The Top 4 Quickest SSD Hosting Providers To Use For Your Website

If you are planning on creating a website, you should consider fast SSD hosting. SSD web hosting is where the website hosting company stores your website on state of the art solid state drives. This has some advantages over older disk hard drive storage as we will see.

The benefits of quick SSD hosting

  • Web hosting that is up to 3 times faster.

This is the main benefit. At the minute, the fastest SSD can run at a blisteringly fast read speed of 6 GB/ s.  There is no mechanical movement needed, unlike in the older disk drivers. This means very low latency can be achieved. The result is very fast, responsive websites.

This matters at peak times when your website is going to weather traffic spikes. Traditional web hosting tends to flag here, and users see slower loading times. With fast SSD hosting that is much less likely to happen.

This can have real effects on your site traffic and potential sales if you are running a business. It’s been shown that most users now expect a page to load in 3 seconds or less. 4-second delays can result in up to a 25% loss in sales. That’s a big price to pay for preceding a few dollars a month more in web hosting.

  • Increased reliability and safety

Hard Disk Drives are at a greater risk of losing data than the newer Solid State Drives. When an SSD reaches the end of it’s life, it will not crash, unlike an HDD. Instead, the SSD prevents further writing but retains the data for reading. SSDss can also operate at a greater range of temperatures than HDDs. They can work at extremes of -20 and 85 degrees Celsius. They are also more resistant to shock, vibration and dropping because they have no moving parts.


The only disadvantage is that fast SSD hosting is a little more expensive than regular web hosting. Still, you shouldn’t expect to pay more than $10 per month, and there are plenty of options for lower range services in and around $8 per month.

Prices continue to come down all the time, and soon I am sure SSD hosting will be every bit as affordable as traditional web hosting.

InMotion Hosting

InMotion hosting is widely known for its super speedy web hosting. They utilise modern SSD hosting to make sites responsive. InMotion hosting tends to be the choice for established businesses.  The performance of their websites supported by multiple data centres, Dell servers and professional engineers is lightening fast. Not only that, but you can expect stability and reliability as standard.  They also offer a complimentary backupf on your website and around the clock technical support over the phone. The lowest price they offer is an affordable $7.99 per month, with a 90-day money back guarantee. Not bad. Other excellent features you’ll get with InMotion include:

  • Google apps integration.
  • $300 in advertising credits.
  • E-commerce ready websites.
  • Unlimited web space.
  • Data transfer.
  • Business ready email accounts.
  • PHP, Ruby, Python, cPanel and Perl supported.

InMotion is the smart choice for businesses looking SSD hosting.

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean offers rapid SSD hosting on a VPS or Virtual Private Server. This means that your server is cloud based and not a single physical server. The advantage of this is that your website can easily be scaled up and down to suit your needs. It also keeps things a little bit cheaper than if you had a single physical dedicated SSD server.

Digital Ocean has built a great reputation for providing an affordable and high-quality hosting service for businesses and developers of all sizes and stripes. They support multiple Operating Systems including Ubuntu, Debian and Centos.

Their service begins from as little as $5 per month, and with this entry level package you get:

  • 20 GB SSD storage.
  • 1 CPU core.
  • 512 MB of memory.
  • 1TB monthly transfer.

That’s enough for most small businesses and bloggers to get going. One nice touch is that you can choose from which one of their 8 data centres you want your website hosted from.


A2 Hosting is a good choice for developers who want quick SSD hosting with a guaranteed 99.9% up-time.

Even better, they are environmentally conscious. Their green credentials are as follows:

  • They recycle and re-use their old servers. Retired hardware is sold on to the public, used as internal servers for the company or dedicated servers for clients who have lower requirements.
  • Their employees work from home, reducing their commute and carbon footprint.
  • They plant three trees for every hosting package they sell.

Clearly, they are angling themselves as a good choice for those who want quick SSD hosting that is also kind to the planet.

Regular pricing is at $7.99 per month, but it isn’t unusual to see them offering special deals at around $4 per month. Click the link above to find out more.


DreamHost is very well established in the world of web hosting having been around for over two decades now. Relatively recently they have started offering rapid SSD hosting from users and business owners that need highly responsive and reliable websites.

The plans they have used to be a little more expensive than A2 Hosting, but recently they have brought their basic service in line with A2 price wise. The least expensive plan comes in at $7.95 per month. However, you need to pay for three years of this upfront. That’s around $290 you’ll need to fork out in one go. If you want to be billed annually, then the price goes up to $9.95 per month, which puts them at the higher end of the fast SSD hosting services on this list.

However, you have an option for getting your money back before 97 days, so if you find it is not for you, then you aren’t stuck.

DreamHost is noted for having excellent customer support which is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


As SSD hosting becomes more and more affordable, you really ought to consider it for your website. All but the smallest blogs and business ventures will see real benefits in the responsiveness of their website with quick SSD hosting. Fast loading times imparts a feeling of professionalism and reputability for visitors. That means more page views and more sales. If you are serious about your business, then now is the time for fast SSD hosting for your site.

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