Get Some Best Root Apps For Your Rooted Android Phone To Make it Smarter

Get Some Best Root Apps For Your Rooted Android Phone To Make it Smarter
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Hello guys, today we’ve got some info for you on the  Best Root Apps for android devices.

Rooted apps are cool extensions that let you build the phone of your choice. They also allow you to manage your system configurations and speed.  With android root apps, you can unlock your phone’s full capability.

Why root android?

As I told you earlier people root android for many purposes. For instance, if you are a gamer or a lover of games, you can root the phone and play games which are not compatible with your phone.

Sometimes manufacturers lock some features to provide good battery support. If you want to unlock them then rooting is the best way.

  • You can unlock more speed by adjusting your processor but this will have a negative effect on battery.
  • It can make your visual experience better.
  • Reduce your processor speed to get a longer battery life.
  • Allow your device to support a 128 GB memory card.
  • Stop seeing spammy ads.
  • Backup your android completely.
  • Install new firmware.
  • Get the latest android version easily.

What is a rooted phone?

A rooted phone is a device that is fully unlocked and has no branding apps. With root apps you can make your smartphone smarter than ever. Furthermore, you can select the processor of your phone.

Bear in mind however that this may reduce your battery backup. You can install any app on your phone. Moreover, you can upgrade and set some manual commands.

Best root apps

I am listing some of the best root apps or android root apps. These are amazing root apps. With this, you can make your phone and a super phone with all its features unlocked. You can make your phone fast and unlock many apps that were previously not compatible with your phone. So the list of best root apps and android root apps starts below:-

1) Lucky patcher apk

Guys, Lucky Patcher is a must have app for rooted android devices. Yes, it is available for unrooted devices also but you will not experience all the features. As I said Lucky patcher has some cool features.

It is one of the best root apps. With this app, you can modify any app from Google Play Store. You are allowed to break them. This allows you to change their coding and much more.

  • You can even remove google ads from the apps.
  • You can remove content licenses and others exclusive licenses permission.
  • Sharing of apps became easier.
  • You can store apps in different places.
  • You will have a multiple choice for apps.
  • It can make your apps faster.

You just need to download the apk from the below link and transfer it your phone. Moreover, lucky patcher enables you to change the frame rate of your apps. It has some indications marked with colors.

  • Blue: Apps containing ads by google. You can remove these ads.
  • Yellow: apps which are popular and have some more specific features when installing a patched version from lucky patcher.
  • Purple: Apps which are pre-installed on your device.
  • Orange: Apps which can not be installed or apps which are part of the system.
  • Red: Apps which can not be customized with the lucky patcher.

Please don’t overuse this app as it may cause some problems. It may even load your phone with bugs. That said, it is one of the best android root apps. Download the lucky patcher apk from the button below.

lucky patcher apk

2) Og youtube apk

We all know about youtube. It is a big company with lots of features. It streams HD video faster than other video streaming sites. You can upload and embed youtube videos anywhere.

There is even a youtube app available. Youtube has a very big database. When we make our own videos one of the the best ways to share and host them is on Youtube. However, if you host your videos on Youtube, you will be subject to some limitations.

That’s the only problem. But this app will remove all the limitations.

  • Now you can easily download youtube videos.
  • Stream them in the background.
  • Play in multi-windows.
  • Remove video ads which are very annoying.

It is available for both rooted and unrooted android devices. Download the og youtube apk for unrooted users.

og youtube for unrooted devices

For rooted devices download from the link below.

Og youtube for rooted devices

It is an amazing app. It is amazing especially for those who loves to watch series’ on Youtube.

3) Greenify


This is another really amazing app. Its main purpose is to improve battery life of the phone. It prevents the battery spoilage. Furthermore, it is a protector of battery endurance.

  • It hibernates all the apps when they are not in use.
  • It makes the background sleep when there is another app in use.
  • Protects the battery.
  • Increases durability.
  • Sometimes it may cause a  comprise with the speed of the phone.
  • It is easily available on Google Play Store.

[appbox googleplay com.oasisfeng.greenify]

It is really awesome and would help in increasing the battery life of your phone. I would recommend this app to all users with rooted devices. In conclusion, it is one of the best root apps.

4) Xposed Framework

Xposed framework is a very complex app and unique app. It should only be used by professionals. But I will tell you all the steps to use it. Its main purpose is to modify ROM of the phone.

Earlier versions were not compatible with many phones, but the most recent version is much better. Now people don’t use custom ROMs.

With this android root app, you can easily modify the phone ROM if your phone’s ROM is simple. Furthermore, it will make your android phone faster with new apk features.

  • You can easily change the theme
  • You can even customize some parts of android.
  • Change icons and buttons.
  • Rebuild your phone.
  • Make your phone faster.
  • Have a user-friendly phone.

Guys download links are available at developer’ side. But I will provide you with the direct link from the site.

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How to install Xda Xposed framework?

First, let me explain to you how to install Xposed framework: –

  • There are 3 different versions available for this root app namely- arm, arm64, x86.
  • These 3 different versions depend on your phone’s processor and other parts.
  • It is very difficult to find the CPU version.
  • To find the version install the app Hardware info from google play store. Find the app below

[appbox googleplay com.dama.hardwareinfo]

  • When this is installed, then open the app and click on the processor.
  • Observe the data in “processor” and “instruction sets” section and you will get your version build.

If your android version is 6.0 then download links are available below. It is the latest update of this app. It needs a lot of bug fixes and needs some improvements. I have given the latest version but you can download the old version also from the link in the last para of this section namely xda xposed. Please, backup your phone before starting.

Download Xda framework

If your android version is 5.1 then links are below. It is named as SDK 22. There is not such a big difference. Earlier I tried to use SDK 21 for android 5.1 and it was creating a lot of problems. But SDK 22 is very much compatible with the version.

If the android version is 5.0 then download from the links below. It is even called as SDK 21. You should download the latest version below as it is the best. It should be working properly. I would recommend the latest version.

OR the best way is by directly visiting the developer’s site xda xposedGuys for official forum check this link xda official forum.

5) Viper4android


It is an awesome audio administration app. It’s awesome playback and audio control features forced me to include it in the list of Best Root Apps.

With this app, you can control the audio of all the devices connected to your device. With the new root technology, you can even increase or decrease the volume of the phone if it is in connection with yours.

You can change the volume of your earphones. It even enhances the sound quality. Xda forums are the administrator of this app. It is one of the best android root apps.

Separate versions are available for android and windows. You can even set the bass, pop sound and many other sounds using this app.

It is available on play store but it is unofficial. If you want to download the official version then download using the green button. The file will be in apk form.

[appbox googleplay com.vipercn.viper4android_v2_fx]


6) ChameleMAC

[appbox googleplay com.cryptotel.chamelemac]

This is a useful app. With this app, you can change your mac address easily.  It supports rooted devices only. Furthermore, with this app you can increase the security of your phone and you can access sites where your mac address is blocked.

It will create a new mac address. You can easily create a temporary version.I have given the tutorial below.

  • Firstly, download the app from google play. Check below.
  • It will work on rooted devices only.
  • Open the app and you will see a button named generate random mac.

  • Before changing the address, record the original IP address and then click on generate random mac.
  • Then click on apply new mac.
  • It will ask you again. Confirm the notification and your mac address will be changed.

Overall it is one of the best root apps.

7) Titanium Backup? root

Guys, you should backup your phone. Especially for those who keep on downloading new apps. It is much needed and one of the best root apps

When you root your phone, it gets loaded with bugs and many errors. Furthermore, when you install the root apps, your phone gets stuck sometimes.

Due to some coding and different problems, you would need to download this app. Titanium backup is an awesome app.

You can easily backup your phone with this app. With paid features you can have many extra features like:-

  • Have 2 or more backups on your app.
  • Backup SMS, wifi AP, and many passwords.
  • Get your backup fully secured
  • High-speed backup and restore.
  • Send and store backup easily.

[appbox googleplay com.keramidas.TitaniumBackup]

It is one of the best root apps. I would really recommend this app for backup purposes.

8) Network Spoofer

Network spoofer is yet another one of the best root apps. I love this app.

With this app, you can hack your partner’s phone with some limitations. You can hack the browser history of your friends and prank them.

That’s why it is one of my favorite android root apps. You can even hack the wifi and prank anyone you like.

These are not permanent changes. You will need a secure wifi connection.

For controlling the other persons phone, both the phones should be connected to the same wifi.

Please don’t use this for the wrong purposes. Especially don’t use it in school.

Network spoofer is not available on play store. Check the below download link.

Network spoofer

9) ROM Manager-one of the best root apps

ROM Manager is another one of the best android apps. With this app, you can easily setup your ROM. There are millions of ROM available on this app. You can download any of these ROMs.

You can easily share and send ROMs to anywhere using the premium version. With this, you can even customize your own ROMs.

Before changing ROM, please backup your phone. That is very important. With different versions of ROMs, you can unlock your phone’s power.

[appbox googleplay com.koushikdutta.rommanager]

You can also install ROMs from a memory card and you can backup using this app. However it sometimes becomes stuck on its icon and crashes. It has got around 10,000,000 – 50,000,000 installs with 4.4 stars. It is around 3.6MB to install and was last updated in 2014.

In conclusion, this is a better alternative to other backup apps as you can have multiple features. This allows it to enter in the list of best rooted apps or android root apps.

10) Trickster MOD Kernel Settings

This is another awesome app and is one of the best root apps or android root apps. It is my favorite app. I would recommend this app for all those who have rooted their phone.

  • With this app, you can control the features of your phone.
  • Now you can easily optimize the performance of your phone.
  • You can check the processor.
  • Speed up and speed down the processor with this app.
  • Improve the battery life of your phone.
  • Optimize the ROM of the phone.
  • Boost the volume of your headset or Head-phones.
  • Unlock your phone faster.
  • See different statistics and usage profile for users.

[appbox googleplay com.bigeyes0x0.trickstermod]

There are many apps like this but this one provides the best user experience. It does all the things it should do properly. Guys please don’t try to increase processor speed as it has a bad effect on your phone and battery.

11) Boot animation- one of the must needed android root apps

Boot animation is one of the must needed android root apps. With this, you can change your default animation. You can customize gifs and much more.

With this app, it becomes simple to change your phone’s animation system and change your visual experience.

It is developed by Xda-developers and you can easily learn how to boot animation on your android device. It is not available on play store. It seems like it is a new app by Xda-developers.

You can even follow these steps below on how to change boot animation:-

    • Firstly download ES file explorer from below and also watch the video to learn how it works.
[appbox googleplay]
      • Open it and allow it root permissions.
      • Now download the Xda boot animation app from the below link boot animation
      • Rename both the files default boot animation.
      • Reboot your phone and experience the new animation.

If you face any problem then please refer to the video above or comment and contact.

12) Drony Proxy- one of the much need android root apps

This is a good app.  Nowadays as the world is using the internet more, cyber crime is growing. Attackers may try to steal information from your browser and even laptop.

They may get your saved credit card details and passwords. Even your identity and the photos in your laptop may be compromised. Because of this there are some proxy sites which can help you prevent your identity being stolen. This is one of the best root apps for security.

With proxy serving, you can hide your identity from different sites. Now attackers will not get your location information or your browsing history. Using proxies you can surf freely and your browser will not record cookies.

[appbox googleplay org.sandroproxy.drony]

You are fully secured with proxies. This is a proxy app which will hide your information. I would prefer installing this small sized app. It is even available on Google Play.

13) Smart booster

You might think why should I install this app? But this is one of the best root apps.

Yes, it is large in size and even may decrease the RAM. But it is an app which will increase the functionality of your phone. It will optimize your phone storage and might even increase the speed of your phone.

It will optimize the storage of your phone and reduce the bandwidth consumed.

It is available on google play and can be downloaded below. Check out the screenshot of the landing page of the developer site. You will get all information there.

[appbox googleplay com.rootuninstaller.rambooster]

Features of this app

      • It will provide you with a small widget from where you can easily optimize the RAM.
      • Clean your cache with a single click.
      • Scan and clean all the junk made by different apps easily.
      • Easily backup apps with this app.
      • It has a function named App to SD card where you can easily send apps from internal storage to an SD card.
      • It hibernates apps which are not in use and hence saves battery.

14) Disable service

Root access means that you have full access to the phone. You can even customize your phone with rooting.

When you root the device you have the complete option  to customize it according to your own choice. Furthermore, you can set up when you want your apps to work. You can even disable some apps and or schedule them.

App working

You can terminate all the automatic process and set your phone functions manually. With this app, you can handle your phone. Mainly you can check all the apps running.

[appbox googleplay cn.wq.disableservice]

When you operate your phone, some apps are running in the background slowing down the processor. Some of these apps are google play services, okay google and much more.

So this is why this app is included in the list of best app root apps. Furthermore, with this app you can disable apps. Root access is necessary for this app.

15) Link2sd

Link2sd is a root app for small storage devices. With this app, you can link all data to your sd card. It works in android 2.0 and above only.

It helps you in optimizing storage space. Furthermore, you can make your device faster with this app. It is one of the best root apps. With this app, you can even root some factory apps to a sd card.

Below are some features

Link all files to a sd card.

      • Get internal data of apps to sd card.
      • Clear your cache easily.
      • Option for an automatic link to sd card.
      • New updated ROM.
      • Search apps easily by their names.
      • Reboot the widget easily.

[appbox googleplay com.buak.Link2SD]

In conclusion, it is one of the best root apps. It can be downloaded from play store using the above link. You just need to allow it root permission, it will create a partition in the sd card and will work smoothly.

16) Total commander

Total commander is a good file manager app for android. With this app, you can easily copy, paste and cut any file from anywhere. It makes all command work easy. It also helps in ZIP extraction.

With Total Commander you can easily rename directories and apps or even create them. Furthermore, you have easy FTP access with LAN access. It has a media player from where you can stream movies and videos directly from the cloud and other sources.

It has following features: –

      • It is a mobile optimized app.
      • It is available in many languages.
      • You can connect it to google drive.
      • Have a new user access called super user.
      • Provides thumbnails for features.
[appbox googleplay]

This is available on amazon as well as play store.

17) Root firewall

It is another amazing app and certainly one of the best root apps.

Do you suffer from data problems? I am referring to internet data. Even with the launch of 4G data still gets used up very fast.

Technology is always advancing and even apps are updating with more and more speed. To provide best user experience many apps have permissions that you might don’t want to assign them.

They use the internet in background processes for regular syncing and much more. This slows your android and even eats your precious internet pack.

But with this app you can prevent apps using data in the background.


      • Prevent apps from using internet data.
      • Separate mobile and wifi data.
      • Optimized widget for one-click use.
      • Test to see if the app is blocked properly with one touch.

[appbox googleplay com.rootuninstaller.firewall]

Download this app from above. It is a small sized app and in conclusion, it is one of the best root apps.

18) Nandroid manager


Nandroid manager is one for all. Yes, it is a cool app. With this, you can manage nandroid backups. With this app you can also easily restore data.

I  prefer this app because I have backed up my phone and now I am able to restore the old data. Download nandroid backup online app from below. Root is necessary.

[appbox googleplay com.h3r3t1c.onnandbup]

With this, you can even easily delete old backups making it easy to optimize storage. It even restores all the deleted text messages. But it sometimes does not work.

This app is a small app which has a size of 2.6MB. It requires android 2.0 or above. They had got 1,00,000 – 5,00,000 installs.

[appbox googleplay com.h3r3t1c.bkrestore]


      • Get all information of previous backups.
      • Check the content of backups.
      • Restore and select the content from the backup.
      • Easily compress backups.
      • Delete all unwanted backups.
      • Export and import images.
      • This can easily fix permissions.

In conclusion, it is one of the best root apps. It is only for those who often backup their phone.

19) Root triangle away [one of the needed best root apps]

Guys, it is one of the most needed rooted android root apps. When you root your phone you may face some errors in the process. This is mainly for Samsung devices as it occurs only in them wen you  reboot your phone after rooting your phone.

I will display some warnings due to custom ROM errors or non- acceptance from the phone.

[appbox googleplay eu.chainfire.triangleaway]

These are not harmful warnings because they appear due to the recording of custom ROM’s. The custom ROM’s keep on flashing and causes this error.

20) Solid explorer classic 2 

[appbox googleplay pl.solidexplorer2]

It is one of the best rooted android root apps or android root apps. It is recommended for all root apps. Solid explorer 2 has some really good features. It is an improved version of the classic one. It is named as solid explorer manager.

Its last version has got a lot of downloads and it was a successful app. The new app was launched on June 29, 2016. Since then it has got 1 million of downloads which is amazing.

This app is generally for hosting your files to cloud services like google drive.

You can even download the old one but this is not preferable. You can even check the video above to get a glimpse of it. It is a 44 sec video. Moreover, you can download it from below


      • It provides a nice material design.
      • You can easily host on 2 panels.
      • Easily customize and set icons and buttons.
      • Drag and drop system.
      • File transfer protocol clients are available.
      • Read and extract files easily.
      • Cloud file managing providers like google drive available.
      • Works easily with root access.
      • Create a password for files.
      • Storage statistics.

This app requires android 4.1 or above. It is even available in app purchases and will cost around 0.2$.

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21) Dumpster

[appbox googleplay com.baloota.dumpster]

It is one of the best root apps.  I would always prefer this app for root devices. Sometimes we regret due to our small mistake.

This small mistakes sometimes became a very big problem for us. To avoid them dumpster is the best app. Moreover, it is a type of degrading bin on android.

Check this 29 sec video to learn about it. It is really amazing app.


      • Restore pictures, images, videos, songs.
      • Restore files in any type of format whether it is .zip, .rar or any other.
      • Rooting is not needed at all.
      • Even internet connection is not required. Works properly offline.
      • Even restore uninstalled app.
      • Preview all the data before installing.
      • Backup all the files to cloud storage.

22) Servicely- one of the best root apps

Servicely is another one of the best root apps. It is a simple app moreover. It does nothing just helps in saving battery. But it is very useful in saving battery.

When you see your phone in the morning, it comes to half comparatively. That’s the big problem as we have to go to the office and many other places.

We need our phone fully charged. Even we have fully charged in the night, its battery gets drained in the morning.
The main cause is the apps running in the background. Like google play services or Gmail continuously syncing your account.

But it can be stopped easily using this app. You can check the app running in the background. It would take 60 sec to scan. It is a very helpful app  and is in app purchases.

[appbox googleplay com.franco.servicely] Moreover, it is available for free also but the free version is not so good. It is from Xda developers. In conclusion, it is one of the best root apps.

23) FolderMount [ROOT]

[appbox googleplay com.devasque.fmount]

Foldermount is amazing root app. It has some really cool features. With folder mount, you can move any file from internal storage to external. It is one of the best root apps.

It is a great competitor of link2sd app. It is simple, copy the content from internal to external storage and then you can delete files from internal storage. Check the video to learn how it works.

24) GMD GestureControl Lite? root

[appbox googleplay com.goodmooddroid.gesturecontroldemo]

Guys it is one of my favourite apps it has pretty cool features. I will recommend this app to all those who have rooted their device successfully.

Even it will require some sensors to preinstalled on your phone. You can do multi-tasking with this app. It makes the use of android easier.

It is even available in app purchases. Please first try the free version and then buy the paid version. Paid version works better than others.
It requires root access with multi- touch. You can check out the commands at play store. The link is below. You can even disable multitasking and enable single handed operations as per convenience.

25) 3C Toolbox

3c toolbox is another amazing app. I would really prefer this app because it is a multifunctional app. It will help you to get your phone fully customised. It has some pretty good features. As I said only with this app you can completely get the manufacturer’s functions in your hand.

You can do different things with this app. Download it from below link. It is available on play store. It has been made by Xda developers. It is 12 MB sized app with 1 million installs.

[appbox googleplay]

It requires android 2.3 or above. It is even available in app purchases. It is more preferable. It costs around $5-$6.


      • Help to save battery as it is all in app.
      • You can optimise the speed of apps. It is amazing.
      • You can manage apps from anywhere.
      • Easily clean up memory and caches.
      • Easily copy, paste, zip and share files or folders.
      • Control notifications and permissions of apps.
      • Configure android firewall.
      • Control SD card cache and many other integrations.
      • Edit javascript of apps easily.

In conclusion, it is an all in one app. It is one of my favourite apps. Even it has got a lot of downloads.

26) ROEHSOFT RAM Expander (one of my favorite best root apps)

Guys you may suffer due to your RAM. Yes as many apps and devices require high RAM.

Just because of low RAM your phone get slow and you might think to change your phone. But Why only for RAM you would spend a lot of money.

You just need a memory card. Yes, with memory card and root access you can easily increase your phone’s RAM. With this app, you can swap memory card storage with RAM.

This app creates a partition in the memory card and provides space for RAM. This will help you increase your mobile speed. Even many apps and games like FIFA 16 requires RAM of around 4GB.

You can fulfil this requirement just by downloading this app on your rooted phone. Even I will give you a tutorial to increase RAM with this app. Check the video above.

Download the app from below link. It sizes 5.9 MB. It has got 50,000 installs. It requires android 2.0 or above.


      • Download the app.
      • Give the root permissions [rooted device required]
      • Now open the app and click on swap activ.
      • Now choose your memory card and then select the button again.
      • Now follow the instructions on the screen and choose the size of memory card for the swap.
      • It will take its time.
      • After it is over select the main button again.

This app is recommended by me for rooted users to increase RAM. It even works with android 6.0. But it sometimes causes an error. If you have RAM 1GB or more then please not try to increase the RAM.

[appbox googleplay]

It sometimes creates a mess because of the memory card. If you are increasing RAM with the memory card then choose a class 10 memory card. In conclusion, it is one of the best root apps.

27) AFWall+ (Android Firewall +) 

It is another one of my favourite best root apps. It is a simple app. With root access, this app can secure your phone. Even you can check the video to learn about.

[appbox googleplay dev.ukanth.ufirewall]

With this app, you can select and change the apps running in the background. Yes, It is a multi-purpose app. When you root your phone, all the properties and security of your phone also gets terminated.
So it is the most desired app to get secured. It sizes around 4.0 MB. It has got 5 millions of download. It requires around version 4.0.3 or above.

28) Adblock plus

It is another one of my favourite apps. Guys, please don’t use it for the whole time. Use this app when you are downloading movies or surfing torrent sites only. Ads are the only source of income for us.

We do a lot of hard work to make one article which in turn is very helpful to you. To keep going we bloggers need a capital or income. Even some of us own blogging as the main profession.

We are dependent on ads. But we promise you that we will never use harmful or annoying ads. You may know the function of adblocker as it blocks annoying ads.

You can download this app from the below link. Please never use this app while surfing on blogs. Disable it when not in use. Adblocker is not available on play store but it can be downloaded from its official website.

adblock plus

29) Terminal Emulator for Android

Guys, you may know about command prompt of windows PC. It is an amazing tool. With command prompt, you can do anything on your smartphone. Just you need to know the right commands. People are even hacking wifi using command prompt on their laptops. With this, you can open the file which cannot be unzipped due to some errors.


      • Get full access to Linux terminal option.
      • Operate multiple windows with this app.
      • It is a Free app without ads.
      • Use command prompt for multiple commands.

[appbox googleplay jackpal.androidterm]

Furthermore, It has some pretty cool features. It is completely different from other apps.

30) System app remover (ROOT)

It is not such a necessary app. But for professionals it is good. You may know system are not easy to remove.

Moreover, some apps like google play, play services are non-removable app. these apps are necessary apps and are needed by all. But there are some people who don’t want them.

Like people who wanted to run ios on their phone. Furthermore, there are some people who are not technologically advance. This app is only for such people.


With this app, you can remove system apps like google play services and much more.

With this app, you can move system apps to sd card even. Check their size, name and much more. Install apk in Market and search in the market. Remove ads with just one click from settings.

It has got 4.6 stars which is amazing. Furthermore, It requires space around 2 MB only. It requires android 2.3 or above. Moreover, it has got 5,000,000 – 10,000,000 downloads. In Conclusion, it is one of the foremost root apps.

[appbox googleplay com.jumobile.manager.systemapp]


These are the best root apps from which you can select the required ones. The videos are embedded from youtube and don’t belong to us.

Please report if you find any error in this post using the comment section. If you face any problem regarding this article then please comment or contact. Thanks for reading this article. Please don’t forget to share this article with your friends. Thanks for visiting. Have a good day.


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    One smaller suggestion is you could also add the Super SU app to your list?
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