The Best Online Psychology Degree Programs – Study While You Work

A psychology degree is one of the most sought after higher qualifications. Getting a B.Sc or BA in psychology can open up jobs in marketing, counselling, research and more. For others, it is an endlessly fascinating field that explores the human condition. If you are interested in attaining a psychology degree but don’t have the time or money to go into college full time, then an online degree program could be for you. More and more colleges are offering such programs. We have had a look at the best online psychology degree programs to help you make sense of the opportunities out there.

Cost and credit hours.

Prices quoted for online psychology degrees from the USA are per credit hour. If you are like me, you might be a little confused as to what exactly a credit hour is. It is most commonly defined as 3 hours of student work, which could be a 1-hour lecture with 2 hours homework or a 3-hour lab.

What to expect in an online psychology degree program.

The first year of a bachelor’s program in psychology tends to focus on general courses such as an introduction to psychology, statistics, the history of psychology, human lifespan development, general research methods, learning and cognition, etc.

After this, courses become more specific, and students can choose their electives depending on the field of psychology that they are most interested in.

Common options at this later stage include abnormal psychology, child development, family and marriage, human sexuality, criminal psychology and the psychology of personality.

For a career in the psychology field, you need to have obtained a master or higher. However, there are some options available for those with a Bachelors. Jobs at this level include psychological assistant or aids to professionals and doctors.

A background in psychology may also help advance a career in human resources, business, marketing, etc. as an understanding of human behaviour is helpful.


Drexel is ranked as the 95th best university in the USA. They offer a B.S in psychology degree online with a strong focus on actual research and its applications. You can select to study full time or part time, and tuition costs $440 per credit hour.

Penn State World Campus

The online B.S in psychology offered by Penn State is often considered to be one of the best online psychology degree programs. The course is split up into two tracks: one focuses on business, ethics and leadership and the other is more orientated towards life sciences including biology and anthropology. You choose which track best matches your academic or career interest.

Penn State is ranked 48th in the USA and dates back to 1892, so is considered a prestigious institution. The online degree costs $535 per credit hour, significantly more expensive than Drexel.

Central Michigan University

CMU global campus offers a 100% online psychology degree noted for its wide scope of modules to choose from. CMU is ranked 194th in the USA. It has one of the most affordable programs we have seen at $387 per credit hour.

Arizona State University

ASU has an online psychology program that you will find consistently ranks as one of the best online psychology degree programs. The university is ranked 129th in the USA. Tuition for this program is a little steeper than some other options, coming in at $480 per credit hour.

University of Florida

The University of Florida is offering an online bachelor of arts in psychology that looks at both the scientific side and liberal arts side of psychology. The online program is a bachelor of arts, whereas the on-campus program is a bachelor of science. Tuition costs $341 per credit hour.

Oregon State University

In 2002 Oregon established their Ecampus. It has been very successful, and the psychology program they offer is considered to be one of the best online psychology degree programs.  It has been ranked at #7 in the US News and World Report’s Best Online Bachelor’s Programs.

The online program follows the same curriculum as the on-campus students, so you need not feel that you are missing out on anything through the online course. The same material is covered.

The OSU online program takes a scientific approach to psychology rather than a arts and humanities approach. Tuition is very reasonable compared to many other online programs at $280 per credit hour.

Colorado State University

Completing Colorado State University’s online psychology program will confer on you the title of Bachelor of Science in Psychology. The course features a mixture of the sciences and humanities. This is an advantage as students receive a well-rounded education, and have a greater range of career options available to them at the end.

They have an online learning environment called Canvas that pairs video, audio and text together in an easy to use the system. This keeps your study organised in one place. Students are free to complete the coursework at a flexible schedule, so it is easy to fit study in around your job. Tuition costs $419 per credit hour.

The University of Maine at Presque Isle

The online psychology degree program from the University of Maine at Presque Isle is a Bachelor of Arts that leans towards the humanities rather than having a scientific approach to the study of psychology.  Tuition costs $303 per credit hour.

Wilmington University

Wilmington is offering a fully online bachelor of science in psychology that mirrors the on-campus program. The degree addresses both theory and practical research skills, critical and creative thought. Tuition is $370 per credit hour.


A bachelor’s in psychology is a very popular option for a lot of students. That means that a huge industry has grown around the delivery of online psychology programs. It can be difficult to establish which course is for you out of the best online psychology degree programs.

I would think first about whether you are more inclined towards the sciences or humanities. Then think about your budget. After that, the best way to find out which course is for you is to begin contacting some of the schools.

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