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Android Emulator For Windows – 10 Of The Best Desktop Solutions

Recently I made use of an Android Emulator for Windows 10. My phone had broke, and while I waited for a new one, I wanted to be able to use Whatsapp. The particular one I chose was BlueStacks. It proved handy, and let me keep in contact with my friends over the free messenger service from my PC.

There are other reasons why you might want to have Android Emulators for your desktop or laptop. For instance, you gamers out there might like to use one to use a mouse and keyboard to play mobile games. App Developers often use Android Emulators to test what they have made before shipping it out. Or maybe you are like me and just want to have one in the case of an emergency.

Best Android Emulator for Windows 10

The bottom line is that Android emulation on the Windows PC is a possibility. With that in mind, we’re having a look at some of the best Android emulators.

This is a relatively new Android emulator for Windows 10. It comes in two tasty sounding flavours – Jellybean and Lollipop. Jellybean costs $1o while Lollipop costs $15. Both of these programs only require a one-time payment.

This is a smooth emulator that can handle gaming and productivity tasks with ease. The install process is quite painless.

I wouldn’t recommend this one to developers however as you don’t get device specific configurations, but it is a decent program for consumers.

They also offer a one-month free trial – useful if you want to test before you purchase.

In contrast to AMIDuOS, this is an entirely free program. Somehow I find the name “Andy” quite endearing!

In the past, this emulator has been reported to have some issues. Some users have apparently also had troubles uninstalling this program for windows. However, it still offers a competent alternative to popular emulators like Bluestacks.

Andy will run pretty much any of the Android features including games, launchers and productivity apps. It even lets you install root access if need be.

Recent reports suggest that Andy has fixed most of the early issues that plagued the program. However, it still may need a little more development until it is completely up to par with the likes of Bluestacks.

In defence of Andy, it is a completely free program that does work well most of the time.

It used to be that Bluestacks was the go-to solution for emulating Android on PC. Recently they have released Bluestacks 2, which brings them right up to speed with their competitors.

Bluestacks 2 offers a more stable, speedier and better Emulator than its previous iteration.

The new BlueStacks 2 has some cool features, with an inbuilt function that allows you to simulate shaking the screen. It also supports any of the multi-tasking apps for Android and allows you to set a location. These are all features that are not available on the original BlueStacks. We suggest that you make the upgrade if you are still running the original.

You’ll find Bluestacks primarily marketed to gamers. However, it also is very functional for those looking for productivity solutions.

Pricing wise Bluestacks is either free or $2 per month for the premium subscription.

There are a couple of downsides to note.

  • The program itself does suffer a bit from bloat.
  • You might be put off that many of the features of the new version appeal primarily to a gaming audience.
  • If you opt for the free service, be prepared for adverts and continual reminders to upgrade.
  • Bluestacks tends to run in the background of your PC even when you are not using it eating up memory.

That said Bluestacks is a great option overall and holds up well against other Android emulators. The new version offers some appealing and innovative features.

This Android emulator comes completely free. Since its release, there have been steady improvements to its performance, and it now ranks up there with similar emulators such as AMIDuOS or Andy.

droid4x has some fairly original add-on features including one application that you can download for your smartphone that lets you use it as a controller when playing Android games on your PC.

This Emulator bests AMIDuOS and Andy for gaming but is a little slower and less stable.

Unlike most of the emulators on this list, Genymotion is geared towards developers.

It provides an emulator to allow developers to test the games or apps they are making on a range of devices without having to own them.

With Genymotion you can set up the emulator for a range of devices and Android versions to suit what you are doing. Developers will find it simple to switch between simulated devices with ease.

I wouldn’t recommend this particular app for checking your email or using Whatsapp, but the options are there if need be.

MEmu is a nicely balanced emulator that should cater to the needs of gamers and folks interested in productivity apps.

The emulator has its helpful forums if you are having issues. You can also check out new releases and news on their official blog.

It is designed to be fully compatible with both Intel and AMD chips and has the latest Lollipop 5.1.1 emulated.

It is a nice up and coming emulator with loads of features and extra functionality. They also offer root access. Give it a go!

I would venture to say that KoPlayer is one of the lesser known emulators on this list. Like droid4x this one is designed for gamers.

Within the emulator keymapping allows you to emulate a mobile controller.

Gamers can also record their play and upload it.

You’ll find KoPlayer has a relatively simple installation. Like your typical free android emulator for windows 10, you will also encounter bugs and issues for every so often, but that’s par for the course.

Round Up

Android Emulator for Windows 10 appears to be gaining both stability and speed across the board. This open competition is always great for us consumers. Also, most of these are free programs. Fantastic!

Whether you are a gamer, a developer or someone who just wants mobile productivity apps on their desktop, we hope you find the emulator for you from our list of the top Android emulators.


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