The Best Free Logo Design Websites For Your Business

Your logo is the visual representation of your business. For your customers, it should embody your brand. Logos need to be visually bold, unique and easily recognisable. A logo is super important for your business. Logo design is huge business these days. But if you are a cash-strapped start-up, you might not have the spare money needed to pay for a designer. That’s why we are doing a list of free online logo websites. We hope you can find the best free logo design websites for your business on our list today.

The Best Free Logo Design Websites

You can create some basic free logo designs with Shopify. This could be useful for small businesses, and cash-strapped online entrepreneurs who are just getting started and don’t want to forgo spending large sums on professional design.

The logos at Shopify are clean, and while this might not be the best free logo design website, you can get a passable free logo pretty quick. Shopify won’t allow your idea to be fully realised, and you run the risk of your logo looking similar to someone else’s.

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This logo generator rivals Shopify in popularity. Both have remarkably similar interfaces. We’ve found Spaces to be very simple to use and user-friendly. This is one of the best free logo design websites because it allows you to tweak typography and create a unique logo.

To create a logo just enter your business name and then a few keywords to describe your business. This informs the logo generator of the aesthetic that your logo should have.

Many may see it as an imitator, but in our opinion Spaces beats Shopify at its own game.

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This is a free design environment for creating visually appealing apps, but it is as good as the best free logo design websites on this list and deserves mention. Ucraft allows you to quickly craft your vision via the help of various prompts that come up on the screen.

The logos from Ucraft happen to be more cartoonish in their style, but this can suit many businesses. If you think this will appeal to your target audience, then Ucraft could be the ideal logo maker for your small business or enterprise.

What we have found to be perhaps the most appealing feature of this app is that after you create the logo, you desire it is immediately available to download as a free PNG file. There is no need to mess around with email addresses as with some of the other services on this list.

The transparent, high-quality PNG file that Ucraft generates can be used and overplayed anywhere. In fact, some businesses use this app to create a base logo to show off the design they want and then pass this on to a professional designer for refinement. An excellent way by all accounts to get your ideas more readily on paper. Sort of like when a woman goes to the hairdresser and points at the magazine to show what she wants.

Anyone can use this app. You don’t need to be a professional designer to make something beautiful. There are over 220K unique, high-quality icons to use. The app is also completely drag and drop so its a cinch to use.

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Here is a website that is free to use. No messing around with registration and no catches. For us, this simplicity this makes it a contender for the best free logo design websites.

There are a lot of supposedly free logo design generators out there. However, the problem is that in a lot of cases its a bait and switch. They allow you to create a lovely logo of your dreams and get you excited, but when you want to download it, in the end, you find out then that there is a charge. This is a fairly robust, if dishonest business model. The problem is we have become sick of this type of tactic and so can heartily recommend Online Logo Maker.

Here is a tutorial on how to use the site. That should convince you just how easy to use this website is. We hope you enjoy crafting your ideal logo here for free.’

This is a lovely logo design website. However, it might not qualify as the best free logo design website. These guys let you use the logo designer service on the website completely for free. You can mess around with designs until your heart is content without paying a penny. Bear in mind you will have to pay $19.99 for a logo you want to download. As the site is entirely upfront about this, and their design environment is so lovely and intuitive to use, we just had to include them here.

GraphicsSprings provides many of the features you will find on professional image editing software. The sheer number of great customization you can make to the picture means this is an ideal service for businesses that want a bit more control of the final look of their logo. In our opinion, this is the next best thing to professional services and comes at a fraction of the cost of an actual designer.

They break down logotypes into well-defined categories which include letter based and abstract. You can even hire someone from their team to make a logo for you if you so wish.


I sincerely hope that you find today’s post illuminating. Take a look at the websites above and you should find the best free logo design website to suit your needs.

The most impressive of these, in my opinion, isn’t a website at all, its the free app Ucraft. In many ways, tablets and mobile touch devices provide a more intuitive design environment. Ucraft has exploited this to create an absolutely wonderful free logo designing service. If you have a small business or start-up, you ought to take full advantage.

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