All Your Cosplay Needs Under One Roof At CosplayHouse

Cosplay is a phenomenon that is sweeping the world. It used to be enough to dress up for Halloween, but now people across the world are dressing up and attending events at every available opportunity. This subculture has predominantly evolved from and remains particularly within Asia. Millions of fun-loving Asian people have helped spread this subculture throughout the globe, with events popping up in the United States, the UK and other countries dedicated solely to cosplay events. In its most basic form, cosplay (an amalgamation of ‘costume’ and ‘play’) is the act of dressing up on a large scale for an event, similarly to Halloween, only the events are often a product of pop culture. These events can range from anything to popular movies, TV shows, computer games, folklore, and more, so if you haven’t already dabbled in cosplay, there’s surely an event out there for you.

Cosplay means a lot to many people, and so many of the most serious of dressers spend lots of time and money on perfecting their costumes. Cosplay accessories can range from anything to swords and shields, tails and wings, to avant-garde makeup. Most of these accessories are bought online, and thus we would like to introduce you to one of the best online cosplay stores. CosplayHouse provides thousands of customers with a whole range of costumes. The company is currently based in California, USA, and have around 9000 products on sale. However, the number of items is never fixed. This is due to CosplayHouse’s commission requests, which means you can request a costume at a price, and have CosplayHouse create it from scratch.

The CosplayHouse has many more pros which we hope to present to you know within this review. We at TechWhack have taken a full view of their official site, drawing out all aspects of the site, which will hopefully answer any thoughts you have regarding their site.

All Your Cosplay Needs Under One Roof

Do I Have To Sign Up to Use This Site?

No account is required to roam the site and view all that it has to offer. You will, however, be asked to enter a range of details when purchasing an item. If you would like to register with the site, you will find the register option at the very top of the page. Registration is free and only requires your basic information. The advantages to signing up are not stated on the site.

What Is the Range Of Costumes Like?

All costumes are tailor-made so that you can expect something unique. The categories for costumes include DC comics, superhero, princess, Sailor Moon, holiday, power rangers, and armoured costumes. You can of course request for a costume to be made for you, which is explained in full detail below in ‘Commission Requests’.

How Can I Save Money On Some Cosplay Items?

If you want to try and save some cash, this is possible. First of all, the vast majority of items on sale here are discounted. You can purchase items with up to around 50% off. In addition to the discount prices, there is also a clearance section on the site. There are four different categories within the clearance section: props, boots, costumes, and accessories. Here, you will find the lowest prices. Finally, there is also a group discount feature with CosplayHouse. If you are placing a big order that includes several items for you and a bunch of people (or for just you only), you can email the site on [email protected]for information on how to receive a discount on the shipping.

More Information On the Commission Requests

If you would like the company to create a unique costume for you from scratch, you must follow these steps. First, you must submit a commission request, which can be found at the bottom of the ‘Commission Request’ page (it’s a blue button). These are the requirements:

  • Specify what you want to create – for example, a wig. Be very clear on the anime name or the name of what it is you want to be made.
  • Provide pictures of the item you want to be created. Pictures of the front, back and sides, so the tailors know exactly how it looks.
  • If your item has a specific characteristic, make sure you make this very clear and provide an image.
  • If your item is custom, then you will need to provide very specific images.

Ultimately, make sure you show a lot of very clear photos of what you want to be made. Once this is done, the website will review your request and then provide you with a link to the product. It’s optional to purchase the item when you’re linked; you can, by all means, turn it down.

Furthermore, the creation of your product could take between a week – one month.

Can I Order From This Site If I Do Not Reside In the United States?

You can. This company ships internationally to many countries throughout the world.

How Long Will Delivery Take and How Much Will It Cost?

Costumes and props will take 3 – 5 weeks to arrive. Shoes and wigs will take 2 – 3 weeks to arrive. However, these are delivery times. Processing times may take longer a time of a few weeks because each and every costume is tailor made. As for shipping/delivery costs, all information can be found here –

Can I Return Any Unwanted Items and Receive A Full Refund?

As all of the costumes on this site are custom made, and that costume sale has always (apparently) operated on a no-return policy, this site offers no returns or refunds except in extreme circumstances. These circumstances are if your item has not been worn and it has been severely damaged without interference by you. Full information can be found here –


So if you are either joining the cosplay phenomenon or you are continuing your sartorial fun, CosplayHouse has some unique items on offer. See what they can do for you by visiting their website today.

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