Getting To Know eBay, The Net’s Most Popular Auction Site

We have all heard of it, we all know what it does, but not all of us have used it. eBay is without a doubt one of the world’s most popular online buying and selling sites. Millions of people across the globe post all sorts of items on this site for sale and also purchase items by the minute. By the time you’ve read this sentence, hundreds of items will be posted and sold, potentially generating millions of dollars.

This website is, by all means, an auction site worth getting involved with, and the best thing is, you can buy or sell pretty much anything. This site offers people the chance to sell any seemingly useless pieces of junk. Take a look around you and ask yourself what’s for sale. Whatever it is, this site will give you a platform on which to sell it, with millions of potential customers ready to snap up a good deal.

On the contrary, you can find any old item on eBay. The website has one of the largest (perhaps the largest) ranges of items for sale than any other site. Therefore, if you can’t find what you’re looking for on some sites, or perhaps the official sites are charging too much for an item, eBay is always one of the best solutions. Also, many people hold the preconception that all things are second-hand/used when it comes to items on eBay. This is simply not the case. Items can be bought brand new from the official sellers. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the product’s condition when purchasing from the site.

This giant buys and sells site has been sitting head and shoulders above others for many years. So, whether you are a buyer or a seller, eBay gives you the finest of opportunities to get the ball rolling. The following review will tell you all you need to know regarding how eBay is used, what benefits you can derive from it, and what policies you must consider when using it.

All You Need To Know About the Net’s Most Popular Auction Site

Do I Have To Sign Up to Use It?

To sell an item, you must sign up to the site. Registration is both free and easy, and should only take a few seconds. The same goes for buying an item.

What Items Can I Sell and How Do I Sell An Item?

The great thing about this site is that you can sell anything you think can sell. Popular items range from CDs and DVDs to furniture and musical instruments. To become a seller, make sure you have an account. Next, simply click sell an item and follow the process. You will need to supply information on your item, such as a product description, product dimensions, pictures (you can take a few) and of course a price for your item. If somebody wants to buy your item, you will be notified via email. Do not consider offers via text message or any offer outside the website. Such cases are often scams, which I have mentioned in more detail below.

When Selling An Item Are There Any Policies I Must Take Into Consideration?

When selling, bear in mind that you are completely responsible for the delivery/shipment of your item to the buyer. This means either choosing a mailing company to handle the delivery or handling the delivery yourself via your post office. Furthermore, please be aware that eBay will charge you 10% for a service fee. A service fee is essentially their way of being paid for their good service. This is non-negotiable, and non-payment of this fee will lead to legal action if left ignored for some time.


Also, besides policies, there are scams which you must be careful of. You will be surprised at how often people get scammed into seemingly selling an item to a legit buyer. What happens is that a scammer will ask you to ship your item to them before they have paid you. Do not ship anything until you have been paid. Be sceptical if they contact you by telephone or email rather than through the site. Scammers will often disguise themselves as vulnerable people with payment problems, so do not get roped in.

How Can I Purchase An Item?

In some cases, you can auction for an item. This means placing bids which could potentially score you an amazing bargain. Buying an item is very simple. By clicking buy, entering your details (such as name, address and card details) and then, if you want, contacting your seller via message through the site, your item is bought.

Can I Trust the Sellers On This Site (How)?

When buying something online, there is always a risk. Sometimes items can appear to be something which they are not. We’ve all heard the horror stories. Nevertheless, one of the best ways to ensure that your seller is legit is bought checking his or her history. People review other people’s actions, so if a seller has received bad reviews for past sales, you have every reason to be sceptical. Furthermore, you can message your seller and talk to them about the item.

How Long Will Delivery Take and How Much Will It Cost?

This depends entirely on your seller. He or she may select a postal method suitable to them, or sometimes you can request a postal method suitable for you. Ultimately, a seller creates his or her own for a price of postage and packaging.

Can I Return Any Unwanted Items That I’ve Bought?

Returns and refunds depend entirely on your seller’s policies. To do this, you must enter your account, access your purchase history and ‘return this item’. Hopefully, you can then discuss a refund and return with your seller.


All things considered, with its tonnes of items ready to be bought or its selling opportunities ready to be taken advantage of, eBay is always there to be used, so hesitate no more.

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