Bringing Your Destiny To Your Computer With These Horoscope Websites

In today’s uncertain world horoscope reading is highly sought after. Free horoscopes are readily available online, which can give more or less accurate predictions for the future. In this post, we are trying to find the best horoscope website for your needs.

The horoscope is essentially determined by the placement of the planets during your birth, which is represented by diagram. This diagrammatic representation of the alignment of the planets is known as the birth chart, and from this astrological predictions may be made. The best horoscope site should help you to understand your horoscope without spending a single penny.

Within the horoscope are the 12 houses. These are represented on a 360-degree plane known as the celestial horizon. Astrologers may observe and analyse the astronomical diagram on the influence of the planets to determine an individual’s fate. All the various details are pondered by an adept astrologer. This may be used to predict future prosperity, health, love and family affairs among other things.

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The astrological belief in correspondence between the heavenly bodies and human events has influenced much of human history, dating back over thousands of years.

Among Indo-European people, the astrological practice can be traced back to at least the third millennium BC. It has roots in calendrical technology to determine seasonal shifts. These were seen as communications from the divine.

Up until the 1600s, in the Western world Astrology was considered a pursuit of serious scholarship. The findings of astrologers were accepted within cultural and political circles.  By the end of the 17th century, however, the emerging sciences had undermined astronomical concepts. Today, with the advent of regular mass media newspaper horoscopes, more people turn to these esoteric arts to provide a prediction for their chaotic lives.

If you are someone who puts their faith in modern astrology, then read on as we try to find the best horoscope website.

Oranum is a live streaming website where you can connect live via webcam to a psychic. One to one sessions is considered to be more accurate by horoscope followers. If this is an opinion, you share then this could be the best horoscope site to suit your needs.

Founded in 1997, Cyber Astro is one of the oldest horoscope websites. It is an Indian concern promoted by Mr Satrajit Majumdar. They claim to be able to provide personalised readings, healing and astrological services to a global audience. It has over 400, 000 Registered users and in 2006 became the world’s first ISO certified astrology products and services country. If this sounds impressive to you, then you might have the best horoscope website for your needs.

Within the field of astrology, Jonathan Cainer was considered to be one of the foremost practitioners. His work is today carried on through his son Oscar Cainer.  Jonathan was noted for the quality of his writing, and for not repeating forecasts. Spoken word forecasts can be accessed for a small monthly fee.

On entering this website, you will first be struck by the stark visual layout and rich imagery on display. Rob Brezny is considered to be one of the world’s pre-eminent astrologers, and by extension, his website is naturally going to be a contender for the best horoscope website. He is particularly renowned for his spoken word forecasts. Over the years, his followers claim that Rob has developed a deep insight into the human experience and delivers gems of wisdom for individual contemplation.

In addition to weekly horoscopes available here, you will also find a tremendous amount of additional original content to peruse.

Susyn Blair Hunt calls herself a metaphysical consultant and her followers swear by her astrological predictions. The focus here is on spirituality and the celestial.

Every day Susan publishes her daily thought, with a few paragraphs that meditate on this. It is nice to begin ones day with such calm wisdom.

There is a large variety of horoscopes available here. However, all of them require you to sign up. If that is something that you find off-putting then, of course, this will not be the best horoscope website for you.

If you don’t mind signing up, then you will find a decent astrology website that is free from intrusive advertisements. One horoscope that has been recommended to us is Liz Greene’s horoscope for love, careers and relationships.

You will find astrocenter is consistently placed high in lists which aim to determine the best horoscope website. Simply provide them with the location, time and date of your birth and they will generate a horoscope for your sun sign.

On top of this you will also get your rising ascendant sign calculated and a horoscope for this every day.

The horoscopes tend to be well written, and the site is packed full of bonus readings. Well worth a look if astrology is your thing.

Here is a man renowned within astrology for his deep knowledge of esoteric astrology. Perhaps this is one of the most unusual websites on this list. Michael Lutin is one of a kind and writes some of the unique and well-regarded horoscopes available on the Internet.

The website is a little dated looking, but the correct aesthetic is there. In fact, the outdated design motif somehow adds to the mystery and authenticity of the site. Perhaps within you will find the best horoscope website on the internet.

You can browse the Daily Fix section or Long Term Dish, depending on what your needs are.


As you can see, there is a range of excellent horoscope websites out there. What will be the best horoscope website for you, is ultimately up to your needs and tastes.

Important things to consider do you want a free horoscope or a more expensive individual reading of your star sign?

Let us know what you think below. Are you a believer in horoscopes? If so, what website can you recommend?

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