Try DuckDuckGo, the Search Engine That Offers You More Than Just Total Privacy

The internet is packed full of millions of search engines. Furthermore, we all have a go-to search engine or homepage. For the vast majority of people, this default search engine is Google. Other search engine giants include Yahoo, Ask and Bing (the list stretches on). However, despite all of these search engines having many things in common, there are also things which one search engine can do than another can’t. In its most basic form, a search engine will scour the web for the best results. On the other hand, a search engine should provide you interesting additional features, as well as, above all, some privacy. Therefore, we at TechWhack would like to attract your attention towards a lesser-known search engine which specialises in all round, total privacy (as well as other features). This site is none other than DuckDuckGo.

This search engine was launched in 2008, in Pennsylvania, USA, and currently only employs just over 20 people. With so little employees, business with DuckDuckGo is extremely personal. The aim for the website’s founders was to not get ahead of the competitors, like Google and Bing, but to provide a service which offered people total secure and private searches. Therefore, this website is not all about how many search results it can provide, which is what Google and other search engines initially set out to do, but instead what quality searches they could return in complete privacy. Thus, this site becomes almost like a condensed version of the main search engines, in which it has squeezed out the unnecessary results, replacing them with only the great stuff you really want, and sealing it all with absolute privacy.

This website prides itself on being “the search engine that doesn’t track you”. Since its beginnings back in 2008, this search engine has really gained trust and therefore speed from millions of web users. Much like a delicacy, this searcg engine has gone from an unknown search engine to a service which only the most learned web surfers know about and use. When setting aside the bigger names in the search engine business, DuckDuckGo measures up well, which is what we are here to demonstrate. The following review will show you all the great things that this search engine can do for you, stressing importance on what puts it ahead of the more popular search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

A Search Engine That Offers You More Than Just Total Privacy

More On Privacy

To put it quite simply, this search engine does not collect your personal information while you are browsing, nor do they share it like most other search engines. Furthermore, this search engine will not store your browsing history. One of the excellent points that this website also makes is that when you are allegedly in ‘private mode’ on other search engines, they still secretly continue to track you against your wishes. On the other hand, with this search engine, private mode truly means private searching. All is clandestine as it should be, and that’s that.

Additional Features Offered By DuckDuckGo

Besides privacy, DuckDuckGo has a handful of cool and useful features which can boost help you out. The following are most of the things worth mentioning that this browser has in store:

Password Generator

If you can’t think of a unique password for a website account, DuckDuckGo can do this for you. To do this, type in “password 20” and the browser will generate and display a strong password for you. You can alternatively use ‘XKCD Passwords’, which are passwords comprised of four random words. These passwords are easier to remember than the random assortment of letters and numbers that people normally use, and they are also surprisingly tough to crack. For this, type in “random passphrase” into the search bar and the website will retrieve your XKCD password.

Is A Website Currently Operating?

You can check on the operating status on websites. By typing into the search bar “is (insert website name) down for me?”, this search engine can tell you if the website in question is still up and running or if it is experiencing problems.

A Rhymester

Believe it or not, this site is a rapping bot. Courtesy or RhymeBrain, you can search “rhymes with (insert word)” and the site will display a list of words which rhyme with your inserted word.

Calculate My Loans

Loans are a mathematical problem that we must, unfortunately, keep track of. Fortunately, DuckDuckGo has a formula for calculating your loans. The formula for this which you must key in is “loan (insert amount) at (insert interest) with (insert percentage) down for (insert duration).

Instant Answers

First of all, to get instant answers with this search engine, you must install the website’s extension on your browser. You can install the extension from the DuckDuckGo homepage (it’s free!). Once installed, you can spot these instant answers from the search engine no matter what search engine you are using.

Search For Apps

When you search for an app with this browser, it will retrieve a whole bunch of similar apps complete with useful information.

Other Cool Features

With this search engine, you can also:

  • Expand and shorten links.
  • View social media profiles from the browser.
  • A stopwatch feature.
  • Great calendar feature.
  • Many cool features for developers, such as – generate ipsum and lorem text, convert binary to decimal, encode URLs to machine-readable text, display the HTML value for any special character, display a list of special characters and their HTML values, and much more.


All things considered, this search engine is one of the most private and trustworthy you can find. Also with their 100% privacy promise, just consider all the other additional features that they can do for you. All in all, this search engine offers you a lot more than most other big names, which makes one wonder why not everyone is using it as their default browser. Give it a try today – there are no sign ups or secret fees to deal with. The bottom line is it’s all free, easy and absolutely private.

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