best educational websites for kids

Some Top Best Educational Websites For Kids Online

Children love to play. It gives expression to their ideas and allows them to develop their conception of the world, their emotions, motivations and interests. Great activities, educational toys and programs should aid play by encouraging learning, imagination and creativity. Today we are looking at the best educational websites for kids that will help in childhood learning and development.

Mr Naussbaum

best educational websites for kids

This fun interactive website was created by a 6th-grade Elementary School teacher in the United States. Mr Naussbaum is the brainchild of a real Mr Naussbaum. He created the website with the main idea that the crucial educational concepts, facts sets, themes and ideas from the classroom could be enhanced through an interactive learning environment on the web.

You’ll find dozens of interactive games here that have been specifically designed one or several essential learning concepts that are taught in the elementary years of school.

It is this focus on targeting the things that children need to learn and the professional knowledge behind it that makes this one of the best educational websites for kids in elementary school. You can use excellent tool to supplement learning at school, and enhance your child’s learning and development.


This has to be one of the best educational websites for children and especially tots and toddlers.  If you have a young kid, you’ll know that parenting is not a 9-5 job. It is a full time, all day and all night commitment. The service provided by BabyTV is available 24 hours a day to reflect this.

During the day, short programs play along with clips of favourite children’s songs. Daytime programs tend to be active, fun, engaging and interactive.

BabyTV at night will play soft music with gently moving visuals. This is ideal for soothing waking babies and for providing a calm atmosphere in the home.

There is a wealthy and broad range of dedicated content here for toddlers and babies. You can choose from one of many original series’ created by a dedicated team. The best thing about these programs is that they address efficiently learning skills and development milestones. This aids learning for toddlers in the first years.

BabyTV is for an international audience. They have content in a range of languages including French, Spanish, Turkish, Italian, Chinese, Polish, German and of course English.

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Learning4Kids is an excellent online resource for parents where they can find a bunch of play ideas and activities for children. These activities are there to aid learning and development, but most importantly they are fun! The website has the backing of mums. It was created by an Australian mum of three who is also a pre-primary school teacher of 5 to 6-year-olds. This professional input means that this is one of the best educational websites for kids.


Since 1997 Funbrain has been providing free online books, comics and educational tools for children. It ranks as one of the best educational websites for children of all ages and is regularly used by parents, kids, teacher and librarians. This is probably why in 2010 FamilyFun magazine chose this as one of their top ten websites for kids.

You can find more than 100 games here that are focused on learning skills such as reading, literacy and maths. Kids can also read a range of popular comics and books such as Brewster Rocket, Amelia Writes Again and Diary of A Wimpy Kid.

Funbrain provides a safe online educational experience for children. The games compliment and build on what your child will be learning in the classroom and help them to develop their math, problem-solving and reading.

“The Playground” is a useful app you can find on the Funbrain website. It allows you to introduce your child to the Internet and allows them to develop skills at manipulating the keyboard and the mouse.


eLearningforkids provides a comprehensive learning environment for kids ages 5-12. The website was established in 2004 as a global, non-profit organisation that is dedicated to free learning for children. You will find courses in maths, keyboarding, reading and science for kids.


CuriousWorld is an excellent online educational resource designed to prepare your kid for kindergarten. It can help aid development in reading readiness and math. Somewhat improbably to me, they claim the website can improve the social skills of toddlers. I think most people will agree that only real human interaction can enhance social skills. I have no doubt however that some of the games and videos on here are designed to teach social lessons.

One super cool feature on CuriousWorld is the flashcard feature. You can customise this for your child’s age and the subject are you want him or her to learn. Simply select the criteria from a pull-down menu, and enjoy these fun activities anytime, anywhere.

This is a monthly subscription service. However, they do offer a 7-day free trial if you want to see if it is worth it. Its available as an app for iPad and iPhone which is nice. If you have children, you’ll know just how much they love playing with these sort of devices.

You can find hundreds of books, games and videos for your kid to enjoy on CuriousWorld. These are tied to an early learning curriculum, and the content is curated by educational experts. You can rest assured that the content here will be engaging and educational.

One of the best features of the website is how you can create a profile for your kid. The App then will deliver tailored content to your child’s educational needs based on their age. This saves you hunting around for appropriate content.

If you don’t mind paying the monthly fee, then this is certainly one of the best educational websites for kids.


Whatever the needs of your child and whatever age they are, you will find something for them in this list today. In our opinion, these are some of the best educational websites for kids.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Are there any other children education sites you can recommend?

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