A Review Of Some of the Most Popular and Growing Youtube Channels

As you all know Youtube is taking the world by storm, here are just a few facts and statistics that will completely blow your hair back! Youtube is the second largest search engine in the entire world (Google obviously has the first place there) and is, as of 2017 bigger than Bing, AOL, Ask & Yahoo COMBINED! There are 30 hours of new video content uploaded EVERY SECOND, and it reaches more US adults between 18 – 34 than any cable network!

As went the way of the traditional telephone, DVD players and radio, people are relying less and less on standard tv channels and subscriptions and turning more to online. Millennials are more inclined to turn to their favourite youtube channel rather than a traditional tv channel, and the reasons for this are three-fold.

For one, this site enables anyone in the world, anywhere in the world to connect and interact with their favourite performers in ways that regular television couldn’t ever have dreamt of. Another reason is that unlike normal TV where the broadcaster makes the decision what you watch, now with Youtube, it is exactly the other way around. Finally, Youtube has become so popular because it is the only means by which people can view a very specific and very in demand type of video content which is pranks and Vlogs, pretty much the exact type of content that would never make it onto the normal tube!

Seven Youtube Channels That Are Quickly Gaining Speed

That said, let’s jump straight into the seven most entertaining, most popular and most in demand channels of 2017 that you need to be subscribed to!


Currently, the highest earning Youtuber in history and with the most subscribers worldwide PewDiePie is adored by his fans due to his complete originality and often controversial approach and style of entertaining! If you are into games and love in your face complaining about real topics, this is the channel for you!

Roman Atwood

Famous for his Smile more campaign, follow Roman, his girl and two sons as they follow a great life and spreading a message of happiness. He loves Radio control cars and is one of the most long-standing bloggers in the game!

Abraham-Hicks Publications

The original creator of the world famous masterpiece – The Secrete, follow Ester Hicks as she channels Abraham (pure source energy) teaches that all creations, be them good are bad are all entirely your creations and utterly thought based! We highly recommend this channel for anyone and everyone trying to better their life!

Proctor Gallagher Institute

An absolute icon in the thoughts become things genre, and a total master-creator from all the way back in the early 80’s where he gave birth to the worldly loved original series Born Rich and Paradigm Shift! This channel comes in on our list because not only is the information simply invaluable, but the teachings can immediately be applied to everyday life right away!


The is channel is not for everyone, but if you are the type that thrives off great business dealing and entrepreneurship, then this should be at the top of your subscriber list! Loaded with practical information and all teachings are based on a proven system from the  Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffet himself!

Mike Thurston

Ending off our list of the most brilliant channels of 2017 that you need to be subscribed to is a channel that promotes a motto of when you are looking and feeling incredible, everything else in your life just explodes into abundance, and that is from fitness guru, and weightless expect Mike Thurston!


Gone are the days when the information we learnt in school was enough, these days times, technology and situations turn quicker than you can even imagine, and it’s imperative to further your knowledge if you are expecting to expand as an individual or even within your very own chosen profession.

These days, the information we have available at hand is not only plentiful, but it is also totally current (often new uploads daily) and most appealingly it’s 100% free.
There is something to be said for the man or woman that knows what they way out of life, furthermore, the universe has a way of opening up, making space for, and making way for the non-drifter (person who knows what they want) Knowledge itself is not power, but applied knowledge has the potential to become a nuclear success.

The above channels all often some great value, highly charged positive messages and an opportunity for you to involve yourself amongst a crowd that has potentially achieved the very dream that you are after.

Hope this post and channels have been of as much value to you, as it has been to me, let me know below in the comments 🙂

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  • Speraticus Shootington

    As always, your posts are just so refreshing! Love the ready-to-use information that is standard across the board in all of them! This is great, I’ve just subscribed to all of them!

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