The Best Collaboration Tools For Small Business That You Need In Your Life

The advancement of high-speed internet and computer technology has made video conferencing simpler, faster, more reliable and more affordable than ever. To help you utilize the power of the internet for your small business, we are looking at the best collaboration tools for small business.

Why you need online collaboration for your small business.

In the modern workplace and business environment, teamwork is as important as ever. It still counts even when people tend to be more spread across the globe, and more people choose to work from home. A good online collaboration tool can help make this process efficient, and take the stress out of meetings online.

Here are a couple of reasons why you might want to consider online collaboration tools:

Your team members can be anywhere.

There is no need to confine people to the office when they can be out finding new business for you. With online collaboration tools, people can be working remotely from any part of the world. You can run a business with lower overheads if you don’t have to fork out for a large, expensive office.

Keep track of meetings.

The truly best collaboration tools for small business like Do have loads of inbuilt productivity features that allow you to track the evolution of your project. It effectively removes email as the primary means of communication and replaces it with something more direct.


Many of these tools will allow you to share documents immediately online and have them stored in a single place for everyone to access.

With that, we are going to delve into the best collaboration tools that are perfect for small business.

The collaboration tool from Do helps you to create agendas, track progress, keep notes and follow up on tasks for online meetings. There is also the innovative insights feature that allows you to track the time and money being spent on meetings to get a handle on efficiency. Their service costs $10 per month.

BlueJeans allows for flexibility in online business collaboration. With BlueJeans, it’s easy to join in the conversation anywhere. Hook up to the video conference from any web browser, mobile phone or use their desktop app. They also have a range of useful features to aid productivity.

This one starts at $9.95 per month.

This is a nice business collaboration tool that is fully integrated with Gmail and the Google platform. It also syncs up effortlessly with Android and iOS devices. With Hangouts you can connect with up to 10 people at once in any meeting. You can also go back through old conversations which are a nice feature. Google Hangouts is free, which for me makes it one of the best collaboration tools for small business on a budget.


If you have a business where your employees live around the world, then OfficeSuite may be for you. It consistently is rated as one of the best collaboration tools for small business.

Unified Meeting 5 from InterCall certainly deserves mention in our list. What they have created here is an all in one platform for web, video and audio conferencing.
You can either pay $19 a month to use this or 17C a minute with their pay as you go plan.

This is one of the best online collaboration tools for small business that is workspace free. In that respect it will be competing for influence directly with Google Hangouts.
It is best for holding virtual brainstorms. The main feature here is their whiteboard which multiple users can work on in real time. Use the VoIP feature to talk as you collaborate. Unfortunately, it doesn’t facilitate uploading of documents.
Sign up takes less than a minute so why not give it a go.

I have a real love for open source projects. I love the spirit of open source, free tools that help everyone. But, not only is it free, it is also very useful. It can be used for an unlimited number of projects, and your team can have an unlimited number of members. This even beats many paid services.

There are also productivity features aplenty here. You can set and track time for meetings, create and review project milestones and manage files. Other users are also free to download time track reports.

While it is still being worked on, I do believe Collabtive will be a big name in online business collaboration very soon.

With OneHub you create virtual work-spaces they call Hubs. This makes it somewhat unique in this list of the best collaboration tools for small business. Sign up is also incredibly easy if you have a Google account. All you need is your Gmail username and password and allow OneHub access to your e-mail address.

Once you’ve completed this short registration process, you’ll have access to your first work-space. The work-space itself is completely customizable – and this is the big attraction of OneHub. You can completely control the interface and experience, to fit your team needs exactly.

Uploading and sharing files is a complete cinch. Just drag them from your desktop in to the widget. The activity tab then lets you know everything that is going on within the hub to allow you to keep track of the conversation and collaboration.

The free plan allows for one hub and 512 MB of storage – not much but enough to give you a taste of what’s on offer here. Plans then begin at $29 a month after that.


There are so many excellent free and paid online collaboration tools for small businesses today. I hope that today’s post has been useful in uncovering some of these tools for you. Until next time!

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