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A Look At The Most Innovative and Best Flash Websites

Flash allows websites to truly come to life. Some of the best flash sites out there use the program in an artistic way that grabs your attention. We are looking at some of the unique, visually artistic and inspirational uses of Flash on the web today.

Although it may have had its heydey, flash still is a powerful tool. Many of these websites are a testament to the power of Adobe Flash.

A Look At The Most Innovative and Best Flash Websites

In October 1962 The Soviet Union and the USA were on the brink of all out Nuclear War. Clouds Over Cuba is an interactive documentary and multimedia experience that uses the immersive power of Adobe Flash to allow you to relive the Cuban Missile Crisis over 50 years later. The overall effect is quite chilling and helps you realise how close the world was to an all out conflict at this time.

This website has been produced by the JFK Library and is a real treat for cold war history buffs. If you love becoming immersed in real historical events, this could be one of the best flash sites for you.

Another historical flash site, we choose the moon was created to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the moon landing. “We Choose the Moon” is a quote from a speech made by President John F Kennedy. Clearly, this is a period of history that looms large in the American imagination.

This site is a little older than some of the others we are looking at, but it makes excellent use of flash and is well worth your time if you are a history buff. Flash allows the website to blend archive photos, audio and video seamlessly to create a real immersive experience.

Developed by the folks at Getty Images, Moodstream is a hypnotic flash website that is supposed to get you in a creative mood.

You can adjust the mood sliders to suit your needs, which produces a stream of footage, images and audio that is supposed to help get your creative juices flowing.

The website is a little dated but fun nonetheless and is an excellent concept.

Monoface is a bizarre website that allows you to mess with a head that stares eerily out of the screen at you. There are a baffling 759,375 combinations available. Personally, I found this one a bit strange, but it is an interesting use of flash.

The Museum of Me

Museum of Me should be a real hit with the narcissists out there! The website developed by Intel gathers information from your Facebook account to create a visual snapshot of your life as if you can see your life in a museum.

This is either amazing or creepy depending on your outlook on life. Whatever your opinion Fluid Inc. Whoever helped create the website have made excellent use of Flash here, making it one of the most creative and best flash sites we’ve seen.

This is another excellent interactive flash documentary. Compared to Clouds Over Cuba, this one tells a much smaller scale and personal story. The website is about a female Grizzly Bear that was monitored by a group of conservationists from 2001 to 2009.

The use of Flash here to add atmosphere and drama to this story is stunning. Over the course of the story, we come to understand the modern dilemma of a clash between humans nature and technology. Inspirational stuff.

This is an educational showcase for the documentary Waterlife. Here you can check out the stunning cinematography, and some of the rich storytelling that is found in the film. The designers have made creative use of the flash program in the way the navigation through the site is reminiscent of the motion of water on a lake.

Pharrell Williams – Happy

Happy was one of the biggest hits of 2015. In case you didn’t get enough of the song then, Mr Williams has a website called 24 Hours of Happy which claims to be the world’s first 24-hour music video.

It makes solid use of Flash media to complement the song well. Worth checking out and one of the best flash sites in our opinion.

Favela United

This cool interactive website tells a true story of the impoverished favelas of Brazil and the tough young women who live there. Through the immersive interactive experience, we can see the power of football. The site includes great reporting with some stunning visuals.

The story told here is a powerful one and the site presents us with some sobering statistics. The combinations of photography, quality design and honest reporting totally draws you in.

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A girl can dream

This site is produced by the people at NPR. It combines an interactive storyboard with video and audio to tell the story of the challenges facing young women seeking an education in Afghanistan.

Like Favela United, this is a powerful story that is excellently told through the interactive medium of the internet.

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World Airports

This nice website lets you visualise the locations of websites around the world. It looks nice, and you can hover over any part of the globe to find out about the airports in that area. I am discovering transport hubs I never knew existed!

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This fun site lets you play the beatbox drums by hitting the keys on your keyboard. The site looks nice, but I’ve found that a little lag stops this from being a truly fun experience.


There you have it. These are some of the best flash sites and interactive websites out there today. Flash has been employed time and again to provide a truly immersive end-user experience, to tell stories and to sell products. You owe it to yourself to check out these cool websites and be inspired.

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