Attack On Titan Season 2 News Updates and Information

Assemble all Attack On Titan fans, for there is big news on the popular show just announced! If you haven’t heard already, season two of Attack On Titan has been recently announced and is set to go on air April 1st. That’s right; the long and tiresome four long wait has finally come to an end. In just under two months we will all be reacquainted with the brutal, harsh, scary, yet action-packed, exciting and highly entertaining world of Shinganshina.

We will also see how our favourite characters, Eren, Mikasa and Armen are coping with the looming threat of the bloodthirsty Titans and the rest of the carnivorous monsters lurking behind the walls. We left off on season one with the breach of one wall, and all hell was unleashed on the city. However, with season two on the way, things could get a whole lot more uncomfortable for the gang.

So what exactly does season two have in store for all its fans? Along with the announcement of the hotly anticipated season two the other day, there also came a mouth-watering trailer. Funanimation dropped this trailer online just before Christmas. In the few minutes of this trailer for season two, we see a lot of carnage, more merciless mutants, more destruction and devastating warfare. It seems that more walls may have been breached and tensions are certainly rising. Survival is becoming more difficult now for Eren and the gang, with a bigger influx of imminent death in the shape of gruesome monsters snapping at their heels. (If you haven’t already seen this trailer, you can find it on YouTube).

One of the most exciting things about this new upcoming season is the addition of new Titans. We have already caught a short glimpse of a new, hairy titan, known to some of us now as the ‘Beast Titan’. In the trailer, this colossal monster can be seen throwing his weight around, tearing things to pieces with ease.

Besides this new monstrosity, there are sure to be other new and equally as dangerous monsters threatening the city. We might also see the destruction of all walls of the city, and therefore complete and utter chaos. Furthermore, one further speculation that could throw a big curveball is the idea that there are more good titans out there doing good for the humans of the city.

“Titans have been protecting us from other Titans this whole time” is one sentence which casts an air of doubt over the whole situation. As we discovered at the close of the first season, Annie was secretly one of the female Titans. The battle between Eren and her stirred a lot of tension and bitterness. However, this inevitably asks more questions, such as, are there more humans disguised as titans? Perhaps there are many evil Titans disguised amongst the group, ready to attack at any moment. One thing for sure is that the possibilities are expanding and things are going to get much more interesting. Also, as we have also found out, there are titans living amid the very walls that the people thought were protecting them. In other words, things are getting more dangerous by the minute. Threats are everywhere and imminent.

However, one thing is for sure – there are worse things out there beyond the walls than what we have already seen. With bigger and more destructive Titans lurking out there, along with the possibility of titans joining to fight on the human side, things are set to explode in season two. For the hardcore fans of Attack on Titan following the manga series, there are going to be some new plot twists. Creators of the new season have incorporated some manga elements in the mix. Furthermore, online sources declare that there is to be more of the classic gore and violence that made the series so popular in the first place. So, with the dawn of the new season of Attack on Titan, prepare yourself for the same good old ultra violence and epic battles.

With the declaration to wipe out every Titan, and with the growth of more titans and monsters, it seems that Eren may have bitten off more than he can chew. However, with his newly obtained powers, we are all rooting for this now-powerful man/titan. Will he slip over to the dark side and turn his back on his town and his friends? Or will he become the protector of humanity, fighting off the grizzly monsters and the other flesh-eating horrors that live beyond the walls? All shall be revealed in season two, so make sure you tune in come April 1st.

Season two will be officially released and aired in Japan as of April 1st. With a four year hiatus, we all hope that the writers have spent their time well by concocting a terrific story.

Where Can I Watch the Second Season?

Besides official television, you will be able to catch the new season online. There are many great free anime websites out there which show much popular anime, manga and Asian drama television. To list a few websites worth keeping an eye on for the new season of Attack on Titan, try KissAnime, KissCartoon, MyAnimeList, Crunchyroll and GogoAnime. Of course, you will have to wait a few days, maybe weeks for these episodes to be uploaded online.

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