There’s Only Place For Terrific Creative Font Styles and It’s DaFont

If you are a web designer or a designer of anything which involves some fancy calligraphy, you will agree that most often the fonts offered on software programs like Microsoft Office and other online sites just don’t quite match your standards. It’s important to complete your designs with the best and most artistic writing, but when it comes to computers, such a thing isn’t quite as easy to obtain as in the physical world. Let me now introduce DaFont ( This website is dedicated to the display and often the free giving of some of the best and most creative fonts. Thousands (and perhaps even millions) of different font styles are featured on this unique website, free for you to have a look at and download at your liking.

DaFont is one of the first websites of its kind and has been serving people for some years. Today, the website displays thousands of different font styles, and the number of fonts is increasing by the day. Many designers have their creative fonts featured and downloaded onto the site on a daily basis. Furthermore, you can also create and upload your fonts onto the website if you are a designer. Ultimately, this website is the one-stop place for a whole range of different font styles which could add the finishing touches to your new creation, whatever it is.

Now that we have a fair idea of what the site is about let’s take it a step further. The following is a complete and in-depth review of the DaFont website. We have highlighted all areas of the site, drawing out any special features, any negative aspects (if any) and ultimately how to navigate your way around the site. Hopefully, you shall have no questions by the end of the review.

There’s Only Place For Terrific Creative Font Styles, and It’s DaFont

Do I Have To Sign Up To Use This Site?

First of all, registration with this site is completely free. However, it is not obligatory to sign up. You can visit the site and download fonts without an account. On the other hand, some features may require a free account. When you register with the site, you can: submit and create your fonts, post comments on the featured fonts, post on the website’s forum, and create selections of fonts or favourite lists. Registration entails a username and a password, which should only take you a matter of seconds. You will find the registration link on the top left side of the homepage.

Will Anything On This Site Cost Me Money?

Most of the fonts on this website are indeed completely free. Nevertheless, the DaFont website states that the fonts displayed on the website are property of the authors. Furthermore, the licence stated next to the download button is only an estimate. In other words, some fonts may be free, whereas others may not – it entirely depends on the author’s wishes. Also, if no cost information is available on the site, this does not mean that the font is free to download.

How Do I Download the Fonts?

It’s very easy to download the fonts from the site. When you have found and selected a font you like, all it takes is a simple click on the website’s download button. The fonts will be downloaded in zip format, which may cause some problems if you do not have the appropriate programs to unzip files. (This will require a software program like WinZip, which are often not free, though you can find free unzipping programs online). If you do have the appropriate software for unzipping files, your download will be a piece of cake.

What Fonts Are Available On This Site?

There are tonnes of different, unique and creative fonts to browse through. With new fonts being added to the site on a daily basis, you have more than enough fonts to get through. On the homepage, you will see a table which displays all the font names for you to explore. There are font headings such as fancy fonts, foreign fonts, techno fonts, bitmap fonts, Gothic fonts (Celtic, medieval), script fonts, and more. Each of these mentioned headings has numerous styles.

You can also browse the author’s section, which features all the fonts created by specific people. Here, you could find a designer whose work could inspire you long-term. Furthermore, you can browse the fonts alphabetically or search for a specific font you have in mind by using the search bar. There is also a top fonts section, in which you can look at the best fonts of yesterday, of all time, or narrow your search by selecting a size.

How Do I Create My Unique Fonts?

This action takes a lot of effort which demands help from other websites. To create your font, you will need to visit a site like and also install some calligraphy software. If you already have these things on your computer, you can upload your created fonts on the DaFont website (as long as you have a free account).

Are There Any Negative Aspects To This Site?

After scanning the website, I have found no problems. There are no pop-ups, ads, or malicious activity present on this site.

Are There Any Unique Features On This Site?

Given how simplistic this site is, there are not many fancy features. The site is so simple that you will be able to navigate your way around it without any help. There are no complicated processes so that you can have a font within seconds without distractions. Furthermore, the site is offered in different languages, such as French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese. There is also a very helpful FAQ section which will answer any questions you have regarding the site.


DaFont is one of the most basic, efficient and ultimately best sites of its kind. If you are in search of the perfect writing style for your creation, you won’t find any problems here.

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