AVS4You and Its Amazing Audio and Video Editing Software

With the explosion of technology over the past few years, almost everyone is now to some degree a technological wizard. From twenty years ago to the current day, people have grown from once not knowing how to operate a video camera, to now installing digital software for their several devices. In the past decade or more, the creation of thousands of online software programs has boosted both our knowledge of technology and the overall level of technology. The internet has given us many opportunities to better our devices, thanks to software developers and their subsequent websites. However, some of these services can be free, whereas others can cost quite a bit. One particular area of software usage which many people dabble in is the editing of multimedia, such as music, video and images. With this, there are thousands of online software programs to complete such a task for you.

One particular software programmer who deals with the editing of multimedia files, such as video and music files, is AVS4You (www.avs4you.com). This website is a product of Online Media Technologies based in the UK. Their range of tools allows you to cut, modify and perfect your many multimedia files with ease. This software has been used by thousands of musicians, producers, movie makers, and people in general who want to add a great touch to their multimedia projects. The developers offer you software for several types of media forms, including video, audio, image, documents, and other miscellaneous types. So, whether you’re inclined towards music, films, or anything else listed here, this site gives you all the tools you need to perfect your creative work.

Thus, if you need a go-to program to edit your music, video or your other files, this site could be the winning ticket. If you want to know more, the following review should enlighten all. We at TechWhack have scanned the official AVS website and highlighted all the important parts which we feel you need to know.

Reviewing This Great Audio and Video Editing Software Site

Do I Have To Sign Up to Use This Site and Their Software?

After browsing the entire site, I could not find an area for signing up to the site. It seems that this website operates on subscriptions which when purchased requires you to create an account.

How Much Will It All Cost, If Anything?

After downloading one of AVS4You’s software programs, I did not have to pay anything. Furthermore, there were no messages to tell me about a subscription period, a free trial, or an ending period. Ultimately, I downloaded the audio editor for free. Nevertheless, there are prices listed on the website and other options to purchase software, which has me confused. For the audio editor, which I seemingly downloaded for free, there are payment plans. The website states that you can buy the audio editor, with an unlimited access subscription, for $59. Or, you can buy the audio editor for one year at a price of $39. Thus, I believe that purchasing the audio editor will give you either full access to all the editing tools, or it will give you more. Either of which I’m uncertain of. For now, I’m happy with my free download.

You can also buy the video editor at the same prices as the audio editor for the same subscriptions. Again, to reiterate, I am unsure as to what the advantages are regarding purchasing a subscription as opposed to a free download.

Refund Policy

AVS4You are quite particular when it comes to refunding. If you encounter a problem with your software and you’d like your money back, AVS4You would like an explanation. The website states that they can refund you if “you encounter an error which is preventing you from using our software properly, and if we are not able to correct the error within an acceptable period or are unable to suggest a temporary solution”. Also, in regards to providing reasons, the website states, “refund is only given if you provide detailed information about your error, requested by our support staff, such as screenshots of error messages, log files, detailed descriptions of your actions, file samples, etc.”

All things considered, if you encounter a problem, contact them, state your problem clearly, and provide as much evidence as possible. Full information on their refund policy can be found at this URL – www.support.avs4you.com/refund.aspx

Is It A One Single Program Or Does It Have More To Offer?

AVS4You has several different programs for the several different multimedia jobs you want to tackle. Their programs are broken down into the following five categories: video, audio, image, doc, and miscellaneous. For the video software area, you can choose between a video editor, a video converter, a video re-maker, and an AVS video player. As for the audio selection, you can download the audio editor, the audio converter, or the disc creator. Choices for the image category include an AVS image converter and an AVS photo editor. In regards to the doc section, you can select either the AVS document editor or the AVS document converter. Finally, in the miscellaneous section, you can choose between an AVS disc creator or AVS Registry Cleaner.

Overall Pros and Cons

The most outstanding pro regarding this site is the overall ease of use. All of the website’s software programs are laid out for you with all the valid, helpful and insightful information included. There should be no confusion when downloading with this site. On the other hand, the overall advantages regarding subscriptions for this site are not too clear. I cannot see why paying for a subscription is such a great thing. Free software downloads are offered, and the software is great. Therefore, why sign up for a subscription? The website doesn’t make that clear.


In sum, if you need multimedia editing tools for whatever line of work, this site has it all. Whether it’s videos, music, documents or images, AVS4You certainly has everything four you.

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