There Are More Than Just Beautiful Dresses To Tempt On EricDress

With the arrival of the internet, shopping changed forever. Today, there are thousands, perhaps millions of online shopping websites. The advantages of having the privilege of having thousands of stores online at your fingertips are many. With online shopping, you can have dozens of items chosen and shipped to you in lightning time. Without leaving your home, you have the entire high street on your computer screen. One of these many websites which people are using, in particular women, is EricDress. This website is dedicated solely to the quick and easy purchase of amazing dresses, shirts, and other fancy clothing. The site also aims to bring its customers the best and lowest prices for all dresses, meaning women (and men) everywhere can snap up some beautiful, glad rags within seconds for the price of next to nothing. What’s there to complain about?

EricDress draws in customers from across the globe, including an astonishing 230 countries, such as the UK, USA, Australia, and countries throughout Asia. The company also boasts of around 10 million products in their store. With many great products and a wide reach across the globe, almost anybody anywhere can buy almost any pretty piece of clothing with this site. The following is a look at their website and what it has on offer. In the review, we have highlighted all the best features to help get you started, while also pointing out any negative aspects regarding the company (if any). Ultimately, this review should answer any questions you have regarding the site.

Do I Have To Sign Up To Use This Site?

To buy an item with this site, you must first sign up. Registration with the website is quick and easy, and they even throw in a free 10% discount on all items for signing up. You can find the join and sign in options at the top of the homepage. Without an account, you can still browse all the items featured on the website, but to buy you must have an account.

How Do I Shop For and Purchase An Item?

The overall process is quite straight forward. First, choose an area of this website which corresponds to what you want. Special occasions, wedding clothing, fashion clothing, men’s clothing and so forth are some of the headings to choose from. When you have something you like, you can choose a particular colour and size (if applicable) as well as quantity. You will also find extensive information on the item beneath the array of sample pictures. You can either pay by PayPal or add to your cart. After this, it’s a matter of entering your card details and finally purchasing your item. There are no long, drawn-out processes here.

What Clothing Items Are Featured On This Site?

With a recorded 10 million products on sale, this site is sure to have something you like. You will find clothing for special occasions such as weddings, which is where the popular wedding dress sells big. You will also find thousands of fancy dresses for other occasions, as well as accessories, tops and bottoms. For the men, there is also a wide selection of items to browse. (Despite what the site’s title suggests, EricDress doesn’t just cater for women and dresses, but also for men’s clothing). There is a specific section for men’s clothing which you will find on the website’s headings. There is also a specific section for shoes, in which you will find shoes for both men and women.

All of the website headings are drop-down boxes which, when selected, will show you a whole array of items within the main heading, which will narrow down your search. For example, on the special occasions heading, there are subcategories for many dresses, such as evening dresses, prom dresses, cocktail dresses, and more. The same goes for shoes, men’s clothing, fashion clothing, and so on.

Can I Return and Unwanted Item?

Yes, you can, but there are certain return policies when it comes to returning an item you’re not happy with. For weddings accessories, fashion & clothing, accessories and shoes, you can return an item within 30 days of purchase to get a full refund. Furthermore, the returned item must be clean, undamaged, with tags attached, and in the original package. However, for wedding dresses, you must return your unwanted item within seven days of purchase, again in the same unaltered and perfected state as mentioned above. The site states that you will receive your full refund after 2 – 7 working days after the item has successfully been returned. You can alternatively exchange your item for another.

How Long Does Shipping Usually Take and Cost?

The bottom line is that all items take different times to ship. Furthermore, time of arrival and the overall shipping costs depend entirely on your location. Nevertheless, this site aims to ship your items within 1-3 days of purchase. Arrival time then depends.

What Are the Best Features On the Site?

If you are a non-English speaker, EricDress can be viewed in French, Spanish, Dutch or Chinese. You can find discount products on the homepage, as well as hot products and new arrivals to browse. There is a ‘flash sale’ page in which you can snap up some bargains. All of these items must sell soon, and the items are not restricted to either male or female. You can also view the ‘sale & topics’ page which displays trends, holiday shopping, plus size clothing, clearance, presale, and more.

Are There Any Negative Aspects Regarding EricDress?

After having scanned the entire site, I found no problems with EricDress. However, as an actual customer or purchaser of items, things could be different. The website is perfect, but it’s impossible to tell if the actual company are top standard when delivering what they preach. Nonetheless, the same is true with every online shopping website, and after having read many reviews on EricDress online by past customers, the reviews were mainly positive.


To me, EricDress seems both legitimate and a great website for clothes shopping. With many positive reviews and an expensive online store, I would recommend it to those who enjoy bargaining for clothes online.

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