Can’t Get Enough of Anime? Try Some of These Anime Greats

Kids and toddlers, their parents and their grannies, all of us like anime films. Why do we like them so much? Various people give various answers. Children like the fairy tale stories, their moving bright pictures, and their dazzling characters, with whom they befriend and associate with. Parents like them, for, at least, a small break, when they could forget about all their humdrum and schumdrum life problems. And grannies like anime, because of their grandchildren. As our grandkid once said to us, “From all my relatives, I love my grandma Oksana most of all.” On our question “Why?”, which we asked together almost simultaneously, he answered simply, “We see the animated cartoons and anime films together.”

Long Live Anime! Long Live Filler!

So, what anime films are the best ones to see together as family ones?

Ghost in the Shell: Stand alone complex (2002)

This belongs to the best classic ones about a very strong friendship between a teenage girl and a middle-aged man who help and take care of each other in very dangerous situations.

Revolutionary Girl Utena (1997)

A tender story about a deep friendship between a brave tomcat Girl Utena and a kindhearted girly girl Anthy. They say that the girls` friendship does not exist.

Sakasama no Patena (2013)

One of the best romance stories, which are worth seeing. It shows that even completely different girl and boy could live in harmony and deep love. The gravitation problems could not harm their tender relationships. True love can overcome even upside-down obstacles.

Clannad: after story (2008)

This will not leave you indifferent. This romantic story about two loving hearts will force you to burst into tears almost every ten minutes. In joy and trouble, in life and death, the true, noble feeling will always raise your spirit and warm your heart.

Say I love you (2002)

A love story about two completely different creatures. A shy girl, in spite of all her inner modesty, turns out in the hands of the most popular boy in the neighbourhood. Plus always attracts minus, the same relates to antipode people. Good girls like bad boys, toy boys like cheerleaders.

Nana (2006)

An extremely catching boy-meets-girl story, where a small curious girl wants to know everything about such enigmatic feeling as love. And she finds it at lasts. Not in her numerous books in the heart of Ren. Beautiful, romantic and a powerful feeling.

Transformer Superlink (2004)

One of the best works of this genre for 7-10-year-old boys. My grandchild just grew on it. I even don`t know why, but this story about the fight of evil robots with good ones, about the fight of Unicron with Autobots and Megatron, is co close to the hearts of millions of kids. Maybe, it has some secret, which I failed to discover.

Berserk (2016)

A thrilling story about the brave “Blackswordsman” called Guts, who was betrayed by his boss, God`s hand, and decided to devote all his life to the outrages and merciless fight against this evil creature. Surely, without his sweetheart Casca, and the remnants of the Hawks squad, he would never be able to do it so far.

Emma, a Victorian Romance (2016)

A heartbreaking, Cinderella type story, about a beautiful and, good hearted girl Emma, who worked in a wealthy XIX century British family and fell in love with a young man, called William Jones. This romantic affair put her at loggerheads with all family members. All of them stood up against her deep feelings. Nevertheless, the true love could overcome different obstacles.

Fairytale filler (2009)

A highly interesting story about Lucia Heartfillia, who once decided to become a member of a numerous wizard team, and got a lot of different and unforgettable adventures. How many times she was helped by her fellow Natsydragneel, and how many times she helped the other team members.

Snow white and the red hair (2015)

A very romantic story about a sweet love feeling which arises in the hearts of a prince Zen and young and attractive gardener Shirayuki, with a completely unexpected red hair haircut. At first, a young girl was chased for her surprising hair colour so far. Prince Raj does his best to turn her into his lover. But she refuses and runs away, constantly trying not to show her beautiful hair to nobody, but once she meets Prince Zen and fall in love with him at first sight. Though he was poisoned by some apple, spoiled by his enemies, after a lot of efforts, she finds an antidote, and risking her life, she saves her lovely Prince Zen from all his illnesses and starts a very romantic page of life. This story is one the best of this genre, I guess. So, don`t forget about it so far.


Surely, we could continue our list of the best fillers for a long time. The list is very long. Every year dozens of them are produced in various studios. Nevertheless, it is desirable not to watch them, and not to turn, in such a way, into an anime seeing couch potato, but to be selective a bit. Some of them have an excessive number of the scenes of violence, some of them are too aggressive, some of them are too weird so far.

I think that just only the best ones are better to see, especially those who give catching stories about true friendship, noble romance, true love and heroic fighters who fight for the right things. Such film, to my mind, are the best. They could be seen in a family circle; they could be discussed with all your family members. And, those, which penetrated deep in the souls of your children, you could remember for long years. And you could mention them even while chewing the fat, remembering the kid years of your children, who turned into teenagers, and young adults. So, do not forget about anime fillers, they not only entertain but they also make your family relations closer.

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