Some Of The Best Free Drawing Websites & Sketching Communities

Today we are looking at some free drawing websites. These online tools let you sketch using your mouse-pad. The function of many of these sites is akin to Microsoft paint, but much more advanced, with more options and more beautiful and accomplished results.

Sketchpad is one of the nicest free drawing sites you are likely to find. It features a non-destructive illustration and has a wide functionality. Here you will get the following features:

  • Use layers to add depth to your image.
  • The colour, gradient, pattern and blend modes allow for intricate work.
  • Use the select tool for editing.
  • Inbuilt text editor.
  • Shapes are ready to use.
  • Drag and drop uploading.
  • Upload clip art and images to the editor.
  • 16 different brushes are available, with multiple settings for each brush.
  • There is a history function to allow you to backtrack easily.
  • Save and share your work in JPEG, PNG and PDF.
  • Print your art and design in high definition.

Here is another lovely online sketching tool worthy of inclusion in this list of free drawing websites.

With drawisland it is simple to draw online. Select from a variety of colours and shapes and then save the result to your PC. Use U for undo and R for redo to work with potential mistakes.

It’s also possible to make an animated GIF which is pretty cool. You are limited to a drawing size of 800*400 pixels and only ten frames – but this is still a nice feature.

Drawisland also features an inbuilt text editor to add text to your work.

The drawings here look quite smooth, and you should enjoy the results.

Just make sure that when you are using this website, you have one of the recent up to date browsers. It appears to work perfectly fine on Chrome and Firefox.

Queeky is a lovely little online app that was developed in 2005. The features here are impressive and rival those you might get in a much larger application like Gimp. In fact, Queeky seems to be modelled on professional drawing software. The result is magnificent and certainly is a contender for one of the most satisfying free drawing websites.

I like the concept of PencilMadness. This is a sketching tool with a difference. Once you make your sketch, it can be shared and published on their online gallery. You can also save your work to your computer. If you enjoy showing off your art, this could be a perfect forum to get noticed.

Check out the latest and the top rated sketches on this site – there are some talented users out there.

I think you will agree that this is one of the best free drawing websites.

This free drawing site can be a laugh. Expect crude humour, however. Crude teenage humour. If you remember what teens used to draw on the lockers or the toilets at school, then you might have an idea of the typical sketches on this site. I’ve included it in this list of free drawing sites because every so often you collaborate with someone on DoodleToo and it can be a fantastic experience.

DoodleToo combines the worlds of online drawing and chat rooms. Enter one of the rooms on here to draw and share ideas, moods and to send messages and express yourself through the picture.

The other users in the room can see your pen and join in, challenge you or become your friend. Let the whole world see you as you create.

To really get going with this website you need to register with a nickname. Then you can choose your color and start contributing.

I think that Rate My Drawings might be my favourite in this list of free drawing sites. Of course, this website has its drawing facility built in. But that is just the beginning.

The real fun begins when you begin posting the sketches you have completed. There is a lovely community on here that can praise or criticise your work. Getting feedback like this can be a nice motivation to keep improving. You can compare your work with others and see how you are getting on – a bit like the idea of a studio. It’s also an inspiring website. Some of the drawings are amazing and will give you ideas as what to sketch next.

RateMyDrawings has regular competitions where you can compete with the best. You can also browse drawings and artists who are popular or who have one competition. The community has created a nice and active forum. Participating in this site can turn your solo hobby into a deep and enriching experience.

Improve your sketches

As well as just drawing with free drawing sites, there are also great websites online where you can learn to improve your skills. I thought I would share Drawspace as an example of one of the better ones.

This is a fantastic online resource to help improve your drawing ability. The philosophy of this website is that everyone can draw with practice. This website can be an aid for you, to add structure to your sketch practice and slowly build up your skills.

You take lessons with this website. For instance, Introduction to drawing 1.1 has 39 lessons available. Through this, you can get valuable insight into drawing. There are articles about creating a portfolio, setting up your studio, holding drawing mediums correctly and becoming more productive.

There are many lessons to advance through, and a lot of them are free.


If you enjoy drawing and sketching in your spare time, I sincerely hope that today’s post will be enlightening for you.

There are some excellent free drawing sites here, with my favourite of the lot being Rate My Drawings for the sheer fun you can have competing with and taking part in this vibrant online sketching community.

Let us know what you think below. Are there any free drawing websites you use that you haven’t seen mentioned?

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