL 33014

Are There Additional Features/Help On This Site Worth Mentioning?

There is a ‘super sale’ section on the website’s headings, which is self-explanatory. Next, to this you will also see the eGift Cards section, which will help knock off a few digits on the price tag.


So if you have a pet in need and you would like to save some important money on the medication, give AlliVet a go. It’s pretty much the greatest pet pharmacy that you won’t find on the street, so get shopping online today.

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