BeddingInn and Its Great Home Decor Products At Amazing Prices

Have you just moved into your new home and you find yourself faced with the mammoth task of decorating your place? Perhaps, on the other hand, you are bored with the way your home looks, and it needs the injection of a fresh look. Whatever the situation may be, there are tonnes of websites which can help you out. With more products online than any one home can hold, you begin the process of having your space filled and looking good with only a few clicks. The advantages of shopping for your home decor items online are tenfold. First and foremost, there is simply a larger variety to choose from online. Furthermore, it is of course much quicker to order things online. But where exactly can you find all that your house needs? One particular website which specialises in home decor is BeddingInn.

BeddingInn ( is one of the leading home decor websites based in Asia. The Hong Kong company have sold millions to products to millions of customers, thus filling up homes throughout the globe. Their range of items is impressive, modern and stylish, and their prices are low enough to keep your bank balance healthy. All sold items are “abreast [with] the latest trends in fashion”, ultimately giving your home the most up to date look that every home deserves. All in all, this site aims to provide customers with all the products needed to give your home a tremendous boost. Their website does a good job in displaying their proud products, which are tantalising for those who want to reinvent their home.

So, if you want that new look that will transform your home, or you simply want a new bed or set of curtains to replace the old, BeddingInn might just be what you need. In this post, we have taken the time to scour the official BeddingInn website, investigating each and every area and pulling out the good and bad stuff (if any), which should ultimately let you know everything you need to know about BeddingInn and their website.

BeddingInn: Great Home Decor Products At Amazing Prices

Do I Need To Sign Up to Use This Website?

If you would like to buy an item with this website, you will have to create an account. Creating an account is completely free and will only take a few seconds. You will find the ‘join/sign in’ options at the top of the page next to the Facebook logo. Once you have an account, you’re free to do what you please on the site. If you’re unsure about purchasing a product with the site, you’re perfectly free to browse the site and its items.

What Exactly Do They Sell?

This company aims to give you the best in everything related to home decor. From the headings on the homepage, you will see the main categories of items for sale. These categories are bedding, baby and kids, wall art, home decor, curtains, bath, intimates, gift ideas, car accessories, and outdoor products. Each heading activates a drop-down menu, which will display many more items within the category. Therefore, there are hundreds of types of products on sale. Above the headings, you can narrow your search further. You will find that you can shop by brand, style, a particular designer, new arrivals, and collections. There are also promotional products to be viewed on the homepage.

One of the main products which stand out, however, are the 3D bedding prints. This may very well be the website’s speciality. The prints are artistic, eye-catching and perhaps the most modern thing in home decor at the moment. Despite what their company title suggests, BeddingInn is not just a bedding store. But, nevertheless, bedding does seem to be their forte.

Is This Website Of Any Use To Me If I Do Not Live In Asia?

If you live outside Asia, for example in the USA, Canada, Australia or the UK, don’t worry. This company ships to over 230 countries worldwide. The company are not just loyal to those locally but are an international business that delivers high-quality products via worldwide shipping on a regular basis.

Can I Return Any Unwanted Items?

If you would like to return your item and receive a refund, you must return it within seven days of the delivery date. The items must also be perfectly packaged, unused and undamaged. Before returning your item, you must contact customer service and let them know about the return and refund. Please note that customised items, intimate items, bath linens and wall stickers are not eligible for a return or refund.

How Long Will Shipping/Delivery Take and How Much Will It Cost?

When it comes to shipping, there are two main methods – expedited and standard. Expedited shipping will take around 3 – 5 days for all major destinations. The price for shipping will vary depending on what you’ve ordered. However, all customers will receive 50% discount on their order if they choose expedited shipping. As for standard shipping, no specific or estimated time is given for the delivery. The prices will again vary, but will standard shipping you could potentially receive it for free if you purchase items which qualify for free shipping. There is also a super savings feature which will save you money on items that weigh less than 1kg. In other words, you will save money if you purchase light items.

Pros and Cons

On the pros with this site is the super saving option with the light items. There are also many discounted items featured on this site. Besides this, the selection of items (and in particular the modern 3D printed bed products) are very impressive. On the other hand, the only negative aspect I discovered was the lack of notice on delivery times with standard shipping.


All things considered, if you would like some fancy items to lift the overall look of your home, this site has just what you need. Whether you’re situated in Asia or at any corner of the world, this site has the potential to have your home reformed.

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