Chewy: Amazing Services On Pet Food and Other Supplies

Our world is the world full of animal lovers. Cats or dogs, reptiles or rabbits, we all want to keep and care for a loving pet. Therefore, we will do our best to ensure our pet’s health. For us pet owners, it’s much like looking after a child. This means, most importantly, feeding our pet with the best food possible. However, daily visits to the pet store or the local shop for our pet’s food can be taxing, especially when you’re busy. Sometimes it can be an extra pain when the food is more expensive than you had imagined. For the love of our pet, nevertheless, in any case, it must be done. There are however ways around this tiresome pursuit of shopping for your pet. In particular, online shopping offers several opportunities for amazing deals on great food for your pet.

Of the leading website’s in pet food and other pet-related products is Chewy ( This website was born from the hearts and minds of pet owners, who dreamt of a quick and easy way to buy supplies for your pet. Thus Chewy came to the fore and remains standing today as one of the leading online distributors of pet care and supplies. The Chewy headquarters are currently situated in Florida, USA, and they have stores situated throughout the United States. Business is good these days, and likewise, many pets and pet owners alike are happy due to the top quality service that this site provides.

The overall concept of the business is quite straight forward. All in all, Chewy are here to deliver utmost health and happiness to your pet while keeping your wallet also healthy. With this site, you can buy large amounts of the best supplies for your pet without having to leave your home. If this sounds like something you want, then we at TechWhack have done the investigating for you. Now that we have the company info covered, the following information is a complete review of the website. With all areas of the website analysed, we hope that you can enjoy the great service that this website has to give.

Chewy: Amazing Services On Pet Food and Other Supplies

Do I Have To Sign Up to Use This Site?

To purchase any items on this site, you must first sign up for a free account. Registration will take only a few seconds, and once you are registered, you are free to roam the site and purchase whatever you like. Furthermore, with an account, you can track your orders, view your order history, review and rate some products, receive exclusive offers and discounts, and manage your auto-ship options.

Are All the Items On Sale Completely Legitimate?

After scanning the site and all the reviews related to it, I have found that all items presented on this site are exactly what they claim to be. This site is essentially a huge online pet store, which has actual physical warehouses full of food across the United States ready to ship for delivery. You have no need to worry when it comes to the legitimacy of this website and its goods.

Can I Use This Website If I Do Not Live In the USA?

If you live outside of the United States, unfortunately, you cannot use this site. This company is American only, and therefore only ships to the states of the USA. Furthermore, this site is only available to 50 states of the USA, not including Hawaii or Alaska, nor other regions including Puerto Rico. In sum, only the 50 contiguous states of the United States are eligible for delivery.

What Animals Are Accommodated With This Site?

You will find ‘shop by pet’ as a heading on the homepage. The animals are categorised as follows: dog, cat, fish, bird, small pet, reptile, and horse. Furthermore, each animal category has several sub-categories of animal. For example, ‘small pet’ extends to or also includes rabbits, hamsters, gerbils and more. This site ultimately tries to supply food and products for all animals.

Tell Me About the Food and Supplies On Sale

If you already have a particular brand in mind which your pet loves, you can shop according to brand with this site. You will find all of the leading brands in pet foods listed alphabetically. There are hundreds of different brands listed for the many different pets, and with each brand displaying many different products, there are thousands of food products to choose from. On the homepage, you can also browse the ‘customer favourites’ section. Here, you will also find toys, flea and tick medicine, and litter. Therefore, this site does more than just sell great pet food.

How Long Is the Delivery Time and How Much Does Delivery Cost?

This site offers a free shipping policy for orders costing over $49. If your order is less than that, it will cost you $4.95 for the delivery. As for the delivery times, Chewy aims to deliver your items as quickly as possible. As stated on their site, most customers receive their items within 1 – 2 days of purchase. Also, you will also be given a tracking number so you know where your item(s) are and therefore how long they may approximately take to arrive.

Pros and Cons

Pros: One of the greatest things about this site is the range of foods on display. Not only is there a huge selection to choose from, but they are also highly nutritional and therefore only the best foods for your pet.

Cons: To be honest, I haven’t discovered many cons regarding this website. As a pet owner myself, this site sounds like the best place to buy products in bulk due to high nutritional standards and great prices.


So, if you are a proud pet owner in search of the best food for your furry friend, but you need a quick and easy source, Chewy should be your one-stop for all animal nutrition, toys and more. Order in bulk and forget about taking time out of your day to pop into the pet store. Try it today!

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