The Top Anime Shows That You Should Look Out For In 2017

Anime is Japanese animation. This type of cartoon covers a wide range of topics. In the West, cartoons are seen as a means of entertainment for children. However, in Japan, people of all age groups watch anime. There are anime shows which are created for children, adolescents, young adults, mature adults and even businesspeople. Anime covers various genres. Examples of these are drama, romance, comedy and action. Shounen is a category of anime that is designed specifically for boys while shoujo is a category that targets girls. The Japanese people find anime to be an interesting and comfortable form of storytelling and entertainment for the society.

Today, anime is well known beyond Japan’s borders and is quite popular in countries like America. There are some massively popular anime shows that enjoy a large global following. Fans and enthusiasts are always searching for the next episode of these shows. Here are the top anime shows in 2017.

The Best Anime Shows To Look Out For In 2017

Little Witch Academia

The Little Witch Academia franchise is quite popular in anime circles. It features a world of witchcraft and wizardry that is very similar to that of the British Harry Potter series. However, Little Witch Academia is presented in a boisterous and exciting way by its producers, Studio Trigger. This franchise was presented to the world in a movie released in 2013. It was followed by a sequel in 2015. In 2017, this movie franchise will be adapted into a television series. Directed by the legendary Yoh Yoshinari, Little Witch Academia is one of the most anticipated top anime shows of 2017.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

This is another top anime show that is bound to light up 2017. It is based on an entertaining manga by Coolkyoushinja. It is firmly in the monster girl sector of anime shows. Despite the flood of shows in this sector, Miss Kobayashi’s dragon maid takes on a life of its own due to its realistic nature. Miss Kobayashi hosts a dragon maid in her home. Initially unwilling, some chemistry emerges between the two, and the show takes form. The show is full of giggles and fun due to the antics of the two main characters and all the supporting ones too. Only one English version has been released so far. 2017 promises another one for all the fans of this hit anime. It will be produced by a highly respected studio known as KyoAni.

Blue Exorcist

This is one of the top anime shows that fans are glad to see back on their screens. It was first shown to the world in 2011. In this original series, we were introduced to the main character, a half-demon known as Rin Okumura. He joins forces with his human half-brother Yukio and they both attend Exorcist school. After graduation, they embark on a journey to exterminate the demon horde which threatens the world as we know it. This anime uses a design template that was innovated by Kazue Kat?. It also delivers spellbinding action setpieces and an immersive open world experience. Moreover, the relationship between Rin and Yukio is endearing, and fans cannot wait to see the brothers return to the silver screen in 2017.

ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept.

This is an action and drama anime production which combines an alternate reality Japan and the soulful sounds of jazz and hip-hop. The characters in the show navigate a world of law and order versus crime. A new release is expected in 2017. Fans and enthusiasts are over the moon about it. This is due to the arresting plot as well as the maestros behind the production. I will be directed by Shingo Natsume and the script will be written by Natsume Ono. This combination ensures that the story will get thicker every minute and the visuals will be highly pleasing. Moreover, Ono is well known for authoring distinctive character personas that leave audiences hooked.

Yowamushi Pedal: New Generation

This is a franchise of anime that centres around the world of bicycle racing. Set in a school environment, we get to see this highly competitive world through the eyes of young, upbeat characters. Full of drama and comedy, Yowamushi Pedal: New Generation is going to move audiences and fans into the new school year. Our beloved third-year students are now seniors, and we cannot wait to see what antics they will be up to in 2017.

Granblue Fantasy the Animation

This is a top anime series that is based on a hugely popular Android game. Normally, games take after anime movies or television series. However, this case is the opposite. The series is expected to show in 2017 and further regale fans with action sequences delivered by the game’s protagonists. It features Nobuo Uematsu and Hideo Minaba, both from Final Fantasy. This gives Granblue Fantasy the Animation some star power to boot. The series will be produced by A-1 Studios, and we can all expect a visual feast of lush animation accompanied by immersive soundtracks.

Scum’s Wish

This is a new release never before shown in the world of anime and is set to become one of the top anime shows. It is an intriguing story about a couple who are perfect. They have ideal lives that hold no suspicion to the terrible secrets that they are hiding under the polished look. This is a new line of story line creation that is emerging in the industry. Family-based drama pieces have popped up throughout the last two years of anime entertainment. Unique familial bonds have also been explored in this authentic Japanese form of entertainment. Scum’s wish is a mystery thriller that any self-respecting anime fan should search for with desire. The character design is expected to be fulfilling.


Anime is a highly popular genre of entertainment today. Born in Japan, it has now entered Western entertainment and is thriving. There are thousands of anime fans all over the world. The genre has seen its way into video games and even action movies. Today, anime themed conventions and shows are popping up all over the USA and in other countries too. People have accepted its unique form of Japanese entertainment and relate to it through the well-developed characters. The titles indicated above are the expected hot releases of 2017. With these top anime shows, every anime fan should stay entertained throughout the year.

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