Why Crackle Should Become Your Quick and Easy Solution To Free Movies

Crackle is without a doubt one of the best websites for free television and movies available on the internet. As we know, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of websites out there on the web. Nevertheless, few of them come close to matching the professional standard that Crackle sets. Indeed, the bar is set pretty high, thanks to Crackle’s large library of free movies and television, along with the overall legitimate and up-to-date nature of the site. With this site, you won’t find suspicious links or harmful, irritating ads. Instead, you will find a clear-cut website that aims to deliver exactly what it preaches.

Crackle – Your Quick and Easy Solution To Free Movies

So, what exactly does this site preach? The website aims to give its users a reliable website for free movies and television; it’s that simple. Despite this simple mantra, you still find many unreliable movie websites on the web, and this is exactly why this site was created. Furthermore, Crackle is not just a website, but a programme available on all your devices. You can download the app for free on your iPhone, or any of your devices that are connected to the site.

Now that you have a fair idea of the website let’s dive deeper into what the website has to offer. The following should hopefully answer all your questions regarding the site.

Will I Have To Register/Sign Up?

The first (and perhaps the most important) thing to mention about this website is registration. You will not be able to access any movies or television without first signing up. Don’t worry, signing up is completely free and it is a matter of entering a few personal details, like your email address and creating a username and password. After a minute of your time to sign up, you will then be free to roam the website and its cornucopia of free movies and television.

Are There Any Hidden Fees?

The short answer would be no, there are no hidden fees. This site declares free movies and television for all (provided that you sign up for free) and aims to keep it that way. You can trust this site to keep delivering free movies and television.

What Is the Selection of Movies and TV Like?

There are officially 150 movies and 40-50 TV series to choose from with this site. All of these movies are the official full-length movies, with no sloppy, illegal copies making the cut. The same goes for the featured TV series. There is a great range of different genres to choose from, and the movies range from recent Hollywood blockbusters to older classics. Again, it’s the same with the TV series – you will find recent hits and older favourites. The range may not be as extensive as some other movie websites, but what this site has, is all truly legitimate and reliable.

The Overall Display of the Site

The display of the website makes the website appear very professional, and that is just what it is. There are no unwanted ads lurking at the edges of the pages or any harmful, false links. There are some interactive displays, and the movies and TV shows are neatly displayed in thumbnails. All things considered, the website is both attractive and very easy to work with. In other words, I am sure you’ll get the hang of it very quickly.

Are There Any Special Features Worth Mentioning?

One of the finest features on the website has to be its video player. There is a range of options to interact with when watching your movie or TV show, such as the customisation of subtitles, alteration of foreground and background, and full-screen mode. If you want to watch a foreign movie with subtitles, the Crackle video player has you covered. There are also links to share your movie and TV experiences with social media.

Are There Any Negatives?

Unfortunately, the website is not completely perfect. The streaming quality of a lot of the videos is good, but not great. You won’t find many HD movies and TV shows here on Crackle, but you do get a fair standard of definition. The highest quality is often 480p, which is not bad considering a lot of movie websites can go as low as camcorder definition, which is terrible. All in all, don’t be put off by the lack of HD movies, for you still get to watch great movies in good quality, which, in my opinion, is better than watching bad movies in high definition.

One other negative when using this website has to be the ads. When I say ads, I don’t mean advertisements at the side of the page which can easily be ignored. The ads on this website are official ads by providers which will interrupt your video. Just like watching actual live television, you will be subjected to regular intermittent advertisements which cannot be skipped. Nevertheless, the adverts won’t last very long. For a movie of approximately 90 minutes, you will have to endure around 8 – 9 ads. Bear in mind that you have access to free great movies, so it’s all worth it if you have to stick through a few, short advertisements.

The final negative thing I have to mention is the temporary nature of the movies and TV shows. Movies and TV series may be featured one day, and then removed the next day to keep things up to date. This site updates its movie and TV database regularly, so don’t expect things to remain online forever.

Closing Remarks

Above all else, with this site, you get a website that is both very reliable and safe. Everything remains completely free, and all the videos are legitimate. You may be short of HD options, and you will be watching some ads from time to time. Nevertheless, this site will remain as a trustworthy website that will always deliver. If you enjoy using Crackle, try downloading the app for your iOS or Android devices.

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