Need To Catch Up On Dragon Ball Super? We Have the Main Plots & Summaries

Need To Catch Up On Dragon Ball Super? We Have the Main Plots & Summaries
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Hello guys, today tech whack has brought a new post on “Dragon Ball Super”. If you want to watch this anime, read the summary below of main episodes.

Guys, it is my favourite anime. I would recommend this to all. You may be known of Dragon Ball Z. But this version is the newest version of dragon ball anime series.

There is a variety of Japanese anime television series that are produced each year. Anime is a cult phenomenon for a growing number of teens and up. Dragon Ball Super is one of the most famous anime series. The series began airing on July 5, 2015 and is the very first new television series in 18 years. The show is produced by Toei Animation.

The show is jam-packed with science fiction action and fantasy. After defeating Majin Buu, life on the planet is peaceful once again. Then Goku is ordered by Chi-Chi to earn money. Goku listens but just wants to continue developing his martial arts powers. One of the other main characters Goten is about to become the brother in law to Videl and sets out on a journey to with Trunks to find her the best present he again. There are over sixty-two episodes that you can watch.

The episodes are in Japanese, but most are dubbed into or sub-titled into English. One of the best ways to look at the series is through a movie streaming site. It seems that there is a new site appearing every day. On the flip side of the coin, many sites also disappear in a day. People are consistently looking for new pages that offer a variety of streaming sites.

Although new sites are appearing daily, the following sites have a proven track record and appear that they will be around for the next while. Many of these places also offer you the opportunity to use your iPhone, X-box or Playstation to watch your movies.

Each of these locations offers not just a short movie trailer but the full-length video. Depending on the option you choose there may or may not be commercial interruptions. Prices vary from site to site, but most are much less for a month than buying a single ticket at the cinema. The television series Dragon Ball Super can be downloaded from many of these sites. The trick now is just to pick which site you feel best fits your television and movie needs.

All any of the sites require is a computer or mobile device and internet access. Popcorn Flix is one of the newer sites. With over 1500 movies to choose from and new movies being added daily this is a good choice. A few of the film genres this site offers are comedy, drama, romance, horror and action. One of the perks of Popcorn Flix is there is no subscription required just go to the site, choose your movie and hit Play.

Yidio is a great site for movies and allows you to select them by rating. The rating ability in this site is handy because if you have young children and want to know

what they are watching. You can separate each category of a movie by G, PG, PG-13 and R-rated films.

Everyone has heard of You-Tube and most if not all have sent a funny video to a friend. What some people are unaware of is that you can watch full-length movies on You-Tube. One can enjoy almost everyone one of these movies for free.

SnagFilms is a pretty highly rated video streaming site. At last count, this site offered over 10,000 movies of all different genres. The neat attraction to this site is that you can choose movies based solely on how popular they are or how many times they have been viewed by other visitors to the site. You will need to have either a Facebook account, Twitter account or Google +account.

If you are looking for a particular t television series such as the Japanese Anime television series Dragon Ball Super, then Tubi TV may be just what you have been looking for. This free streaming site offers over 20,000 movies and television shows. While most of these are free, there are some programs that you can rent for a period.

Although, all of the movie streaming sites do not currently offer mobile apps many of them do and you can feel relatively confident that you can watch almost any of the movies from these places without violating any copyright law. Apple and other industry leaders who create apps do not want to be sued over a copyright violation have taken steps to protect this when you download the app.

On that same note, the sites listed in this article have all been vetted and are legitimate. New sites are cropping up daily so listen to your gut, and if you feel something is too good to be true, it just may be. There is plenty of legitimate sites out there – so there is no need to delve into a site you feel may be making money illegally. Pick your favourite program and streaming site, get a box of popcorn and enjoy the movie.

Dragon Ball Super Summary [Starting from Black Goku Arc]

Dragon Ball Super is truly based on fighting. In dragon ball super all the main characters like Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Son Goku all gets bigger in age.

Dragon ball super includes a super villain named Black Goku. In this anime, the future trunks came into the past as black Goku has destroyed the whole world in future.

But, somehow future trunks manage to escape, and with the help of time machine, he came back to the past to ask for help from Goku and Vegeta.

Black Goku follows him, and he also came into the past. Then there is a fight between black Goku and Goku where Goku seems to win. As black has limited time to be in the past. He was forced to go back to future. Now Goku and Vegeta are planning to go in future to defeat Black Goku.

Trunks along with Goku and Vegeta went to the future where they face black and zamasu. They were defeated by black and zamasu because black turned into super sayain rose while zamasu was immortal. They were rescued by mai and yajirobe. Then they went to the past again. In the past after discussing with beerus and whis, they all decided to kill zamasu. Beerus killed zamasu and thought that future would also change

So Goku, vegeta, Trunks and Bulma went to the future to check if everything is alright in the future. But the future has not changed. They again faced black and zamasu and they came to know that black Goku is zamasu who was killed in past and controlling the body of Goku who died in future due to a heart attack. While the zamasu gain the immortality with the help of dragon balls.

They all were again beaten. Goku was heavily injured. But the trunk and Vegeta were still standing. Black Goku blamed Trunks for all of this. He said that trunks are responsible for their zero mortal plan (To kill all mortals or humans on the Earth). Trunks after being blamed became very angry and unleashed his new power. He powered up a lot and then suggested Vegeta and Goku escape to the past and find a way to beat them. They were successful in escaping while trunks were fighting with both of them.

In the past, Goku found a way to beat immortal zamasu by using Mafuba technique. With Mafuba he can capture and prison Zamasu in an earthen pot which needs to be sealed with a special seal. While Vegeta was training hard to become even more powerful. He used his anger to increase his power.  They told everything about future to beerus, but he showed no interest in going to future. But instead, he went to kaioshin and ordered him to stop zamasu.

In the future, Black Goku beat the trunks. With the help of Mai, he was able to escape and went to a secret base. Again trunks after being healed tried to attack black and zamasu.  In the fight, he was about to die, but suddenly Goku and Vegeta came to help him. He was saved. Even kaioshin came there. He ordered zamasu to stop but was not able to.

While Vegeta was about to beat black as he was trained well but black when came to know the secret how he has increased his power (Turned anger to power). Then he also started using this method. He became so powerful that his blade becomes bigger than ever. Both Goku and Vegeta were busy in fighting with Black. But suddenly Trunks tried Mafuba on zamasu and was successful. But they had not brought now the seal in the future. Therefore, Zamasu managed to escape. Zamasu and black were both shocked to see this power. They decided to fuse and became Zamasu fused. He became very strong, and none of them was able to defeat him. The episode continues.

This episode was an awesome episode. Moreover, it is a must watch episode. It started with zamasu facing the  Kamehameha. Both of them were using their full power. But Goku won in this head to head clash, and it causes a major damage to zamasu. His one arm got ruptured. This is because Zama SU is half immortal now. His one arm changes into green colour. But he became more powerful. Goku has been beaten again. While zamasu was taking his time to recover. The saiyans were planning a different strategy. Goku and Vegeta decided to fuse. They fused together to form Vegeto.

Then they transformed into vegeto blue. With this transformation, they could sustain only for 1 hour. Then both of them fought where Vegeta was winning. He destroyed many parts of half immortal zamasu.

Both of them were fighting, and suddenly Vegito got unfused. This is because they had used up all the energy. And in the next moment, Both of them were beaten fiercely. At that time trunks became so angry that he decided to kill the zamasu. He was fighting well. Even there were some changes in the trunks.

Suddenly, he started gaining power from his surroundings. All the mortals started giving their power to Trunks and with a final attack, zamasu got divided into 2. And at this moment episode ended.


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