Seven Top Free Fax Services To Eliminate Your Faxing Costs

Believe it or not, many businesses still use fax. This is especially true within healthcare, with lots of doctors and care homes still relying on fax to send copies of prescriptions. If you find yourself interacting with a business that still communicates with fax, don’t panic. You don’t have to go out and purchase an outdated fax machine. Instead, it’s possible to send free fax online.

We’ve scoured the web, and found a few excellent websites where you can send free fax online. Read on to find out more.

There is no way to fax directly over the internet. Fax machines are instead connected to the telephone system. A fax is transmitted between two machines over a telephone call.

That means to send a fax online; you need an intermediary service that can take your document, convert it into a fax and then send this down the telephone line using one of their machines. It’s great that so many companies offer this service for free – even if it is limited.

Watch out for advertisements. If you are sending an important fax of a document to a government agency you won’t want these included in your fax. GotFreeFax guarantees not to send any advertisements with your fax.

If you are sending sensitive information, consider signing up to use RingCentral Fax owned by AT&T, as they can encrypt your communications.

Using HelloFax, you can easily send faxes cost-free to international numbers. All you need is a Hotmail account or Google Drive to use their service. Faxes you send are also stored as a permanent record on your Google Drive.

It’s possible to send image files, PDF or other documents. They are giving away five free faxes when you sign up. Unfortunately, to receive faxes, you have to pay a monthly fee.

faxFree is one of the best ways to send fax online for free. Office files, text files, printer file formats and PDF are supported. They have a 30-day free trial to get you going. You can also retain your old fax number while using this service.

MyFax allows you to send free fax to places outside of the USA and Canada. Their limit for free faxing is two 10 page faxes under 10 MB every 24 hours, which isn’t half bad for a free service. If you are intending on sending more than this, then you may want to look at one of their subscription services.

Files supported by MyFax include Excel, Word, Powerpoint, PDF, GIF, TIF, JPG and more. All you need to use it is a working email address.

Once you submit your fax, you get a confirmation via email, with a link to authorise delivery of the fax. This is a nice touch.

Users can also get their toll-free fax number for a 30 day trial period. This allows you to send 100 faxes and receive 200 faxes for free for that month. This operates pretty much like a virtual fax machine and can be used to send faxes to an incredible 40 different countries.

GotFreeFax allows you to send free fax online up to two times a day. Unfortunately, you are limited to 3 pages each time. Unlike FaxZero, they don’t put ads on your fax covers. This is a massive advantage if you want your fax to appear professional. Sadly, the service is limited to the USA and Canada.

They support a wide range of documents including PDF, DOC, ODT and RTF files.

Faxes you send are stored for five days on their system. They send you a confirmation email to say that the fax has been sent successfully. You can use this to resend the fax any time within this period without having to re-upload it.

If you opt for their premium service, you can add encryption to further secure your fax data.

FaxZero has helped send an amazing 6.5 million faxes for free without a fax machine! They allow you to send five free faxes a day, and each of these faxes is allowed to be three pages long, plus a cover.

The types of files you can send here include .doc, .docx and .pdf files, so they are a little more limited in this regard than some of their competitors. Files are also limited to those under 200 MB, which should be fine for most applications.

All you need to get started is a working email address.

If you are living in the USA or Canada, then faxes sent within these countries will be free. They also allow international faxing for free to a long list of countries including most European countries and a lot of Asian nations including India and China.

Be aware, that your fax may contain an advert printed in it that your recipient will see.

When you send a fax with them, you get a URL that links to a fax status page. I urge you to save that URL in your bookmarks, as you will not be given it again. You also get a confirmation of delivery by email.

I reckon that PamFax has to be one of the best services allowing you to send free fax online. They support loads of different document types and not just the usual PDF or DOC files.

You can submit three faxes after signing up. No credit card is needed, and there is no advertising in the fax.

PamFax also supports DropBox, Box and GoogleDrive – excellent!

My tip – use Guerrilla Mail to create disposable email addresses that allow you to sign up time after time and continue to take advantage of the free faxes.

Nextiva allows you to send an amazing 500 faxes each month for free. This makes it the ideal choice for small business who need to send free fax online. They have kept the pricing for their paid services very low too.


As you can see, there are so many options allowing you to send free fax online now. We have covered 7 of the best, but even this is by no means comprehensive.

Let us know what you think below.

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