Lets You Customise Gifts Through the Power Of Images

With the rise of technology and the gift that is the internet, we are given the opportunity to create and purchase many extraordinary things. Gone are the days when the shopping street provided you with the only means for buying something special. Instead, we now have the world of retail and creation at our very fingertips. Many people are using the internet these days to personalise gifts (both for special others and for themselves). This doesn’t mean buying something rare but creating and designing an item. One of the ways in which people can customise their products is through the use of images or collages. With a bit of creative inspiration and a good website, you can now make something personal, colourful, funny, and altogether extraordinary.

In this post today, we are introducing – a site which allows you to attach custom images to a range of materials and products, or edit images and make them stand out. The result is that you can make a gift that bit more personal. The website supplies you with all the designing tools to get you started. All that you need to do is supply the ideas and the images. The idea for the website itself began back when website creator, Kevin Borders, wanted to create a unique collage for his girlfriend. However, the tools for such a task were non-existent online, and so Kevin and his friend and fellow founder of the site, Joe Golden, decided to bridge that gap. Today, with thousands of people using Collage to create, this website continues that same level of love and creation which Kevin had for his girlfriend.

So, if you have an idea in mind for a special somebody, or you would just like to create and personalise an amazing product, Collage has all the best tools ready and waiting. The following review delivered by us at TechWhack is a complete scope of the official website, in which we have scanned all areas, described the best features and pointed out all you need to know about this great website.

Customise Your Gifts Through the Power Of Images

Do I Have To Sign Up to Use This Site?

Without an account, you are still free to browse the website, pick out a product and begin designing it. However, when it comes to finally buying your customised item, you will then provide your details on check out, much like signing up. Ultimately, it’s best that you sign up with this site. It’s free, and it won’t hurt.

How Does the Creation Process Work On This Site?

It’s quite straight forward with Collage. First of all, you can enter the shop area of the site and choose a product. All featured products are listed in further detail below. Once your desired product is selected, you will then be directed to the customisation page. After all his designed and you are pleased with your creation, you can then purchase your item and have it shipped “directly to your door”.

Some Points About the Customisation Process

Step two of the process is the creation of your product. Here, you can choose a product template, add photos from your computer and attach text, and set a background or a pattern. Collage has a whole range of designs, backgrounds, templates and patterns for you to choose from. Furthermore, you can view your creation, back and front, as it all takes place. Ultimately, this website makes creation a breeze.

What Items Are On Offer For Customisation

The following items can be found in the shop area and are there to be customised:

  • Photo Blankets: Fleece blankets, sherpa fleece, woven blankets.
  • Home decor: Canvas prints, metal prints, photo pillows, photo tapestries, table runners, pillow cases.
  • Photo gifts: Photo mugs, phone cases, photo puzzles, Mother’s Day gifts, Father’s day gifts, holiday gifts.
  • Cards and calendars: Photo cards, photo calendars.
  • Customer favourites: Photo blankets, photo books, canvas prints, poster prints, photo cards.

You can alternatively click ‘view all products’ or use the website’s search bar if you already have something in mind.

Is This Website Of Any Use To Me If I Do Not Reside In the United States?

This site does not discriminate due to distances. In other words, this website offers international shipping for your products. They also have extensive customer service and care to make sure that you receive your gift and that you are 100% pleased with it.

Any Additional Features About This Site Worth Mentioning?

On entering the site, you will see the 60% off your first order as a first-time customer. The site asks you to enter your email address and then click ‘send me my coupon’. If all goes to plan and the website stands by its word, you will receive a personal coupon code to enter on your first order.

Another thing which is very likeable about this company is that it is a small, independent company which pays a lot of attention to its customers. Despite having only a handful of employees, these employees nevertheless work very hard on a personal level. In fact, with so few employees all dedicated to the cause, what you have here is a team dedicated to your needs. If you encounter any problems, their customer support team promise to take care of anything.

Return and Exchange Policy

In coincidence with their dedication, the workers at this site promise to give you total satisfaction. This means that if your product is not satisfactory, they will do whatever it takes to fix it. This company accepts returns within two years of purchase. Furthermore, and impressively, Collage claims to pay all return expenses for your item. As returns are rare, this website is confident that you will be satisfied with your gift. Refunds will be processed within a week of the return.


And there you have it – quick and easy customisation of a wide range of products. The thing that sticks out with this company is the overall sense of personality and care. In sum, Collage truly takes care of everything.

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