Best Online Calculator? A Roundup Of 6 Powerful Free Calculators Online

What is the best website for a free online calculator? Well, there is a host of really powerful calculators online now that its hard to answer that question. We are having a look at a range of the best online calculators from the powerful and all-knowing Wolfram Alpha to excellent mathematical educational tools like Desmos and Symbolab. Hopefully, you will learn about some cool online calculators from today’s post, and find the best online calculator for you.

The Best, Free Online Calculator Sites

You can also find a range of basic and easy to use calculators here. The usability is good, and the output of the calculators tends to be clear and neat.

The range of calculators available here is also nice. They are grouped under topics such as chemistry, classical physics, finance health and even “fun”. If you are looking for financial calculators, this could be the site for you. There is a calculator for fixed rate mortgage as well as future value annuity.

The site is mostly adverting free and so is not a distracting place to do your work. Give their free online calculator a try now.

Wolfram Alpha is more than just a calculator; it is styled as a computational knowledge engine. Also, it’s just an absolute beast of a service. With Wolfram Alpha, the sheer mathematical and computational power at your fingertips is truly awesome.

The long-term goal of the project is to make “all systematic knowledge immediately computable and accessible to everyone”. These guys are not setting their sites low, that’s for sure!

Wolfram Alpha was released in 2009 and since then has become famous among STEM undergraduates, professionals and researchers for facilitating fast problem-solving.

This free to use platform integrates computer algebra, numerical and symbolic computation, statistics and visualisation to produce one heck of a calculating beast. It’s the kind of thing the internet was made for.

In addition to its calculating powers, Wolfram Alpha gathers and curates information from academic and commercial websites like Cornell University Library, the United States Geological Survey, The CIA World Factbook, the Dow Jones, Crunchbase …..

If you are an undergraduate science, mathematics or engineering student, this website is invaluable. Check it out.

Desmos is an excellent and free to use graph drawing web-app. Both the browser-based version and the mobile version for Apple and Android are connected so students and teachers can learn graphing functions on virtually any platform.

It provides a functional and clean graphing calculator that functions as well within a web browser as a smart board.

If you are involved in mathematics education, this calculator is a must as it allows you to run classroom activities that explore real-world graphing situations.

A blisteringly fast and powerful mathematical engine allows you to instantly plot any equation from a complex Fourier series to a simpler parabola or even line. Sliders can be used then to demonstrate functions are making math more visual, beautiful and intuitive.

You can zoom in on the graphs you create, and for statistical graphs it allows you to plot lines of best fit. Its also possible to input plot data into a table to create a graph.

Demos gives users the ability to visualise what an algebraic equation looks like as well as helping to provide solutions.

In addition to its graphing capabilities, Demos also comes equipped with a scientific calculator that can handle logs, square roots, absolute values and more.

If you are studying maths in school or college Symbolab is a calculator and educational tool that could be useful for you.

Symbolab is designed to allow its users to learn, discover and practice different mathematical topics using proper scientific notation and mathematical symbols as well as text.

One really neat feature is that gives you an automated step by step breakdown of the solution to calculus, algebra and trigonometry problems. So basically it is the calculator that shows its working!

Symbolab has so-called “smart calculators” that can tackle a range of tasks including simultaneous equations, derivatives, trigonometry, integrals, inequalities and more! If this kind of thing had been available when I was in school maths homework would have been a breeze!

The coolest thing about all this site, besides its free online calculator, is that it is powered by machine learning. We are living in the future.

This is another free algebra solver. Fx solver is also coupled to a large formula database that allows the user to easily solve mathematical formulas without having to learn to program or turn to spreadsheets.

Fx Solver is currently in its beta iteration, but things look promising.

My reservation is that the site contains a few more distracting ads than some of the others on this list, but they have to pay the bills somehow!

This online website is very useful for simple and easy to use calculators. Their stated objective is to keep things simple and relevant. This is something I can totally dig.

A range of online free calculators is available with the most popular being the simple calculator, the scientific calculator and the programmer’s calculator.

All the calculators on here appear to be designed to be easy to use with a keyboard.

There are also additional mathematical calculators available such as the volume calculator, area calculator and surface area calculator.

For your financial concerns, there is a useful, if necessary Loan EMI and interest calculator.

I recommend using this site for its free online calculator, due to its simplicity of use and clean advert free design.


So there you have it, a roundup of the best calculators online. From the all-encompassing Wolfram Alpha to the more user-friendly and simple calculators available at calculator labs there should be something for you.

What’s most exciting is to see the emergence and progression of calculators that also act as educational tools. Desmos and Symbolabs are awesome tools that break down mathematics and make it easier to understand for students. These projects should be commended, and it will be interesting to see the progression of these powerful tools in future.

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