A Brief Encyclopedia of The Meanings of Emoji Faces and Symbols

When you look at any major website today, you’re going to run into what are known as emojis. These are symbols that allow you to share a feeling, message, and simple symbol to those that are around you. If you’re going to get anywhere, you need to know what these mean. If you aren’t sure what they mean, you’re going to get lost fast. With that in mind, you’ll want to focus on a few things including the confused emoji, which can detail a lot of confusion. Whether you’re using an online app or you are trying to message someone with your phone, there’s a lot to explore when it comes to the faces that you will no doubt see and work with overall.

Cycles of Emojis

Before we go through what different ones are and mean, you should first realise that there are two types of emojis that you can encounter. There are the proprietary solutions that are floating around on different apps, and then there are the universal ones. You’re going to find that there are plenty of universal solutions that you can explore, but you will have to go on a service by service basis with those.

What Do They All Mean?

While it’s not easy to just talk about all of the emojis out there, it can be simple to look at a few common ones. The following will explain some of the more common options that you will no doubt see. These are based on the universal set that you are going to no doubt want to consider overall.

The Smiling Emoji Face

The most common face that you will see today is that of the open mouth, smiling face. There are four major options in this arena, and they mean different things to different people. However, one thing is for sure, they all start with the notion of happiness. The simple smile has an open mouth with open eyes wide, then followed by different variations on the eyes. This can appear to range from someone that is smiling to someone that is laughing a great deal. Either way, you can use this emoji to show that you’re excited, happy, smiling, or laughing, all within a simplistic viewpoint. The smiling faces are great to use for anything that you may want to convey within the happiness spectrum.

Smiling Face and Sweat

There is a lot of confusion over some of the faces. Even the confused emoji may seem odd at first. That’s the case for this one. You will find that there is a happy face with a drop of water over the forehead. This means cold sweat and expresses a bit of joy, and anxiety at the same time. The sweat drop is supposed to be cold, although it’s hard to convey that straightway.

Tired Faces

You will find that there are two major tired faces that you can utilise. These both have open mouths and frowning. The frowns are the same, but the eyes are different. The eyes can come with fatigue or serious fatigue, each one conveying the message that they are tired, and want to sleep without just one symbol.

The Angry Emojis

There are several ways to express anger, but there are two major ones. These are similar in style, with both frowning and scowling. They look mad, and they are going to be easy to spot overall. However, the main difference between the two here is that one is orange-red. That showcases serious anger, versus just mad, and somewhat upset. The colour differentiation will offset everything.

Neutral Faces

The face without a smile, without a frown, just a straight line is one of the options that many people assume is the confused emoji. It’s not. This is the neutral face. It’s a face of someone that is not going either way in their approach. They aren’t smiling, they aren’t laughing, they are just there, and that’s it. It’s like saying, “meh”.

Faces With Tongue

The tongue emoji is great, featuring a face with a tongue sticking out. This can showcase a variety of emotions with their images, and can allow you to showcase sarcasm, and optimism, alongside a playful side. The meaning is to show a bit of laughter and humour.

Crying Faces

Crying faces are common, with tears that are either deliberate or they are sad. You’ll also find a funny face with tears, as in someone is laughing so hard they are crying. These showcase prominent tears, and simplified faces.

Screaming Emoji Faces

You can find screaming options to be simplified or complex. The option shows open mouths and even hands in some cases. Screaming faces can convey a variety of different messages overall.

Confused Faces

These are easy to figure out once you recognise them. You’ll find that each one has a different frustration. Some are simple, and others are complex regarding confused emoji elements. The most iconic here is the one that has a squiggly line for the mouth, showcasing frustration and confusion at the same time.

Kissing Faces

The kissing faces are obvious. You’ll find that the kissing face has four different types of options that you can use. There is an extra one with the heart on it that is worth exploring. However, if you’re not looking for romance, there are some that are simply a kissing face, without colour or extras.


The above are just some of the faces that you can pursue. You’ll find that they barely touch the surface of how many emojis are out there. You’ll find that as you break down the different solutions across the apps that are prominent, you’ll have different connections. You can even have animals, devil faces, fruits, vegetables, and much more. No matter what message you want to convey, you can do so without talking, which is something that is getting a lot of attention today. These are more and more prominent, so it’s good to look at what some of them mean, and what they represent overall.

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