Choosing the Best Background Check Service – A List of the Best

More and more employers and even small businesses are turning to background check services to get a better picture of the people they are potentially hiring. The best background check service providers will not only look at criminal checks but also provide information about address verification, drug testing and resume vetting. All these services can be streamlined into one simple plan, giving employers peace of mind. If you are running a small business, there is no reason you should not have as good a background check service available to you as a big company. That’s why today we are looking at the best background check service providers for businesses of all sizes.

When you begin searching for background check providers for your business, things can get pretty confusing fast. There are so many options out there, all vying for your attention and ultimately your patronage.

We’ve decided to focus on companies that are at least FCRA regulated, and many of them are NAPBS accredited. That way you know you are going to get a quality service that meets certain agreed on standards.

A full service background check includes a lot of things including sex-offender status searching, social security number validation, felony and misdemeanor record checking, employment verification, education verification, professional license verification, reference checks, credit report checks, civil record checks, motor vehicle checks, military record verification, worker compensation history searching, health care sanction checking, address history checking etc. It’s all designed to prove that the person you are hiring is who they say they are.

The good thing about First Advantage is that they have maintained a very decent and competitive price point. They charge anywhere from $37  to $76 per check, with additional fees of no more than $5 to $25. This is the kind of pricing you would expect for a non-CRA regulated background check service, but instead, First Advantage is fully FCRA regulated. So you can feel confident that their service is fully compliant while not shelling out big time. The first Advantage also has an international presence, which makes it a good choice for businesses operating in more than one country.

This background checking site is aimed at parents looking for child care. You can post a listing for a nanny job on here, and rest assured that applicants applying for the job have been through a screening process. It’s not NAPBS accredited, the bit is FCRA regulated, which still means you get the information you need to make an informed choice.

For parents, it costs $25 per month for a six-month access to the site. If you only need one month to find a nanny, then it costs $50 for that one month.

There is no additional cost, as subscriptions are all inclusive.

E-Nanny Source is consistently ranked as one of the best background check services for parents looking to hire a nanny.

Good Hire offers a simple service, and the customer support is based in the USA. They have the advantage on First Advantage in having full NAPBS accreditation and FCRA regulation. They are also members of the International Association of Privacy Professionals.

Pricing ranges from $30 to $80 with add on’s costing up to an additional $15.

Hire Right is truly international, having a presence in countries the world over. They work with 21% of the U.S Fortune 500. But just because the company has a large scope, doesn’t mean they don’t also cater to smaller business clients. Pricing is very competitive at between $30 to $70 for a check with additional pricing coming in at $10 to $15. They also have full NAPBS accreditation and FCRA regulation.

With a list of clients as long as that of Hire Right, they must be doing something right. In fact, you’ll often hear them mentioned as one of the best background check service providers.

This company is consistently rated as one of the best background check service providers. Data Facts carry out extensive screening that encompasses even social media checks. They also have “infinity screening” which even screens your client post-hire.  Data Facts have full NAPBS accreditation and regulation from the FCRA. They don’t list any pricing on their website, and instead, you’ll need to contact Data Facts to get a quote.

Corporate Screening aims to provide background checking services to businesses of all sizes and stripes.  There are no prices advertised publicly, and instead, they create a package custom tailored to your needs.

They have full NAPBS accreditation and are FCRA regulated.

If you want the edge in background checking for your small business, then look no further than Edge Information Management. They have to be one of the best background check service providers going.

Their checks are thorough including carrying out electronic fingerprinting and acquiring original court documents.

Edge prides itself on its flexibility in creating tailored solutions for business clients. This means they are consistently high rates. They also have full NAPBS accreditation and are FCRA regulated.

Unfortunately, they are not advertising any pricing on their website. However, all you need to do is give them a call today to get a quote.

Backtrack carries out extensive background checks and is both FCRA regulated, and NAPBS accredited. You’ve got to contact them directly to get a quote on the pricing for the various services they provide.

You can custom tailor the background check that will best suit your company with American Checked. This allows you to take into account the position for which your company is hiring. American Checked is FCRA regulated, and NAPBS accredited. It is also HubZone certified meaning that it is controlled and operated in a disadvantaged area of the USA. Choosing them for your business will, therefore, help a disadvantaged community.

To get a price, you need to contact them directly.


I sincerely hope that today’s post has been useful for you if you are running a small business and looking to do some hiring. Looking for a background check service can be confusing, and it is useful to have a few decent options to begin from.

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