Reviewing the Successful B&H Photo Video Company’s Official Site

The internet makes shopping easier for everyone, especially when it comes to digital equipment. With thousands of successful stores now online, you can practically visit the store without leaving your home. One large store which brings in a lot of revenue from its online site is B&H Photo Video. For those of use who are unaware of this New York company, it is currently the largest non-chain digital and photo store in the United States (this is a big deal). Thousands of people shop in this store on a regular basis for the best prices for the best equipment. Regarding the digital market for equipment, B&H are a force to be reckoned with. Today, their website continues the great standard set by the actual store. If you can’t hit the busy streets of New York and purchase a camera in their store, you can find everything online.

As for the actual company, B&H were founded back in 1973 in New York City. Today, the headquarters still stand on the same spot. Although the store is reportedly visited by thousands of shoppers from Monday to Friday, B&H does most of its business online. Therefore, the B&H website is a bigger focus than the store, and perhaps the better place to shop. The site offers many digital gadgets from cameras to computers, video and audio gadgets, and more. A lot of effort has been put in to make sure the website is of the best standard, which we shall now see in more detail.

The following is a closer look at the website, in which we have explored all areas of the website, highlighting all the best features and the negative aspects, if any, which should ultimately answer all your questions and give you a good idea of what the site can offer you.

Reviewing the Successful B&H Photo Video Company’s Official Site

Do I Have To Sign Up To Use This Site?

You can view all the listed items and even purchase what you want without an account. On the other hand, if you do happen to sign up (which is free) you will receive DealZone alerts (notifications on the best deals) and other emails regarding the progress of the site. The bottom line is, however – you can buy things without an account.

What Exactly Can I Buy On This Site?

The items for sale on this website are quite extensive. After all, B&H Photo and Video are the biggest store of their kind in the United States. Therefore, you have a high chance of finding any digital or technical gadget or equipment here. The company specialises in video software and hardware, computers, photography, TV and entertainment, and mobile phones. There are hundreds and thousands of different gadgets within each of these said categories. On top of these particular digital items, you will also find surveillance gadgets, pro audio gadgets, lighting gadgets, outdoor gear, and much more. All items come with tonnes of great information, so you know exactly what you are buying. Furthermore, each item has been reviewed by past purchasers, which will help inform your decision.

If you would like to use this site and its many gadgets to give presents, you can also purchase gift cards online. All things considered, the list of items on this site extends beyond any other similar company – and that’s a fact.

Are There Any Special Deals Available?

This website offers many opportunities to find the best bargains. From the homepage, you can view the deal zone, which has more deals just below. The deal zone is regularly updated every few days, so if you find an item you would like, you best act soon or you will miss out. The best thing about these deals is that you have a running timer telling you how much time is left for this cheap item until the sale ends. The site also tells you how much money you will save. There is also a specials section and a used section, which is quite self-explanatory.

Can I Return An Unwanted Item?

B & H accept returns on certain conditions. First of all, if you live in or around New York City, you can return the item to the store in person. On the other hand, if this is not an option, B&H offer a 30-day return policy. To return an item, you must also follow the appropriate steps. First, you must fill out a return form. Second, you must ensure that your returned item is properly packaged. (Please note that B & H will not accept computers which have been taken out of their original seal or packaging, as well as televisions, unwrapped books, and underwater equipment which has been used. Third, you will then ship your item with the return label attached. You will find the return address on the website (

If all goes to plan and your returned item is satisfactory, B & H will credit you with a refund after your item has been inspected.


How Long Will Shipping/Delivery Take and Cost?

There are many options when it comes to shipping, depending entirely on where you are. Most orders costing more than $49 are eligible for free shipping. This will take 1-3 business days to ship. There is also free standard shipping, which is again for items costing more than $49, only this will take a longer time of 3-7 business days to ship. If you live nearby, you can order online and have it collected within 45 minutes. Finally, if your order does not qualify for free shipping, the website recommends SuperSaver. Ultimately, there are many shipping companies to choose from, such as FedEx and DHL.

Are There Any Negative Aspects Regarding This Site?

After scanning each area of the site, I cannot find any problems with the actual website. With no inherent problems with the site, it is therefore up to the company and the shipping to complete the perfect all-round service.


With many years of quality experience behind them, the company is going from strength to strength. One way in which they are certainly pushing forward is through this their website. Therefore, if you want to shop for gadgets online, I recommend trying this site.

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