A Look At Daily Kos, One Of the USA’s Leading Political Websites

The recent months have seen the world shaken by politics, particularly in the United States. The inauguration of the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump has erupted shock waves across the globe. Immigration, religion and violence have all taken centre stage on the worldwide news, with worries and heavy opinions being shared amongst millions of the world’s people. It’s quite difficult these days to turn a blind eye or a deaf ear towards the turbulence and the commotion. Furthermore, it’s almost impossible to avoid the news. Everyone is affected, and many of us are powerless. For those of us in the United States, however, now is the time for education and action. Millions of Americans rely on the news for political information. On the other hand, we will often find that some news corporations are biased, uninformed, and ultimately useless.

There are nevertheless some good guys out there when it comes to the American news and media. The internet is one of the prime places for the freedom of thought and opinion. Thousands of political websites offer people unique views on some of the biggest political stories. One website, in particular, is Daily Kos, a large American free media website. This website is in some ways an online political giant. The statistics reinforce this, with 80 million page views in November alone, and around 60 million views via Facebook per week. With this amount of media coverage, Daily Kos has a huge platform on which to preach. The website claims that it is the proud home of the political resistance that has recently flared up in the USA.

This site was founded back in 2002, in which it received moderate attention for its humble material. Since then, however, the site has expanded to become a large political mouth roaring its message throughout the web. Daily Kos has even hosted diaries posted by previous presidents such as Obama and Reagan, as well as many other leading congressmen and senators. Today, this site is one of the largest and most powerful online communities dedicated to the Left. In short, this website is a strong political machine with a loud voice.

Now that we have a fairly clear idea of what the website is about let’s get further inside and find out more. What pursues is a thorough analysis of this political website. Our review aims to point out all the best features which could hopefully be suitable for you and to ultimately help you know more about it and how to use it.

Daily Kos: A Look At One Of the USA’s Leading Political Websites

Do I Have To Sign Up to Use This Site?

If you are truly dedicated to politics, and you feel like you have something to share, it would be beneficial for you to sign up. It’s free to sign up, and it should only take you a matter of seconds. You can also sign up for the daily email action alerts by joining the mailing list. On the other hand, without registration, you are still free to roam the site and view all that it has to offer.

What Are the Action Calls?

On visiting the website for the first time, you will notice an action which you can either ignore or get involved with. Actions are what count in times like these, and this site and its active online community is truly a testament to this. If you would like to put a plan into action or join an active campaign, you can do just that. The ‘Action’ section of the website displays ongoing campaigns which always need bigger numbers to join. There are many online petitions that you can get involved with to help make a change. Indeed, making a change is what this website is all about. With many online users signing petitions and voicing their opinions, Daily Kos is one great website to get on-board with.

What Is the News Coverage Like With This Site?

Daily Kos pumps out thousands of articles over a short period. The website has dozens of great writers working on a regular basis, all of whom are dedicated to bringing you unbiased, true and clear political postings. There are tonnes of political articles available on this site, including the current presidential issues, immigration, the environment, Russia, and much more. The news section of this website is split into the front page, elections, labour, comics, their liberation league, and radio. As you can see, the news comes in many forms with Daily Kos. The comics section, in particular, is both interesting and amusing.

The ‘Community’ Section

In this section of the website, you will find recommended articles, most shared posts, recent stories and much more. The good thing about these posts is that they can be posted by anybody, liked, shared via social media, and commented on. You will find a wide variety of posts in this section of the website, all of which can be interacted with.

Additional Features On the Website Worth Mentioning

One of the most prominent characteristics of this website is a lot of posts and articles that it hosts. You can find a story or a trending post on almost any kind of social/political event. Another aspect which is quite useful is its use of social media. At the top of the homepage, you will find an array of hashtags or trending posts on Twitter. To provide some examples, you can click on #Trump, #Republicans, #Resistance, #Russia, #Immigration, and so on. You can then enter into the many trending articles featured under the hashtag. Do your bit by joining the hashtag on your Twitter account and voice your opinion.


With so many articles, posts and many ways to get actively involved, it’s no wonder that this site has gained so much steam over the past few years. Thus, if you are an American citizen concerned with the political state and holding an opinion worth sharing, Daily Kos is the perfect place for you.

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