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Why Extra Torrent Is One of The Largest and Best BitTorrent Systems

Why Extra Torrent Is One of The Largest and Best BitTorrent Systems
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If you’re looking for a good torrent community, then you need to keep Extra Torrent in mind – this is the world’s largest torrents community out there! If you want to start using this site today, in this article, we’re going to explain what you need to do to get started with a bit torrent site like this …

First, let us explain exactly what this site is. Extra Torrent is a Bit Torrent. BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer computer networking communications protocol developed by Bram Cohen during the early years of the twenty-first century. Peer-to-peer, or P2P, networking allows the individual users to download and upload files among each other without going through a Web server. Music, videos, software, and games are all available using BitTorrent.


A Thorough Look at This Torrent Site:

The following terms are used within the BitTorrent community. As you’re on this site, you may notice these terms, so we feel the need to tell you what they mean.

  • BitTorrent: A communications protocol designed by Bram Cohen that supports peer-to-peer file sharing
  • BitTorrent Client: A software program that manages and supports the downloading and uploading of .torrent files.
  • Download: To receive a file from another user through a BitTorrent tracker using a BitTorrent client.
  • Leech or Leecher: These terms have two different definitions: 1. A user that does not have a complete file. This user is also known as a peer. 2. A user that downloads files but does not upload the files for other users.
  • Metadata File: A file that describes the contents of the file to be downloaded. It does not contain the actual file information.
  • Peer: A BitTorrent user that does not have a complete file. This user is also known as a leech.
  • Ratio: The number of times a user downloads files compared to the number of times the same user upload files.
  • Seed or Seeder: A BitTorrent user with a complete file, or archive.
  • Swarm: A group of peers and at least one seed that are actively participating in the exchange of a .torrent file.
  • .torrent File: A metadata file used to direct the BitTorrent software client to linked users with pieces of the actual BitTorrent file.
  • Tracker: The central BitTorrent server that coordinates and manages the connections for the uploading and downloading of BitTorrent files.
  • Upload: To send a file from your computer to another user’s computer through a BitTorrent tracker using a BitTorrent client.

The Community

The community is encouraged to share with others, as this benefits everyone in the Extra Torrent community. Extra Torrent is designed to work faster and more efficiently when more people are in a swarm, so the more files users share, the faster downloads will be. It is considered a common practice that once you have downloaded an entire file, you leave your computer connected to the tracker for at least a few hours to allow other peers to download the same file.


While routers block incoming information that is identified as unacceptable data, firewalls will block both incoming and outgoing information that is determined to be unacceptable. Firewalls analyse all communication between your computer and the Internet and then decide if the information will be allowed to continue along its path.

Most ports utilised by peer-to-peer network users are blocked by firewalls, and the firewalls will need to be configured to allow files to be downloaded or uploaded. Configuring a firewall to accept Extra Torrent files requires setting up rules and restrictions to give the firewall definite guidelines to determine whether or not incoming or outgoing information is safe. Software firewalls work well for home computers, and some can be configured to allow communication access to specific programs by using the program name instead of an assigned port number. You can still grant access by port numbers if you prefer.

About Extra Torrent Clients

These clients are classified as freeware. Freeware is software that can be downloaded for free, but absolutely no modifications can be made to the software after it is downloaded. This is in contrast to software classified as free software, which allows the user to modify the contents once it is downloaded.

Media Players

Media players are software applications that allow users to play multimedia files on computers or other electronic devices. Most media players support both audio and video formats, but some specialise in only one or the other. A useful tool included with many media players is a library, where you can keep organised records of your media files. The media players can be downloaded for free by visiting the media player’s Web site.

Another popular Windows media player is Winamp, which is only compatible with the Windows system. Quicktime Player and iTunes are both pre-loaded on Mac operating systems. Both Quicktime and iTunes can be installed on Windows. Linux operating systems also have pre-installed media players, including VLC and Xine. VLC is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems, and xine is compatible with Mac.

One of the most prevalent media players is Windows Media Player. Windows Media Player is pre-installed on all computers using the Windows operating system and can be installed on the Macintosh and Linux systems.

An Ending Note of Caution

Even if you have used a particular BitTorrent repeatedly with great success on Extra Torrent, make sure you scan every file you want to download for viruses and spyware. Infected files can be found even on the most trusted sites.


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