Understanding How To Use FaceTime For Android Plus Alternatives

Understanding How To Use FaceTime For Android Plus Alternatives
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There are a lot of great technologies that have come through in modern times. One of them is that of FaceTime. If you are not aware of this solution, then you will definitely be surprised to find out that it’s a solution that is not available for Android, natively. While you may look into facetime for android, you are going to be stifled by the options. There’s a lot to explore here and some defining lines that you should know about before you move forward with anything.

The first thing that you should know is that this is an Apple Inc. created a solution. There is an audio version and a video version. This is easy to use with Mac computers as well as iPhones. That alone can make many Android users mad, but don’t let that get to you. It’s important to realise that there’s more to this, including solutions that are going to help you gain the upper hand when you are not using an Apple phone.

How Does FaceTime Work?

The first thing that you should know is that this first came out for the iPhone 4, and the iPod touch. The iPad would also get this, as well as any computer that has OSX or later. This is a solution that connects video cameras, syncing them for real time communication.

This is a phone to phone element that works through 3g and LTE solutions, as well as wireless internet. It’s a video conferencing solution, at the basic level, and it’s an instant communication device at a more distinctive element. Whatever the case may be, you’re going to find that this is an option that lets you talk with others immediately, with a face to face conversation if you’d like.

Of course, this teleconferencing solution may be Apple specific, but there are a few things that Android users can do. There are several alternatives that can be utilized in order to get this same technology to work within the confines of an Android device.

The following are options that you can use to ensure that you are able to get the same type of communication that Apple phone and tablet users are getting, as these are the main alternatives to Facetime, specifically for Android.

Facetime For Android (Alternatives that Work)

If you’re looking for facetime for android, you are going to have to either crack your phone, or figure out how to run OSX instead of Android OS. If you don’t want to go that deep, then this list is going to pay off dividends.

Google Hangouts

The easiest way to get the same type of communication that you would receive with hangouts is to utilize Google Hangouts. These are options that will let you use your Google account to literally connect with others via online. You can use this on the mobile solution that you have or you could use it through the internet with your email address. The point is that you can easily move forward with this option and get a great deal of talk in just like iPhone users are doing. This is simple and easy to use whether you want chat and talk, or you want to talk face to face with others, it’s a simple solution that works for all Android users.

Marco Polo

This app is relative new and it’s meant for short messages. While it’s not exactly like Face Time, it works very well in transmitting short videos for those that want to communicate with one another in a simple fashion. It’s like sending people short video messages, or more likened to a walkie talkie, with video.


Another tried and true solution that you cannot afford to miss is that of skype. This is a solution that has been going strong online for over a decade. However, you can use it with your phone using the App. Just download the App and go for communication with other users. You will find that you can either transmit in HD or you could go with a lesser solution.

Whatever the case is, you can stream media and video with the same type of usage that others use. Whether you have an older Android phone or you have a newer solution, you will be able to use this and get going forward with ease. The best thing is that the basic option allows you to have free access to this. You could pay for an account and get more options, but the basic solution definitely works well and can get you connected with anyone that has an Android device today.


This is an app that has been getting some buzz, and continues to work very well with 3G and 4G connections alike. This is a solution that lets you stream video with others and talk fast. Much like you would expect from other chat applications, this is an easy solution to work with, and will showcase the grace and ease of talking with others, even if you don’t have an iOS device. This is a simple solution and it’s something that is definitely getting a lot of praise for how easy it is to use overall. It’s a free option that you can definitely customize, and of course you can pay for more time and bandwidth if you’d like. The free version works great, and will no doubt let you talk with others.


Of course you could always use Facebook streaming, and other options that are alternatives. But when it comes to facetime for android, you are not going to be able to download the application natively. That can be a deal breaker for some, but there are alternatives out there. The key is to look for the alternatives and use them to your advantage. Chances are you are going to be able to gain the right foot forward if you just focus on the right solutions overall. You don’t need Apple to communicate with others, so don’t panic if you can’t use FaceTime for Android like others, use the information above to get better solutions for your own phone.

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