Why Not Buy Your Bike Directly Online With BikesDirect

We can all agree that the internet can be a truly wonderful place. One way in which the internet has made things better for many people is the phenomenon of online shopping. These days, with an internet connection and a computer, you practically have the world of shopping at your fingertips. One thing which you can now easily shop for is bikes. BMX bikes, mountain bikes, racing bikes, children’s bikes, the internet can serve it all. One website in particular which offers online quality when it comes to shopping for bikes is BikesDirect (www.bikesdirect.com). This website harbours thousands of the best bikes on its website for sale. Many bike lovers visit this site on a regular basis to view the low prices and the high standard that they have on sale. So where did this website start and what can it do for you today?

This website was born from the imagination and efforts of Dr Mike Spratt over 15 years ago. Spratt, a college professor, combined his love for technology and cycling and thus came up with the BikesDirect website. Now, with this website in place, cyclists from all over can visit the site and purchase new wheels within seconds, all thanks to Mike. Since the creation of the site, over 100,000 cyclists have reportedly bought from BikesDirect, making it a huge success. In fact, this site was one of the first websites of its kind. From the birth of the website, many imitators have sprung up in its very image, hoping to rake in some success equal to that of BikesDirect. Today, that success hasn’t dimmed, with the website still bringing in many customers on a regular basis.

If you are an avid cyclist or you would just like to know where you can buy a great bike under safe and cheap means, this website should help you out. The following is a thorough review of the website, in which we have highlighted all the best features and any negative aspects (if any), which should hopefully answer any questions you have regarding the website.

Why Not Buy Your Bike Directly Online With BikesDirect

Do I Have To Sign Up To Use the Site?

This site requires no sign ups or any account whatsoever, meaning you can visit and buy a bike without entering any personal details. Simply visit the site, pick out a bike, and pay for it on the same page by giving all the necessary details.

Are There Additional Fees When Buying A Bike?

When it comes to buying a bike, you should know exactly what you’re paying for. BikesDirect does just that, by listing all the prices and the related information. When paying for your bike, the overall price includes ground shipping. However, the site does claim “all bikes free ship 48, no sales tax, collected 48 states”, which is hard to know exactly what it means. Our guess is that the website offers free shipping for 48 American states (which of the two states are not applicable is unknown). Furthermore, a lot of these bikes are on discount, which is always a plus.

How Long Will It Take To Deliver A Bike?

The website states that the purchased bike will take between 5 – 7 days after being shipped (not including weekends and holidays). As for how long it will take for the item to be shipped, the website claims to process items within 24 hours of purchase. Also, with each purchase, you will be given a tracking number which is sent via email.

Is the Website Legitimate and Reliable?

This website has been in business for 15 years. In other words, if this site were not a legitimate website, it would have disappeared a long time ago. As a long-standing seller, this company has served and satisfied thousands of customers throughout the years. Furthermore, each purchase can be made via PayPal, which is often the most secure method of payment available online. The website also has credit card security measures which will ensure that your details are completely protected.

Can I Return An Unwanted Bike?

Absolutely; this site offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and if you are unhappy with your item, it is advised first to let them know, and to send it back in the correct boxes and wrapping, etc. You have a limit of 30 days guaranteed return, so make sure you act within the time.

Can I Buy More Than Just A Bike?

If goes without saying that this website is predominantly a bikes-only website, but it does also offer things besides bikes. You can buy nifty cycling clothing, padding, helmets and tools, but that’s mainly it besides the thousands of available bikes.

What Kind Of Bikes Can I Find On This Site?

You can shop the bikes within the following categories: road bikes, MTB bikes, comfort bikes, cruiser bikes, hybrid bikes, or women’s bikes. Each of these categories has many bikes to select. The site will often list the best bike, a better bike, and a good bike. Each bike also comes in many different models, accompanied by tonnes of useful information and discount bikes. Despite having so few categories of bikes, the selection of bikes within each category on this site is ultimately enormous.

Are There Any Negative Aspects Regarding the Site?

One of the biggest downsides to this website has to be the overall appearance. The overall appearance is out-dated, obsolete, and this is probably because it hadn’t been updated much since its creation 15 years ago. There is also a lot of information to take in. Nevertheless, if you can see beyond the low level of appearances, you will see a legitimate website that does and offers everything that a modern website can (and perhaps even more).


Considering that this site has been around for a very long time and that many bike websites have imitated its success, all this reinforces the site’s legacy as a reliable and all round great site. If you are searching for a new bike and you want a wide selection and a great price, BikesDirect is not at all a bad place to visit.

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