The Best Crowdfunding Sites – A Review Of New Innovative Platforms

In the last few years crowdfunding has taken off. Crowdfunding is an innovative way of raising money by asking a large crowd of participants for a small contribution. Creative people such as musicians, filmmakers and artists have successfully utilised crowdfunding to get their projects off the ground and to earn a living.

For many, it is a completely new way of doing business. Crowdfunding allows regular people to interact with and directly support talented artists who they admire.

Crowdfunding isn’t just for creative projects, however. People use crowdfunding to raise money to develop new products and technology. It is also great for raising money for social or environmental projects. Crowdfunding is even becoming a popular way for entrepreneurs and startups to raise capital and kick start their business projects.

If crowdfunding is something that interests you, read on as we review the best crowdfunding sites on the net today.

In contrast to Kickstarter which is largely focused on creative campaigns, Seedups is a crowdfunding platform focused on launching tech startups. If you have an innovative technology idea, this could be one of the best crowdfunding sites for you.

It is easy to create a profile on Seedups. It’s also free to register for both investors and startups, all you have to do is add a photo and a simple biography. Startups in the USA, Ireland and the UK can raise between $25, 000 and $ 500, 000. Setup will review your proposal, give you some suggestions and then it can go live. Projects are listed for six months.

This is a pretty serious platform for big ideas. It could help you get your business idea off the ground. If you are an innovator in technology, consider using Seedups to help your dream project become a reality.

Undoubtedly, Fundable is one of the best sites for entrepreneurs seeking crowdfunding. The main aim of Fundable is to help companies get investment through crowdfunding. Companies can use this site to raise capital from friends, customers and investors.

In total, an impressive $287 million has been committed through Fundable to various business start-ups. Clearly, this is an excellent service to launch new businesses.  They also pride themselves on good customer service and guidance. The website was created by startup founders who understand the challenges that small and up and coming businesses face. As a result, you can get excellent hands-on advice from them concerning getting your business off the ground.


Kickstarter is far and away the most popular of the crowdfunding platforms, and in many ways, this is what makes to one of the best crowdfunding sites. With a large market and audience, you are more likely to find supporters, especially for niche interests and projects.

Kickstarter allows musicians, designers, filmmakers and other creative people to find the audience they want and the support they need for their projects. This helps ideas to become a reality. To date, a staggering 10 million people across the globe have backed a Kickstarter project. Kickstarter is even used by famous artists. This year De La Soul used the platform to get their latest album off the ground. However, most of the projects tend to be from smaller interesting artists you might not have heard of including indie filmmakers and small local bands.

One reason that you might want to use Kickstarter over other competing crowdsourcing websites is that it recently became a benefits corporation. This means it is a for-profit corporation, but also that is legally obliged to work towards having a positive impact on society. This includes fighting inequality and making a commitment to promoting arts and culture.

Overall Kickstarter paints a picture of a welcoming and participative community that helps creatives. The stats are remarkable. Since 2009 over 117, 000 projects have been successfully funded through Kickstarter, with over $2.8 billion pledged. There is no doubt that this is one of the best crowdfunding sites to use if you have a project you want to get going.

Next to Kickstarter regarding popularity is Indiegogo. You might be wondering why someone would want to use the second most popular crowdfunding platform. There are some great features that set Indiegogo apart from its competition.

  • They have a focus on great customer support to help you with the details of your project.
  • There is a range of pre- and post-campaign tools available to aid success not available on Kickstarter.
  • Crucially the projects don’t have to be all or nothing. If you don’t reach your goal, then you can still get money for your project to go underway. This flexibility is somewhat lacking in Kickstarter.
  • Indiegogo is partnered with retail giants such as Newegg and Amazon. If it is your ambition to get a product to a retail market, this is a better platform for you.

Indiegogo is certainly an ambitious rival to Kickstarter. This is one of the best crowdfunding sites and well worth your consideration.


The great thing about the new crowdfunding paradigm is that it allows the artists complete autonomy and creative control of their project. The money is not coming from one or two potentially controlling sources, but instead a large audience of sympathetic and encouraging fans. It turns the old model on the head. Now, we pay for the artist to create the music or film before it is made, so they don’t have to depend on large corporations to complete their projects.

I hope you enjoy this roundup of the best crowdfunding sites on the web today. Whether you have a creative project or product you would love to launch, or you need investment for your innovative businesses, or tech starts up there should be something for you in the websites we have reviewed today.

We are of the opinion that crowdfunding is only going to continue to grow in future. There are massive opportunities to be seized through the best crowdfunding sites.

Let us know what you think. Have you used any of these crowdfunding sites to launch a project or invest in someone’s dream?

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