Five of the Most Recommended Battery Saver Apps For Android

Five of the Most Recommended Battery Saver Apps For Android
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Along with battery saver apps, we have also included tutorials. These battery saver apps can be downloaded from their main site. The battery is one of the most important parts of the phone, so it’s important to get the best app for that.

We all know that phone is necessary for work. It is a wonderful human-made resource. Without a phone, life falls apart. As most of the times we need to contact each other to work and calling is the best way. To keep our one of the most powerful resource Phone alive, we will need a super battery.

But Batteries are provided by the manufacturer. It depends on them to provide a good battery backup or not. All the companies provide the phone with good battery backup. It depends on us how we use our phone. Overloading your phone with apps and photos will lead to decrease in your phone’s battery stamina.

Even there is some background running apps which consumes a lot of battery. These apps consume data and battery in the background when you are using some other app on your phone. Some of these apps are google play services, Wifi scanner, Whatsapp, etc. Which keep on syncing.

That’s why I have provided some best battery saver app for android. These apps will help you increase your battery stamina. It will increase your calling hours. There are some root apps also to stop apps from running in the background. For this, you need to root Android.

Best Battery Saver App For Android Or Android Battery Saver

I am providing a quick list of these best battery saver app for android. These are one of the best android battery saver apps. You can save more than 50% of your phone’s battery with these apps.

1) Du Battery Saver App For Android

It is one of the best battery saver app for android. Moreover, it is my favourite battery saver app for android. It is a fully free app with which you can save your 50% battery. It has cool and smart features. With this app, you can easily control your apps and battery optimisation modes. Below are some features and tutorial to using it.

Tutorial and features

  • Download the battery saver app from below
[appbox googleplay com.dianxinos.dxbs ]

  • Then open the app. It will automatically cool your phone. As heating is one of the major problems for draining battery.
  • There are some power management modes. With this app, you can easily change modes which include options like off wifi while sleeping, low brightness, etc. Guys these features may lead to a slower phone.
  • With its one click optimisation, you can optimise your battery and save its stamina.
  •  You can monitor all the apps which consume a large amount of your battery. With only a tap on them, you can determine that how much battery you can save if these apps will not work.
  • They have a smart and cool widget. With this widget, you can easily increase your battery stamina. As this widget has included all the options related to the factors responsible for drainage of the battery. Some of these factors are brightness, camera, apps running in the background, Wifi and mobile data.
  • It has a smart charge option. This option will protect you from all the apps which are consuming a large battery data. It even protects against poor charging.
  • It prevents deceptive ads from displaying. Furthermore, It prevents unwanted and automatic downloads. Even if you want to remove ads from your browser, you can contact them.

So, guys, it is one of the best battery saver app for Android. Moreover, It has got 100,000,000 – 500,000,000 installs and 4.5 stars. It has a size of around 7MB.

It requires Android version 2.3 or above. Moreover, this app was last updated on July 26, 2016.

2) Battery Doctor (Battery Saver app for Android)

Battery doctor has been developed by the developers of clean masters. It is possibly the best battery saver app for android. It is a fully free app. Moreover, with this app, you can stop system background running apps with a single tap. It provides nice visual experience. Furthermore, it is very user-friendly and easy to use the app.

Features and Tutorial

There are some system apps which keep on running in the background. These apps are- google play services, Whatsapp, Facebook, Gmail and some other system-specific apps.  With this battery saver app, you can stop this app from running in the background with just one tap.

  • Download the app from below
[appbox googleplay com.ijinshan.kbatterydoctor_en]

  • Charge Master is another great feature. You can monitor your charging status and protect your phone from attacks.
  • You can easily control apps which are consuming a lot of power.
  • A special widget so that you can easily access WIFI and GPS options.
  • This app stops all the running apps when the screen is OFF.
  • It will provide you with accurate charging time and battery time remaining. This, in turn, helps a lot.
  • Now you can schedule power saving modes.
  • Easily access GPS, Mobile Data.
  • It has a three category charging system which is amazing.
  • You can easily control brightness.
  • It has smart charging tips.

It has got 100,000,000 – 500,000,000 downloads. Furthermore, It has been rated 4.5 stars by 7,918,924 users. It was last updated on July 26, 2016. Moreover, It requires Android version 4.0 or above.

3) JuiceDefender – best battery saver app for android

It is another one of the best battery saver app. Juice defender has many apps in app purchases also. It is a cool and working app. No frauds. It will optimise your battery. With this app, you can easily customise your phone. If you are a businessman, then try its paid version also. But this app was last updated in 2012. It needs a major update.

It is a fully automatic app with a lot of functions. You can customise this app and give commands to it; then it will save phone battery automatically.

Tutorial and features


  • Download this app from below:
[appbox googleplay com.latedroid.juicedefender]
  • It is a very powerful app.
  • It automatically manages most of the draining components of the phone.
  • You can give commands and customise this app easily.
  • Smart looking phone widgets.
  • Now you can get easily ON and OFF mobile data.
  • Set the location and turn OFF when not needed.
  • Now you can control brightness.
  • Control Bluetooth easily.

It is an amazing battery saver app. With this app, you can save more than 50% of your phone’s battery. It has got 10,000,000 – 50,000,000 installs. It was last updated in 2012. That’s the major problem. This app needs a big update. It may not beat other apps, but it is preferable for Android phones with version 2.3.

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4) Greenify

It is the best battery saver app for android. I love this app. It has pretty cool features. It works best with a rooted device. Moreover, it is my favourite root battery saver app.

I would prefer to root the phone because it unlocks all the features. Check out here best root apps and how to root android without a computer. It has been featured on many top sites and has been honoured many times.

It is a fully safe and free app. Unlike other apps, it will keep your data safe. It is now bringing more and more updates for non-rooted devices. 

Tutorial and features

Download this app from below

[appbox googleplay com.oasisfeng.greenify]

  • You can disable apps which are running in the background. These apps can be used even after disabling them.
  • Your device would not freeze.
  • You would not lose data.
  • No errors.
  • It mainly hibernates the apps which are draining the battery faster. To prevent apps from draining the battery, it disables some of their functions temporarily.
  • Nice gesture notifications.
  • An easily customizable app which provides a good user experience.

It is the most recommended app. I would even recommend rooting. This app has got 5,000,000 – 10,000,000 installs. It has been rated 4.4 stars. Its size varies by device. It requires Android version 2.1 or above. It was last updated in February 2016.

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5) Avast Battery Saver

 It is a good app by Avast developers. Furthermore, It not only saves battery. It also keeps the battery endurance, safe. It’s a new update provides you with a better user experience. Things are fully automated. Anybody can now easily save 50% of their battery. It provides regular estimates of the battery. Even you can check the apps which are draining the battery faster.

Tutorial and Features

  • Download the app from below.
  • Open the app and choose the option stop apps.
  • It will boost your battery as well as your phone.
  • It is even an energy efficient app.
  • Delete all unused data from your phone.
  • It will even tell you the accurate timings for battery charging.
  • Switch over many profiles.
  • Get alerts whenever your phone’s battery gets low.

It has got 5,000,000 – 10,000,000 installs. Moreover, it has been rated 4.4 stars by 189,432 total users. It has a size of 9MB. Moreover, It requires Android version 4.3 or above. It was last updated on July 11, 2016.


I have listed some five best battery saver app. These apps are amazing. You don’t need to search for more apps. These apps are enough for battery saving. You can choose any app from the above list. It depends on your usage. If you want your favourite app to be included in this post, then please comment. Please share this amazing article with your friends. If you have any queries regarding this post, then contact us or comment below. Thank for reading this article.

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