The Comedic Game-Changer That Is Archer and Why You Should Tune In

The Creator of the series Adam Reed, coupled with an army of highly efficient, funny yet distinct content writers, has resulted in the creation of something new, genuine and quite imaginative, year on year, season after season! It may seem as if the barriers of political correctness were created for Archer to break, with an obnoxious lovable upright white male Sterling Archer as the protagonist( is he really?) and a cute, lovable yet tough as a stone protagonist ( yes, she really is!) Lana Cage, manned by the effusive yet full of conviction voices of H Jon Benjamin and Aisha Tyler (Lana Del Ray), makes for a downright hilarious, ROFLMAO kind of watch! This is a show marked by extreme fanaticism and would have you hooked onto the very ends of its 22 minutes run, asking and pleading for more!

Breaking All the Comedy Rules of the Game Since 2010

The show is a weird yet rightly mixed potpourri of characters, living a world of their own, but still coming together to form an impressionable whole! This guy is your typical standard white male stuck in the closet kind of person, still trying to stop himself from growing up, to being treated like a happy go loose baby by his mother.

Lana Cage is a whole book in herself, the only sane( if sanity was even a thing on the show!) one amongst the lot! Then we have his mother, Malory, quite the character herself! From a marked dissidence to unacceptance of her remarkably growing age, to an allure and aversion towards Lana, with her white supremacist attitude, to trying to have a fruitful relationship with men half her age, or even lower! She has seen and done all! Pam, the muscle woman (eh, man?) of the group, soft in the heart and his best friend, unbeknownst to Archer, though. Figgis, the one who gets’s caught up in all of this remarkable engagement, Cheryl, the heir to the multi-billion dollar property, a brat spoilt for choice, and a voluptuous desire towards mating!

Season 7

This season is also a reboot of the series, the term ISIS ( the Agency our characters work in), have been replaced with a more docile, politics-friendly version, ‘the Figgis agency’, how? Well turns out our agents screwed up big time in the season before seventh and had lost their certification.

So, our dear Figgis, the one with the lawyer’s degree, and the only one with a degree! Proposes to rename the agency ( still not called so by the others) to the ‘Figgis Agency’, in what may seem like his attempts to create and carve a niche for himself, to please his gradually increasing sense of vanity? maybe. Due to some sheer will or good old bad ( good?) luck for Lana, the sperm bank she visits ends up giving her an old sample of his semen! And lo, Behold the cute and affable ( unlike the dad!) AJ, a lovely little girl!

The story for the main man now entails taking up tasks to curry favour from the board of the school land want’s AJ to go to, Nice! All the more reason to laugh! After all, we have come to accept him as the man kid that he is, faulty in his actions, but then who isn’t? The biggest upturn about his season is how gracefully the arrival of the characters onto seemingly weird and random territories has been executed, a jungle or a random ship or a plane? We know how they got there, all of it put together in a mere 22 minutes, wow! Kudos to Mr Reed.

Why Should I Watch?

It’s the kind of entertainment that would help you have a good laugh now and then, away from the rigors of work life and commitments we seem to have embroiled ourselves into, the affable yet blabber character, has you at the edge of your seats anticipating the next move that would send shockwaves of laughter down your spine! There is much to love about his inimitable style his atrocious way of “eye- banging” chics, him falling for a woman for seemingly stupid( yet justifiable for him) reasons!

But in all of this our beloved Lana turns out to be a buzzkill, with her intelligent demeanour, remarkable style of work, and a constant target of a hit by men much older to her fuming looking at the forays of Archer into unseemly women! One thing could be ascertained from this series; Archer is seriously developing as a character, from the one time looney, Manbaby of the first season to a more reserved, caring Man kid of now, all of this could be attributed to the arrival of AJ in his life.


All of the characters know their places, yet went on to forbear upon the territories of others! It is, after all, a race between Malory and Figgis to be the alpha male( female?) that is the brains behind the whole operation, The show has graduated nicely and in a smooth manner, and it is hard to find any hiccups or marked points to pin it down, Unlike most of the Seasons out in the fields, this is one amongst the few seasons which doesn’t prod you into binge watching it, but there is one hiccup from the show, Lana should have been given a more stern character away from the bemusing and always fuming muse of Archer, perhaps the one who could stand up to his bullying.

Great, awesome, amazing. Bemusing, I am at a loss of adjectives to quantify this show, the season (season 7), all of it! The shows have been a roller coaster ride since their inception to the one ongoing. They are quite telling on the issues that could be discussed under the purview of heartwarming, goofy comedy, we have been so embroiled in our lives that we tend to overlook the importance of understanding issues and formulating an informed opinion about matters, this is when Archer helps us understand it in a seemingly entertaining yet deceptively preachy manner!

Looking for a show to watch in your office, with family or friends, this is where your search comes to fruition! And happy( or eager?) waiting for Season 8 to you!

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