Why EgPal Is Your Best MMO Gaming Site For All Your Golden Needs

The 21st century has given us a lot, particularly in regards to technology. Telephones, televisions, computers and now virtual games, whole new worlds of digital possibilities have opened up for us over the past few decades. These days, almost every teenage kid owns a games console. The gaming business is a billion dollar industry, with Playstation and Xbox leading the way. People all over the world have at least been once captivated by a computer game. On the other hand, people throughout the world are captivated by games on a daily basis. The 21st century has also given us gamers, and with the partnership of the internet, gamers can now shop and sell their games online. One particular type of gaming which has emerged alongside the internet are MMO games. With these types of games, you’re truly in it for the long run. Furthermore, one vital component for these games is the acquisition of gold, which ultimately equals success.

One particular website which offers MMO gold is EgPal (www.egpal.com). This site deals particularly with MMO gaming, or Massively Multiplayer Online games. Some of the most popular gaming titles in this category include World of Warcraft, Guild Wars and TERA, all of which (or at least most) are featured on this site. With a taste for these kinds of games, EgPal emerged online, offering MMO fans the best possible platform on which to buy and sell their MMO gold. The website began back in 2008 and today hosts thousands of online users. This site offers its users several different services, of which we will state in further detail in the following review. In sum, this site is one of the best online MMO gaming communities online. If you are searching for information on how to obtain gold, or you would like to buy or sell, this place is where you want to be.

Here at TechWhack, we have delved within the website and drawn out all the aspects of the site we think you should know about. In other words, the following review should tell you all you need to know about EgPal and its online community of MMO gamers.

The Best MMO Gaming Site For All Your Golden Needs

Do I Have To Sign Up To the Site to Use It?

It’s best that you create an account with this website. With an account, you are free to roam the site and pursue anything that it has to offer. Furthermore, signing up to this site is completely free. You can find the registration option on the website’s headings. Here, your details will only take a minute or so to fill in, and then you’re good to go.

What Exactly Does This Website Offer Me?

Gold! Sweet precious gold! (and other such credits) This site is essentially a goldmine for MMO players in search of buying their character’s success. The site also features many, if not all the most popular MMO games. You can find these games titles on the left-hand side of the page. To list some of the games featured on this site, this site offers gold for: ArcheAge, Blade & Soul, Final Fantasy XIV, Guild Wars 2, Mu Legend, NBA Live Mobile, Neverwinter (for PS4, Xbox and PC), Path Of Exile, Revelation Online, The Elder Scrolls Online, Trove, World of Warcraft (for both US and EU), and more. There are in total 54 games featured on this site, all of which are the most popular titles in MMO gaming. Besides the many popular games featured, you can now obtain gold for them.

By simply clicking on a game title, you can then choose how much gold you want to buy. Of course, the less gold or credits, the cheaper it is going to be. Once purchased, the site claims that it will take approximately 15 – 30 minutes for your purchase to take effect. If you need any help with your order, EgPal has a customer service line which operates 24/7.

How Do I Purchase With This Website?

The site works essentially as an online store, by adding the credits or gold to your cart and then checking out. Orders should take no more than 30 minutes to take effect. You will also need to enter your character’s name in some circumstances and provide other extra details Furthermore, at your convenience, make sure you have registered with the site.

How Can I Sell To This Site?

If you would like to sell with EgPal, everything is done through Skype. You are essentially asked to contact them via Skype and work out a deal. Their Skype username is egpalseller. The preferred payment methods are PayPal, Skrill and WMZ. You can also email them at their address – [email protected] Full contact details for the site can be found on the right side of the page at ‘Contact Us’. Also, this website has taken all the necessary precautions to prevent the illegal selling of games credits/gold.

Are There Any Additional Features Worth Mentioning?

The one main feature that this site offers is Power Levelling. In other words, you can hire a professional player to play your character for seven days a week, non-stop, so your character can level up. For full information on the service and safety, use this URL – www.egpal.com/Power-Leveling-id-16.html. Besides buying and selling your gold/credits and the levelling up services, there isn’t much else to talk about regarding this site.

How Do I Receive My Credits/Gold?

There are many different delivery methods. One method entails your credits being secretly told to you in the game. Another method is through Auction House. The different methods will apply to the different games – it all depends. Furthermore, it’s entirely up to you.


So if you are an avid MMO player with a thirst for gold or credits, this site is waiting for your services. This website is totally legit and can thus help you power on up through the ranks with the help of all that sweet gold. Get on-board today and join the many more MMO gamers using this website.

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