More TV & Movies With Flixanity Than You Can Shake A Remote Control At

Nowadays, the internet is abounding with free movies and television. Hundreds of new movie and television websites appear on a regular basis. Likewise, just as many may disappear at an equal rate. Many video websites come and go, so it can, therefore, be difficult to find a reliable website that offers you all the movies and TV shows you need. Also, it can be difficult to find a movie and TV website that is both of high standard and free. Many such websites crawl with malicious activity and hidden costs. Today, we have tracked down one website that is prepared to offer everything you need. Flixanity is another website recently birthed and ready to hand out the free visual goods. This website has all the makings to become your next go-to website for all your video needs, and we will now duly explain why.

Free movie websites have the tendency to be of a low and shabby appearance. Such a lack of appearance spells out illegitimacy and malicious activity. However, such is not the case with this site. Flixanity has some of the most modern displays that are not only attractive but will also contribute to the navigation of the website. This site also pumps out some the best and most recent movies and television. Recent releases and older classics are just some of the goodies to be taken in here. All things considered, Flixanity certainly has the potential to stand tall amid other free video giants like Putlocker and 123Movies.

Given all this information, let’s get to know the actual site a bit better. What follows is a clear look at the Flixanity website, in which we have viewed and voiced all the good features and bad bits regarding the website. Without much further ado, let’s see what Flixanity can do for you.

More TV & Movies With Flixanity Than You Can Shake A Remote Control At

Do I Have To Sign Up To the Site to Use It?

It’s only a slight hindrance that will take a few moments of your time, but no movie or TV show can be watched without first registering. Not to worry, signing up to Flixanity is completely free. Furthermore, once registered with the site, you can watch all the featured movies and TV shows in HD, as much as you want when you want, and on any of your devices. You will find that when you attempt to watch a video, you will be forced to sign up.

Please note, do not sign up after being prompted to after trying to watch a video. You will be directed to Geeker, a scam, which asks for your credit card details. Instead, go straight to ‘Join’ in the top right corner and sign up from there. After you have signed up here, activate your account via your email account and then log into the site. You are then free to watch whatever you want.

Will Anything On This Site Cost Me Money?

Signing up to the website is free and so is the viewing. Nothing on this website will ultimately cost you any money. This site is a free movies and television website. So, if you find yourself handing out card details or paying for a movie or TV show, something is not right.

What Is the Selection Of Movies Like?

From major blockbusters fresh out of cinemas to obscure foreign classics, this site has it all. The database on offer here is simply huge, meaning you’re sure to find what you want. The website has three headings – movies, TV shows and new. On the movies section, you can narrow your search by selecting the genre’s box. You can also sort the movies by most popular, trending movies, highest IMDb rating, all-time most watched movies, highest grossing movies, by release date, and by date added. This is perfect if you don’t have a particular movie in mind. On the other hand, Flixanity doesn’t display all of its movies on the movie page, which is odd. Nevertheless, the search bar will retrieve any movie you have in mind.

Also, you can also browse movies from the homepage and its features. You can look at movies in sections such as ‘in theatres’, ‘trending now’, and ‘recently added movies’.

What Is the Selection Of TV Shows Like?

Just like the movies, a lot of the most popular and biggest names in television are available. On the TV shows page, the page will extend as you proceed to scroll down. Therefore, this ever extending list makes it hard to calculate how many TV shows are on offer, but there are indeed many. One of the best features about this section is the ‘new episodes’ feature. This red icon placed on the TV show icon will let you know if new episodes have been recently added to the series to watch. You can also browse the TV shows by genre and by most popular, trending, etc.

Furthermore, there are great TV sections on the homepage to have a look at. These sections include new episodes, currently airing episodes, top cartoons, and the TV schedule for the current/today’s date.

Are There Any Special Features On the Site Worth Mentioning?

The ‘New’ page will direct you to all the freshest stuff. You can browse this area by either ‘in theatres’, ‘coming soon’, ‘new episodes’ or the ‘TV schedule’. Furthermore, and perhaps the most impressive thing about this website is its overall appearance and ease of use. The fancy modern displays and features make browsing this website a joy. Also, the stylistic player offers you many servers to choose from with a click of a button.

Are There Any Downsides To Be Made Aware Of?

There are lots of pop-ups, and this is perhaps the only downside to the website. Nevertheless, most movie and TV watching websites have them, so be patient. Furthermore, the signing up process can lead you to dangerous areas, so just follow the above instructions.


This site is well and truly a legitimate free movie and television website. On top of this, it is one of the finest I’ve seen for a long time, so let’s just hope that it stays standing.

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