A Look At Cell Unlocker and How It Can Unlock Your Phone

It is no longer a commodity that a person may want, but something of a necessity for everyone to own a mobile phone. Indeed, in this, the present modern age, it’s impossible to escape the influence of mobile phones. We may be a race of modernity-obsessed with technology, but it does have its perks. Mobile phones help us keep in touch like never before. From composing letters and waiting days for a response to sending a message 3,000 miles away within seconds, we have certainly come a long way in such a short period. Nevertheless, despite our technological expertise, things can still be better. Our phones still experience faults which often demand immediate attention, due to the importance that a phone plays in our daily lives. In addition to this, binding company contracts on our phones can often leave us frustrated with our networks.

However, a locked phone is not something which cannot be overruled. With an abundance of help online, this nuisance can be remedied in a short period. One website which we at TechWhack would like to introduce is Cell Unlocker (www.cellunlocker.net). This website, as you may have guessed, specialises in unlocking phones. If you have a phone which you would like to use outside your network, this website can have things straightened out at a low price and in quick time. With a confident bunch of experts working on the job, the people at Cell Unlocker can solve issues on hundreds of different phone brands. Barely any phone is out of reach for these guys.

If you are considering unlocking your phone, the following information on the website should supply you with some useful information and services. We at TechWhack have taken a close look at all the service information which you need to know about.

The Leading Phone Unlocking Website On the Net?

Why Should I Unlock My Phone?

First of all, a locked phone means that a code has been inserted in your phone by your supplier. This code restricts your phone from accessing other networks. Therefore, the main advantage of having an unlocked phone is that you can use your phone on any network. Consider a journey, in which your mobile phone is needed. Taking your phone abroad poses many networking problems. Nevertheless, with an unlocked phone, these problems are resolved. With an unlocked phone, a GSM smartphone can be used on another network simply by removing the old SIM card and replacing it with a new one. It’s that straight forward. No longer will you have to buy a cheap replacement on your travels.

Is It Legal To Unlock My Phone?

Such technological trickery may seem dubious. However, phone unlocking is perfectly legal in the United States and Canada. On the other hand, action outside of these countries may require permission from your phone supplier or network.

How Do I Get My Phone Unlocked With This Site?

In a nutshell, this site will send you a code which can be obtained at a price. The following is the step by step process on how you purchase your code:

You can either first select your phone model and pursue an unlocking code from there, or first use the site’s ‘code lookup’ feature, which allows you to conduct a free pricing quote on your service. Once you have found and selected your phone model, you will then need to select your network and enter your phone’s IMEI code. Once filled in, select ‘search for code’. After this, Cell Unlocker will request your personal information, in particular, your email address. Next, you can review the price for your unlocking code. If you’re happy with the price, you can then pay for it via PayPal. If all goes to plan, you will receive your code via email. The email will also include all the information and instructions you need to unlock your phone.

How Much Will It Cost To Have My Phone Unlocked?

Prices vary from phone to phone. As mentioned above, try using the Code Lookup feature on the homepage to get a quote on how much the code will cost for your device.

What Phones Are Compatible With Their Services?

Cell Unlocker claim that they can unlock 99% of networks, which is quite impressive. You can find the whole list of the phone makes on the left side of the homepage. To list a few, you can unlock Acer, Alcatel, Amazon, Asus, Blackberry, Dell, Doro, HP, HTC, Huawei, and many more phone brands. If you can’t find your phone on the list of featured phones, don’t worry. Simply message the website’s customer service team and ask. You will find that they are very helpful and eager to support any phone.

Can I Get A Refund If My Code Does Not Work?

Despite the fact that this website states than 100% of all codes should work, there may still be some problems. If your code does not work, you can receive a complete refund only if your code states “not found”. You will need to provide photographic proof of this. If you have supplied the proof and Cell Unlocker still can’t fix it, you will receive a complete refund. Nonetheless, the team at Cell Unlocker are confident that all codes work and that all codes can be solved. The most frequent reasons for a non-working code is due to an incorrect network or a wrong IMEI code supplied by the customer. However, just to reiterate, if the problem is neither of these things and the workers cannot solve the issue, you will receive your money back, guaranteed.


In sum, Cell Unlocker claims to be the number one website in phone unlocking. Given the extensive customer service that this website presents and the extensive list of phones which are compatible with unlocking, Cell Unlocker is certainly a good site worth considering. If you want a phone unlocked, this site is worth a try.

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