Change Your Career and Your Life With A WordPress Blog

The internet has indeed changed the way we look at jobs forever. More and more people are finding employment online, and thousands of employers are scouring the web for potential employers. One career avenue which people are exploring and taking advantage of these days is self-employment online, particularly through websites and blogs. Creating a website or an online blog is one way which draws in a lot of easy and well-earned money. In fact, some people are earning up to (and perhaps more than) a thousand dollars a month. You may ask, ‘all this with just a blog or a website?’ Indeed, online bloggers and website owners are changing the way people work, and there are without a doubt some serious benefits that all of us should be taking note of.

In this post, if it strikes any interest for you, we will not only inform you on all these benefits, but we will also walk you through the process of doing it yourself. This post will ultimately show you how to set up a professional blog online and how this can change your career (and indeed your life) for the better. Two particular websites which are specially featured are Bluehost and WordPress. This post has described in detail both of these websites and how they are used. We have laid out all the necessary steps, keeping things simple, which will hopefully have you up and blogging in no time, and raking in all that sumptuous online revenue.

Change Your Career and Your Life With A WordPress Blog

You will find many website pioneers boasting of their success in online posts and articles these days. Success stories like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk all made their first few bucks with the help of the internet. Today, their billions of dollars have stemmed from the early work they put into their first websites. Ultimately, many of these people have taken the correct steps to setting up a successful website and are now drawing in earnings in one of the unique and easiest ways imaginable. With a website generating money on a daily basis, very little physical work is required. If your website is finely tuned, with all areas working perfectly, you could potentially have a money making a machine which requires very little attention. Just think of that – money being made while you’re elsewhere, relaxing, doing your own thing.

Introducing Bluehost – The Site That Makes It All Happen

Many people have the preconception that creating and keeping a website costs a lot of money. However, one of the most surprising things about starting up your professional blog or website is how cheap it is. In this post, one particular website which we are going to focus on is Bluehost. This website allows people to create their own unique, creative and altogether professional blogs for a very reasonable price. With the help of Bluehost, you can have your online creation up and running in quick time, without having to break your bank. One of the greatest and unique things and Bluehost is that anyone can use it. Therefore, anyone can create something special online, and start earning big money.

If you are already somewhat acquainted with online blogging websites, you may have heard of or even been recommended to It is highly advisable that you choose Bluehost instead. Why? Because with Bluehost there are ultimately more advantages, to put it quite simply. Using Bluehost is cheaper, easier and much more professional looking than Blogger or many other blog websites. If you are still not quite convinced, here is a collective list of all the positive points to consider in regards to Bluehost.

Advantages Of Using Bluehost:

  • Ease of use – Bluehost doesn’t make things complicated. You will find within moments of joining the website that things are quite straight forward. This is what makes the site great, resulting in the potentiality of anyone becoming a great website owner and blogger.
  • The Fantastic Technical Support – If you ever find yourself lost, confused or run into any problems, Bluehost has a strong technical support team to help you out.
  • Affordable Prices – Bluehost beats many other websites when it comes to low prices. It costs only $2.75 per month for the basic account. (We will go into prices in more detail later in this post).
  • Free Blog Domain – That’s right, a domain courtesy of the Bluehost site.
  • High Level of Professionalism – Having a Bluehost domain simply looks better than most other blogs. If you want to appear serious and professional, you need to try Bluehost.
  • Monetise and Self-Host – You will be self-hosted when using Bluehost, which is vital if you want to monetise.
  • WordPress Is Free With Bluehost – This essential element is free of charge.
  • Money Back Guarantee – If you’re unhappy with Bluehost, you can always get your money back.

Getting Yourself Started – The Step By Step Process To Creating Your Blog

Now that we’ve sung Bluehost’s praises (and hopefully convinced you of its greatness) we will now begin to show you how to set yourself up. The following is a step by step process of how you can create a WordPress blog with Bluehost. If you are unaware as to what WordPress is, let me now explain. WordPress is essentially where all the writing and publishing of posts is done. With this software, you can create hundreds of posts and have them published on your website hassle free. In sum, it is perhaps the easiest way to create and to publish blog posts. WordPress and Bluehost go hand in hand. In other words, you can’t have the one without the other. (If you want to know more on how it WordPress works, you can read this near the end of the post).

Step 1 – Registering A Domain Name For Your Site

Before any actual creation, you must, of course, think up a name for your website. You can visit here – – to get yourself started. A domain name is highly important, for, after all, it will add to the overall appearance and either attract or detract website visitors. You can alternatively receive a domain name courtesy of Bluehost. You can get your free domain name from Bluehost only if you sign up for a full 12 months of web hosting with the site. By doing this, you can also get some more benefits.

There are three different payment options/three different website plans. You can either a basic account for $2.75 per month, a plus account for $4.95 a month, or the prime account at $5.95 per month. The basic account is most advisable if you’re just starting out. With this account, you will be given a website space of 50GB. The other higher accounts, however, will, of course, offer you more and better features.

By buying the full 12 months option with Bluehost, you will save a lot of time and money. The monthly price ultimately works out cheaper this way, and you will furthermore receive all your web hosting for free along with the domain name. It’s highly recommended that you choose the 12-month option, for it is also irritating and disruptive to constantly pay for your site every month. Also, if you choose this option and therefore receive all the web hosting, you can ignore the next step.

Step 2 – Acquiring Web Hosting

You can’t have your website without web hosting. Furthermore, web hosting isn’t free but is however quite cheap. After deciding on whether you want a basic, plus or prime account with Bluehost, you will want to pay for something called Domain Privacy Protection. This, for a small sum, will ensure that all of the information on your website is completely safe and protected. The price for this protection is only $0.99 per month. Bluehost will also offer some extras that cost some money. These extras are superfluous, uncheck them, and proceed without them.

Just to reinforce some important points about the aforementioned 12-month plan, I highly recommend choosing this. Month by month is ultimately more expensive in the long run, and it causes disruptions in your progress. Furthermore, web hosting and your domain name are all-inclusive when selecting the 12-month plan, meaning there isn’t much you can argue with here. Of course, if you would like to try it for only a month or two, you can choose the monthly option. Also, a basic account is all you need for starting out, so ignore the advanced options if you only want first to get a taste.

In total, blogging with Bluehost will cost around $59 per year. This will cost you more if you pay monthly.

Step 3 – Connecting Your Domain Name and Your Hosting

If you have decided to purchase your domain name through Bluehost, you can ignore this option for it’s already been taken care of by the site. On the other hand, if you have decided to purchase your domain name through GoDaddy, there are some steps you must now take. If you are using GoDaddy for your domain and Bluehost for your hosting, you will have to modify your DNS Nameservers.

To do so, the first log into the account manager on the GoDaddy website. Choose ‘Manage domains’, which can be found in either ‘domain names’ or ‘manage your account’. Select the domain name you want to modify and then choose ‘set name servers’. Now, enter your name server information under the name servers heading. Once completed, save changes. Following this, you will have to add the domain you bought outside of Bluehost as an ‘addon domain’ to your Bluehost web hosting. To do this, click ‘domains’ in your Bluehost hosting account and complete by selecting ‘assign’. The rest is quite easy.

Step 4 – Getting WordPress Onto Your Bluehost Account

This is the final step which will ensure that all is set up and ready to go. You should also find this step rather straight forward. The WordPress blog is included with your Bluehost account, so you don’t have to worry about paying for it. To install the program, follow these steps:

  • Enter your cPanel on Bluehost and click on the ‘one click install’ image.
  • Under blogs, click on the WordPress icon.
  • Then select the start button which will begin the installation process.
  • During the installation process, you will have to choose a domain you want WordPress to feature on.
  • After this, you will be directed to the advanced options. Here, you can now create your username and password for your site.
  • Once you have created a safe and secure username and password, select ‘install now’.
  • If all goes to plan, you should now have successfully installed and created your account.

After all, this is done, you now have the power to do what you want with your WordPress blog. Now is the time to start customising your site, and of course to start writing. In other words, everything is complete, and you are now ready to go.

Some Help For When Starting Out

It can seem confusing at first, but WordPress is very easy and efficient to use. To create a new post, simply select ‘Posts’ on the left side of the page. Here, you can add a new post/start a new post, or view and manage all the previously created posts. You can add tables, images, and play with font size, paragraphs, and so forth. The ‘add media’ button at the top of the page is the gateway to adding images to your post. To add features to your WordPress site, visit ‘appearance’, then ‘Widgets’ and begin designing. When you have a post created, you can publish it immediately by selecting ‘Publish’ on the top right side of the page. You can also add a featured image, choose a post category, and much more.


As you may have gathered, creating and maintaining websites is not only for the technological elite. Website creation and ownership are so simple that it is now something that everyone can achieve. By following the above steps, we hope that you too can someday create and own a successful website of your own.

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